First will also have to enter your movie in one of eight genres categories REQUIRED:
• Documentary
• Documentary Short
• Dissemination / Promotion Movies
• Advertising Movies
• Timelapse
• Drone
• Music
• Animation
• Blogger / Vlogger and Youtubers Tourism Films
• Santiago City Tourism Films
• Best Movies in the Region of Arrábida

Then you can submit your movie to any other theme category if you whant.

What differentiates the Festival is also the multi-faceted experience it has offered over the years. Ranging from initiation into diving, boat tours along the coast, wine and cheese tasting as well as fantastic gastronomy where fish is one of the main attractions.

This Festival has at its heart the objective of promoting the Arrábida Region in the world of cinema and so attract directors and producers to one of the best and most interesting destinations with the highest number of daylight hours of sunshine in Europe for filming. It is with great pleasure that we welcome an ever-increasing number of requests to film in the region, ranging from major film production companies to high end advertising brands for advertising campaigns. Every year we challenge those who visit us during the festival, to produce at least one small video to promote the festival itself, the region or the country. This challenge has become a veritable promotion engine of Portugal and the Arrábida region.

To promote this edition we organize an international conference on “Cinema and Tourism” at the "CLUB SESIMBRENSE" in Sesimbra for film and tourism students We will also be holding a Sesimbra some photographic exhibition from another countries.
The Jury is composed of 20 members from Spain, United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Brazil and Russia and has have travelled “around the world” just by watching and classifying all the videos we received for this year’s competing entries. Every year the quality is higher and making decisions is much harder.
The Arrábida Film Commission who organize this festival has as its main aim the promotion and support to the various film productions filmed in the´ Region and we firmly believe that in the future the festival may come to be a a very important catalyst in the cine-tourism promotion of the region.

Carlos Sargedas
Festival Director
President of the Arrábida Film Commission

The Arrábida Grand Prize will be awarded to the film that the jury consider to be the best amongst all nominated Festival films (shortlist), regardless of the specific Categories it competes.

A trophy will be awarded, to the best 3 films from every genre:
•Best Documentary
•Best Short Documentary
•Best Dissemination / Promotion Movies
•Best Advertising Movies
•Best Timelapse
•Best Drone
•Best Music
•Best Animation
•Best Blogger/Vlogger e Youtubers Tourism Films
•Best Santiago City Tourism Films
•Best Films in the Region of Arrábida

Jury will also distinguish with a trophy the films that stand out in the following technical and artistic categories:

•Best Cinematography/ Photography
•Best Music / Soundtrack;
•Best Script / Screenplay/ Argument;
•Best Creativity / Innovation;
•Best Visual Effects and Post - Production

Will also be awarded with a trophy, the best films from each "Thematic" Categories:

◦Religious Tourism Films
◦Mountain Tourism Films
◦Beach & Sea Tourism Films
◦Travel Tourism Films
◦Destinations Tourism Films
◦Diving Tourism Films
◦Nature and Wildlife Tourism Films
◦Places in History Tourism Films
◦Human Life
◦Golf Tourism Films
◦Hospitality Tourism Films
◦Wines Tourism Films
◦Sports Tourism Films
◦Animation Tourism Films
◦Events Tourism Films
◦Business Tourism Films
◦Tourism of the Sea Films

Article 1 | Organization
1.The Finisterra – Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival, hereinafter identified by Festival, is an annual event promoted by Arrábida Film Commission Association;
2.The organization of the festival is the responsibility of:
a.Carlos Sargedas Director;
b.Arrábida Film Commission;

Article 2 | Objectives
The Festival objectives are to reward films and audiovisual works that effectively promote tourism, in any of its multiple dimensions:
•To promote the implementation of good practices in tourism, according to the assumptions of social responsibility and sustainable development;
•Encourage young people to engage in directing and producing travel movies.

Article 3 | Movies Genres
The Festival accepts, selects and shows audiovisual productions of eight genres:
•Advertising Movies, lasting up to 3 minutes;
•Dissemination / Promotion Movies, lasting up to 15 minutes;
•Documentaries ou report movies lasting up to 70 minutes;
•Short Documentaries, up to 20 minutes
•Drone Films
•Music Turism films
◦Video blogger/vlogger e youtubers Tourism Films, up to 20 minutes
•Best Santiago City Tourism Films

Article 4 | Access Conditions
May participate in the Festival movies that meet the following requirements:
•Must be produced less than tree years;
•Must be in any language but must contain English or Portuguese subtitles.

Article 5 | Movies application
1.Entries must be submitted online, until March 11, 2018, on the Filmfreeway
2.If the candidate has doubts about whether the film meets the criteria for entry, the applicant should make a provisional registration by sending the film and making the online application. If the opinion of the Executive Committee is favorable, the candidate must make the final registration
3.The participants will be notified when upon acceptance of their registration.

Article 6 | Authorial Rights
Each participant is responsible for the content of his work and for eventual authorial rights problems. The participant is the holder of all rights regarding the use of his work, according to the liability to third parties. The executive committee has the right to reject films whose content or technical quality, does not satisfy the requirements for the Festival.

Article 7 | Pre Selection
•A selection committee (appointed previously by the executive committee, and composed of experts in the fields of audiovisual arts and tourism), will make a preliminary evaluation of the films in the competition.
•The selection committee may propose that certain films be presented extra contest.

Article 8 | Jury
•The jury, appointed by the organizing committee is made up of some of these elements: film and television directors, tourism experts, film critics, journalists, film producers and higher education teachers of scientific areas.
•The jury will evaluate the materials selected by the selection committee with full independence, and whose decisions are final.
•The jury as a whole or each of its elements has no responsibility for prizes that can be assigned by the executive committee.
If it sees fit, the jury may award prizes "ex aequo".

