The cultural capital of Russia hosts numerous film festivals every year. Our team has taken into account the features of most film festivals. To present something new, we decided to place our primary focus on independent underknown filmmaking from all over the world. Besides, we realize that the boundaries of cinema have expanded significantly over the past two decades due to the digital "revolution.” Nowadays, one can shoot films with a smartphone, without using special equipment or being a professional filmmaker. Therefore, the cinema has become far more expressive and entered a new era of its development, uncovering all shades of life, all colours of culture and subcultures. We believe that the programme of St. Petersburg film festival Akrobat gives a free hand to any way of artistic expression.

We welcome any experimental ways that create new film languages evolving the cinema!

- Filmmakers of any nationality can participate in the international film festival “Akrobat.”

- Films of any subject, genre, and form can be submitted. The organizers will equally evaluate all submitted works (animation, fiction, documentary, experimental, amateur).

- Short films and video pieces must be maximum of 20 minutes in length.

- To enter contest sections, a film or a video clip must be completed by January 1, 2020.

- Films that are at the final stage of editing can also be accepted for consideration. In this case, one needs to contact the festival organizers.

- Films in any language can be submitted.
Films registered for selection must be submitted in Russian, English, or German or in their original language with Russian, English, or German subtitles. If a film is selected for screening at the festival, the entrant will be required to submit a version of the film with Russian subtitles in case the film contains dialogues in a language other than Russian.

- Films in English or German can be combined into a foreign language film programme for those who wish to improve their English or German.

- Technical specifications for selection screeners: Mov/Mp4, Codec: H.264 - Resolution: 2K, 1080p, 720p

- Short films can be registered from February 15, 2023, till August 1, 2023.

- During the pre-selection screening, the entrants will be contacted via e-mail. The online films submitted for pre-selection will be available only for festival staff, co-authors, and organizers. All received documentation will become part of the festival archive. Each author or group of authors may submit more than one video. The consent to participate in the festival does not suggest any economic costs on the part of organizers.

- All accepted short films will participate in the programme section they were applied for.

- The awards will be granted to the winners (or the person designed by the entrant/participant) at the ceremony. The statuette cannot be mailed; we can only send the award certificate by post. The decision of the organizers and the jury is not subject to appeal. One video can win several awards.

- The author, applicant, or owner of the film retains their intellectual property rights. The author is responsible for the fact that the films presented do not violate the copyrights of third parties. All accepted films grant the festival organizers permission to utilize parts of the films in clips, trailers, and images for the festival promotional content and publish it on the Internet, always complying with copyright law.

- Sending an entrant application implies the acceptance of the above rules. Any issue not described in the rules is decided by the Akrobat festival organizers.
- Festival organizers reserve the right to change these rules with prior notification.
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Overall Rating
  • Даня Рубик

    Очень уютный питерский фестиваль с весьма хорошей подборкой работ. Спасибо жюри, что оценили нашу работу среди достойных конкурентов, было интересно. Желаю фестивалю расти и развиваться!

    September 2022
    Response from festival:

    Даня, круто, что ты нашёл время и прилетел представить свой фильм в конкурсе! Спасибо за отзыв и будем рады снова увидеться с тобой.

  • fantastic festival and fantastic selection, thanks!.

    September 2022
    Response from festival:

    A lot of thanks for your amazing film submission!

  • Ekaterina PROMOTION

    Ни единого сообщения от фестиваля в адрес автора не было. К сожалению, что показ вообще состоялся мы так и не узнали. вот спасибо платформе, что напомнили). У нас огромный опыт общения с фестивалями и этот крайне неудачный. Ни приглашения на показ, ни лавров, ни единой коммуникации с авторами отобранных работ. Не рекомендуем. Очередной сбор средств.

    There was not a single message from the festival to the author. Unfortunately, we did not know that the show took place at all. thanks to the platform for reminding me). We have a huge experience of communication with festivals and this one is extremely unfortunate. No invitation to the show, no laurels, no single communication with the authors of the selected works. We do not recommend. Another fundraiser.

    September 2022
    Response from festival:

    This review is fake and discredit by russian classical film festival Festpro promotion, who looks us as a competitor and an young Film Festival with innovative structure. All film directors were informed per Filmfreeway and participated directors - per Email. Exception was for film directors of the competition programs, which films were published in the web. These films were not shown. Diplomas and statuettes for international and russian film directors were sent by post. Later the photos of event will be posted here. A lot of thanks for all film submissions! It was great to see your film on our first edition!

  • I am very happy that my film was accepted in your festival and was screened in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg. Thank you.

    September 2022
    Response from festival:

    Hello Hossein, thank you for your wonderful animation film and review. It was great to mail you and watch your film in "Poetic film" program.

  • Sandy Blanco

    A very good festival! Happy to have been part of it. Thank you very much.

    September 2022
    Response from festival:

    Hi Sandy, thanks for communication per email and for your film experiment with cinema language. It was necessary part of competition program "Future is somewhere near". We will be wait for new your works!