The European Cinema Festival will host a variety of booths comprised of companies from all areas of the film industry. There will be distributors, production companies, film buyers, film investors and marketing companies, so the opportunity for networking and furthering the progress of a film or screenplay are endless.

The European Cinema Festival will also offer the ability for companies who sell products/services to have stands at the event. Food and beverage vendors are welcome to host a stand as well as cinematography companies selling everything from cameras to sound equipment.

Information about how your company can become an exhibitor or stand holder at the European Cinema Festival will be posted on the website shortly.

Best Feature
Best Short
Best Documentary
Best Comedy
Best Drama
Best Children's Film
Best Student Film
Judges Choice Award
Audience Choice Award
European Cinema Festival Special Award

Any genre of film and screenplay are accepted.
There is no restriction on production date.
Films must have Spanish or English subtitles.
Films with distribution or those that are available online are accepted.
There is no need to send your films materials e.g. DCP/.mov until requested.
All films that include 3rd party material must have obtained the necessary rights and permissions to use these materials.
Films can be entered into multiple categories.
All film submissions must have online screeners.

Overall Rating
  • Aaron Roan Kramer

    I am honored to have my screenplay, Mammon and the Man in the Moon, selected for this festival. It's exciting to participate and to move this project forward!

    December 2020
  • Toma Enache

    Great festival, wonderful film selection, great team!

    December 2020
  • When we set out to make “Behind the Name Shakespeare: Power, Lust, Scorn & Scandal,” we had no expectations it would be so well-received in the film community. After all, we made it on a fraction of usual documentary budgets and we practically invented a refreshingly new method of presenting a documentary. To date though, we have received 75 awards validating our hard work, but we are happiest to be awarded by the European Cinema Festival for Best Documentary Feature. This was a truly a delightful and rewarding honor!

    December 2020
  • Glad they got the festival going during these difficult times.

    December 2020
  • Ken Sagoes

    We are honored and deeply grateful that our film “The McHenry Trial – Don’t Judge a Kid by Their Hoodie,” was selected as an Award Winner in your festival. The festival is well-organized with great communication. May the festival continue to provide filmmakers a platform that fosters creativity and self expression.

    December 2020