CONTENT2020 (September 14 -17) is a Christian film festival and media summit that takes place on a real working film set at "Capernaum Studios" in the Dallas Texas area.

We are known as the festival where you can BUILD COMMUNITY.
Our program is strategically formatted so you can develop relationships, build community and be spiritually renewed!

OUR PURPOSE is to Equip and Network and Inspire Christian Filmmakers from All Nations, Tribes and Languages (Revelation 5:9,10).

- Funding for your Media Project - "BOOST" program
- We are BIG in building community
- We are BIG in serving JESUS AND YOU - the filmmaker
- Tour a Real Working Film Set (indoor and outdoor studios)
Note - "The Chosen" filmed at Capernaum Studios.
- Bootcamps: Actors, Screenwriters, Cinematography and Journalism
- Exposure and Laurels
- Connect with Industry Leaders
- Be Refreshed and Renewed Through Worship and Prayer
- Build Relationships
- Grow Your Craft
- We Celebrate your Content!

It is the perfect opportunity to build community, network, bring your location scouts, learn from industry leaders and build relationships with fellow filmmakers.

1. Film Competition "Film Tank": Audience Choice awards for Best Feature & Short Film.

2. Film Competition: "Judges Recognition Awards" for outstanding achievement in over 45 categories.

3. Script writing Competition: Judges Award for outstanding achievement in 5 categories.

4. Actor Awards: for outstanding achievement in 12 categories.

5. News and Journalism Awards: for outstanding excellence in 4 categories

6. Want to see all Awards? go to

** BONUS: A panel of Kingdom Minded People are looking to donate directly to select media projects - See the BOOST program on the Website -!


A. FILMS: Accepting submissions for Features, Shorts, Television, Ministry, Web, Documentary, Justice and Biblical and Individual Recognition Awards like:
Director, Storytelling, Cinematography, Young Filmmaker, etc.
(for a list of all the categories, see the website)

B. SCREENPLAYS: Accepting submissions for Features, Shorts, Television

*** Only 3 submissions PER CATEGORY allowed.
*** Only 6 submissions TOTAL allowed.
*** A representative must be present at CONTENT2020 (full registration or day pass) for the project to be eligible for awards. (Note: A rep can be a cast member, family member, friend, etc.)


1. SUBJECT MATTER : Submissions must be of Christian Faith and/or Family and/or Biblical and/or Educational Content and/or Clean Comedy.
Prohibited content includes: pornography, nudity, sexually explicit scenes, heavy offensive language, using the Lord's name in vain, strong gore and horror.

2. AUTHORITY TO SUBMIT: All submissions must be handled by an individual who has the authority (ownership / copyright / permission) to do so.

3. AGE OF PROJECT: All entries must have been released within the last 3 years (as of January 2017), and not previously considered in a CMA event -- EXCEPTIONS - Films older than 3 years must have undergone significant changes (ie: editorial re-edit, entirely new musical score, or content added to bring a documentary up to date) may be considered, ALSO films previously entered but were not awarded.

A. SCRIPT-WRITING COMPETITION: If your submission is nominated for an award, a representative from your org must attend (full registration or day pass)
** Note: A representative can be you, your agent, a family member, friend, associate, a speaker at the conference, etc.

B. FILM TANK AND/OR JUDGES RECOGNITION AWARDS COMPETITION: If your submission is nominated for an award or to be screened, a representative must attend (full registration or day pass) or it will be removed from the Film Tank (audience choice) schedule and forfeit any Judges Recognition Awards.
** Note: A representative can be a cast member, your agent, family member, friend, associate, a speaker at the conference, etc.

5. FILM SCREENINGS: If your film submission is nominated for a Category Award (Features or Shorts), it will be screened in part, not whole, for the registrants to view and vote on at the Festival (for example: lets say 6 features are nominated, thus the first 15 minutes of each nominated feature is screened, one after another with voting in between).

6. RIGHT OF REFUSAL: CMA has the right of declining any submission that they deem is not appropriate or for any reason. Submitter agrees to accept the decisions made by the judges gracefully and to not slander or belittle the Conference or other entries.

7. RIGHT TO PRESENT : By entering a film submission, the Filmmaker agrees to allow the content to be screened at CONTENT and to allow short portions of the Film to be used by the Conference for promotional purposes.

8. FILM SUBTITLES : Submissions that contain significant non-English dialogue must include English subtitles.

9. MATURE AUDIENCE IDENTIFICATION : If your submission contains content that is not suitable for younger viewers, Filmmaker or Screenwriter must identify this in their submission form.

10. REFUNDS : CONTENT2020 does not give refunds. As the funds come in they are
allocated to expenses for the conference. Registrations are also non-refundable, but may be transferred.

11. JUDGES: Judges retain the right to increase or decrease the number of awards given and/or move a film to a category that best fits.

12. ACCEPTANCE: Submitter agrees to accept the decisions made by the judges gracefully and to not slander or belittle the Conference or other entries.

May the LORD Bless you and give you FAVOR!

Overall Rating
  • Content19 was amazing! The organizers helped us network with rides, room sharing, and fed us amazing meals! What an amazing experience. It was my first film festival and I was given an opportunity to fellowship with some of the most talented filmmakers, writers, and actors in the world! Totally recommend this festival for anyone who is interested in films with both eternal and entertainment value! ☺️

    March 2020
  • Stephen Lewis

    This festival was absolutely life changing!

    October 2019
  • Maria Lennon

    The Film Festival was an enjoyable experience. Everything went like clockwork. The different nominations were good choices. The speakers were an excellent pick. The food was delicious. I loved all the prayers and scriptures throughout. I'm glad I was part of it.

    September 2019
  • John Martins III

    My deep gratitude to Mr. Tim Shields, Steven Lewis, and the entire staff at Content19 for acknowledging two of my original full-length screenplays, "Arizona Sunrise," and "The Apostle," as two of your top-6 finalists. Very much appreciated. My apology for not being able to attend due to urgent family health matters. Your communication throughout all of this was outstanding. Please know I feel very badly about being unable to attend. Blessings.

    September 2019
  • Rachel Smith

    A very great Christian Film Festival. We were very happy to be apart of it!

    September 2019