The Family Film Festival will take place July 14-21st at the Covey Center for the Arts. We will be screening films and producing 3 short films the week prior to the award program. Come join in the fun with the entire family in Provo, Utah.

Events - Film Screenings, 5 Day Film Making Competition, Youth Filmmaking Workshops, LIVE broadcasts of award show.

Awards & Prizes

3 Short Film Screenwriters will have their films produced and screened at the festival.
All the winners will be chosen my popular vote during the festival and be given an award during the award ceremony on closing night.

Rules & Terms

All films must be owned by the filmmaker or have permission to use any copyrighted images or music.

All scripts must be delivered in PDF format.

Film and script submissions need to be appropriate for ALL AUDIENCES.

Screenplay winners are chosen by selection committee.

Film winners are chosen my popular vote during the festival.