The Community Builders Grant is an annual short film grant fund. Applications for the 2021 grant will be accepted March 1st - 31st, 2021. If you've got a project idea brewing, we encourage you to start working on it now.

To find out more about the grant, visit our website or email us at

*Prizes for our 2021 grant will be announced in the coming months and are subject to change, according to yearly sponsors and funds.*

Here are the prizes from our 2020 grant:

$3,000 Cash from Camera Ambassador

$5,000 Gear Credit from Camera Ambassador

A Wrap Party with Camera Ambassador

Casting Session with Compass Casting

Free Color Grading by The Mill

One Year Membership with the Midwest Film Festival

6-Month Membership with the Independent Film Alliance

40% off post services, 60% off location audio, and One Mentor Session with Noise Floor Sound Solutions

Promoted Screening Event at the Chicago Cultural Center, Sponsored by the Chicago Film Office

Reserved Space for Three Production Meetings at the Chicago Cultural Center, Sponsored by the Chicago Film Office

No long format - This is a short film grant. All submissions must be 15:00 minutes or under. Submit music videos, short narrative films, art films, trailers or any other type of film or video under 15 minutes total. Anything over will not be reviewed. (While we recognize that an 18 or 20 page script can be translated to a 15-minute project, we encourage you to keep your script as close to 15 pages - or under - as possible.)

Projects must be in advanced stages of the pre-production process. This means projects must have at least one producer attached.

Gear stipend is not redeemable for cash.

Must include all materials listed to be reviewed.

Must be used within the determined and discussed timeline.

Gear is subject to availability, you must lock in gear list as soon as possible.

All gear subject to Camera Ambassador's regular terms and conditions.

Camera Ambassador will shoot a BTS video with interviews from grant applicants and key contributors when onset or before.

Camera Ambassador will shoot BTS photos on set for one day of production. The selected date will be discussed with the artist in advance, determined by the best fit. We don’t want to be in the way!

If gear credit does not cover the full cost of gear and you are not using personal gear, all other equipment must be rented through Camera Ambassador. We will be happy to work with you on budget.