"Jumping Frames - Hong Kong International Movement-image Festival", presented by the City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) since 2004 is the only festival of its kind in Asia, committed to promoting the intersections between performance making and moving image, cine-choreographic interventions and the body.

An ardent advocate for new voices and new forms of experimentation, the international open call seeks original and cutting-edge works to be screened during the festival, with cash prizes for outstanding works.

「跳格 - 香港國際舞蹈影像節」於2004年由城市當代舞蹈團創辦,是亞洲最具規模的舞蹈影像盛事。其致力於呈現風格迥異、影像與身體之間跨媒界的展演,更為舞蹈影像開發多元及可能性,探尋新世代形體和影像的全新意涵。

本屆「跳格 - 香港國際舞蹈影像節」向全球公開徵集具當代視野、獨立原創的前衛作品,入圍作品將於「跳格 - 香港國際舞蹈影像節」2022 展映,當中被評審選為優秀作品將可獲得豐厚獎金。

Jumping Frames International Award (USD $2,500 cash award) 跳格國際大獎
Jumping Frames Asia Award (USD$1,500 cash award) 跳格亞洲大獎
Expanded Frames Award (USD $1,000 cash award) 破格形體影像大獎
Jumping Frames Student Award (HKD $5,000 cash award) 跳格學生大獎
Jumping Frames Audience Award (USD $500 cash award) 跳格觀眾之選

Submission 參賽資格:

Open to films no longer than 30 minutes. 提交作品長度以30分鐘為限。
-No limitation to film genre. 參賽影片作品類型不拘。
-The film production date must be after May 31 2019. 參賽作品必需為2019年5月31日後完成。
-Period of Submission: 15 March - 22 May 2022 徵集期間: 2022年3月15日至5月22日
-The work must be submitted via our dedicated platform. Late submission will not be considered.
-Interested parties may submit their applications as an individual or a group. 本屆競賽接受個人或團體名義參賽。
-Entrants are allowed to submit more than one work. 參賽者可提交超過一個作品。
-Jumping Frames Student Award accepts local entrants only. To qualify for the entry you must have proof you are currently in full time education in Hong Kong.

Subtitling 字幕:

-Subtitling is preferable if the film contains languages other than English.

Accepted Screening Formats 播放規格:

We accept MPEG4 and QuickTime files (H264 or ProRes 422) in the following technical specifications:
主辦方只接受參賽影片之檔案格式為MPEG4 and QuickTime files (H264 or ProRes 422),並必需附合以下規格:
-Dimension 影像尺寸: 1920 × 1080
-Video 制式: PAL 24.0 or 25.0 fps / NTSC 29.97 fps, progressive scan
-Bitrate 影像流量 : 25 Mbps
-Audio 音訊:AAC 48.0 kHz

General Rules and Regulations 競賽規章:

By submitting an entry, the entrant agrees to abide by the following regulations of the Competition. 凡報名競賽項目之參賽者,必須同意及遵守以下競賽規章:
1. Copyright 版權:
a) The entrant must be the sole copyright holder of the submitted film(s) or must provide proof of rights to submit the film on behalf of the copyright holder upon request of the presenter. 參賽者必須是提交影片之唯一版權持有人,或主辦方亦有權要求參賽者提供有效證明,以示為該影片之版權代表。
b) The entrant authorises the presenter to keep and archive the films for professional viewing, archival and educational purposes for 24 months. 參賽者必須授權主辦方保有及存檔參賽作品24個月,以作專業放映、存檔及教育用途。
c) Entrants of award-winning films authorise the presenter the discretion and right to screen the submitted and selected films within a 24-month period from the result announcement date. 獲獎影片之參賽者必須授權主辦方在結果公佈日起計24個月內允許相關影片進行放映。
2. Press and Publicity 傳媒及宣傳
The entrant authorises the presenter to use images and video clippings of the submitted film(s) for promotional purposes, including but not limited to publicity materials, website and publications related to the Competition. 參賽者必須授權主辦方使用參賽影片之圖像、影像,以作宣傳之用,包括但不限於一切與競賽活動相關的宣傳材料、網站及刊物等。
3. Distribution 發行
Entrants of award-winning films will be offered to be represented by the presenter to distribute their films to other film festivals or related events. Entrants will be notified in the situation of films being screened, selected or awarded by such festivals or events. 主辦方會邀請得勝者之獲獎作品參與其他或相關影展。若相關影片於其他影展或活動放映、入選、獲獎等情況,主辦方會緊密與參賽者聯繫。
4. Disclaimer 免責聲明
a) The entrant agrees to release the presenter and its assignees and designees, from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of the film, including but not limited to any claims for defamation, infringement of copyrights, invasion of privacy or right of publicity. 若因影片而引起或相聯的任何索償或申訴,參賽者同意免除主辦方,及其委託人、受命人之責任,包括但不限於任何誹謗、侵犯版權、侵犯私隱、宣傳權限等。
b) The presenter reserves the right to disqualify any entry that contains incomplete or faulty information provided by the entrant. 若參賽者提供不實或誤導的訊息,主辦方有權取消參賽者資格。
c) The presenter has the final decision on all issues not covered in the entry form. 對任何未涵蓋於以上內容之爭議,主辦方保留最終決定權。

5. Enquiries 查詢
All enquires shall be addressed to 如有任何查詢,請用以下方法聯絡:

Jumping Frames – Hong Kong International Movement-image Festival 2022
跳格 - 香港國際舞蹈影像節 2022
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CCDC is financially supported by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region