Article 9 | Evaluation Criteria
1.The films pre-judged favorably by the selection committee will then be assessed by the jury based on the following criteria:
1.Visual Quality (including photography and editing)
2.Sound Quality (including music and sound)
3.Value of Information
5.Creativity and Innovation

2.The score in each of the five criteria mentioned above will vary between a minimum of 1 point and a maximum of 10 points: Poor (1 and 2), Enough (3 and 4), Good (5 and 6), Very Good (7 and 8) Excellent (9 and 10).
3.The scores will not be disclosed. Only the three highest scores films in each category will be released.

Article 10 | Appointments and Awards by Category
1.The five highest rated films in each category make up the Festival shortlist (nominations);
2.Depending on the number of films entered in each of the themes categories, the following prizes will be awarded:1.1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes, if the minimum of films entered is more than eight films;
2.1st and 2nd Prizes, if the minimum for films entered is between 5 and 7;
3.1st Prize, if the number of films entered is 3 or 4;
4.No prize will be awarded if the number of applicants is 1 or 2.

Article 11 | Grand Prize
The Arrábida Grand Prize will be awarded to the film that the jury considers to be the best among all the movies that integrate the Festival nominations (shortlist), regardless of the specific category that competes.

Article 12 | Artistic Prizes
1.The jury also distinguishes with a trophy, the movies that stand out in the following technical and artistic categories:
◦Best Photography;
◦Best Music / Soundtrack;
◦Best Script / Screenplay;
◦Best Creativity/ Innovation;
◦Best Visual Effects and Post - Production

2.Will also be awarded with a trophy, the best films from each "Thematic" Categories:

◦Religious Tourism Films
◦Mountain Tourism Films
◦Beach & Sea Tourism Films
◦Travel Tourism Films
◦Destinations Tourism Films
◦Diving Tourism Films
◦Nature and Wildlife Tourism Films
◦Places in History Tourism Films
◦Human Life
◦Golf Tourism Films
◦Hospitality Tourism Films
◦Wines Tourism Films
◦Sports Tourism Films
◦Animation Tourism Films
◦Events Tourism Films
◦Business Tourism Films
◦Tourism of the Sea Films

3.Also as an incentive, encourage participation and filmmaking to students from schools Cinema, Tourism, Technology and Audiovisuals will be awarded a Diploma with the top 3 of all films regardless of the specific category it competes.

Article 13 | Special Awards of the Organization
In addition to the jury’s awards, the Executive Committee and the Festival Directors may decide to award films, personalities and organizations for their contribution in promoting tourism.

Article 14 | Participation Certificates
The Executive Committee, awards a participation certificate to all the movies enrolled in the Festival.

Article 15 | Cession of broadcasting rights
By signing the entry form, the applicant authorizes the display of his film for promotional purposes and the public exhibition during the Festival:
•On the website of the Festival;
•In academic events, universities or colleges, for dissemination of the Festival and / or training of students;
•In any event the Festival is held, where participants or winners are cited.
•On "CINETURISMO" TV Program of the Festival on SPORTING TV (NATIONAL TV)

Article 16 | Exclusive rights of the Executive Committee
•The Executive Committee decides on the date and Festival Schedule, including the films exhibition sequence.
•The Executive Committee also decides the exclusion of films, where it considers justified, and acts on any other issues not included in this regulation, but related to the organization of the Festival.

Article 17 | Additional Information
To clarify any questions or additional information, contact the Executive Committee by e-mail: or phone 00 351 938 857 701.

Article 18 | Acceptance of regulations
Participation in the Festival is dependent upon acceptance of this regulation.

Overall Rating
  • false
    Silvia De Gennaro

    I was very happy to partecipate in it. It was an amazing experience!

    June 2017
  • false
    guillaume JUIN

    Incredible experience at the festival. We've met so many great people, and the festival is a travel itself, which is quite unique!
    We discovered so much things about this great region.
    And they took care of our hotel and the food during the three days!
    AMAZING! will come back if I can! and i'll definitely try to win again next year! ;) Thanks Carlos!

    June 2017
  • false
    Justin Samuels

    Finisterra Arrabida Film Art and Tourism Festival were very communicative during outreach. I was honored to be selected a winner and for my film to be screened in such a beautiful location.

    June 2017
  • A world reference film festival that places Portugal and especially Sesimbra on the map of international tourism. An added value for cultural exchange between peoples. A word of appreciation for its director Carlos Sargedas, who knows how to organize this festival so well. Thank you for having me.

    June 2017
  • "When it rains, it pours", is a saying used when you realize things aren't happening as you expected.

    This was my second year participating in this awesome Festival that only shares one thing with other festivals and it's the word Festival.

    The rest is unique. The organisers are friendly, welcoming, organised and above all very generous. When you're invited it's not just one of those invitations where the fine print says you have to pay everything if you accept the invitation.

    Sesimbra is like the Cannes Festival of Tourism & Art. Set on the coast of Portugal only minutes away from Lisbon, this place has it all. Great food, chic hotels and restaurants and Wineries and museums for all tastes.

    The festival typically lasts three days, during which you will not only be watching films in the evening but also visiting places, eating in great restaurants and even touring the coast in boat rides all organised and paid for by the Festival.

    If you think your film is "Festival Worthy", don't miss out submitting it to this unique event for next year. Perhaps we will meet there if I'm lucky again next year and have one of my films selected for a third year in a row.

    June 2017