ACME Screening Room kicks off Lambertville's historic Halloween festivities with the third annual Lambertville Halloween Film Festival.

This year we're shaking things up! LHFF is only accepting horror short films this season to make room for a weekend full of parties, horror guest speakers, special events, and cult classic film screenings. The short films will still be judged by a panel of star judges, of course!

This season our short films will be broken down into the following blocks:

-Heady Horror (psychological thrillers, Sci-Fi, and slow-burn horror)
-Guts and Gore (slashers, exploitation, and after-dark)
-Happy Halloween! (Any short film with that Halloween vibe--even if it's not 100% horror.)


Historic Lambertville, a scenic town nestled on the banks of the Delaware river, takes two things very seriously: its artistic community and Halloween. Thousands of visitors swarm every year to get a peek at Union Street's decorations - which could rival a Universal sound stage - and, of course, to score some king size candy bars.

In the middle of it all is the ACME Screening Room, an independent Arthouse Cinema with over 10 years of screenings. No stranger to the horror community, the ACME has been host to guest genre directors including Lance Weiler (The Last Broadcast) and Lee Esposito (Lillith).


You, of course. ACME invites any and all horror directors with a short film to send in an application to be a part of this year's Lambertville Halloween Festival. We do not have any particular restrictions on exclusivity or how old the film is. We believe that good horror is good horror regardless of which audiences have already seen it or how long the film has been in the can. We welcome shorts from 10 seconds to 44 minutes!

Best Overall Short - Judges' Award
Best Overall Short - Audience Award
Best Heady Horror Short
Best Guts and Gore Short
Best Happy Halloween! Short
Best Special Effects
Best Actor/Actress
Best Cinematography

Please be sure to read the Rules & Terms completely before submitting to the Lambertville Halloween Film Festival.


1.) ACME Screening Room defines 'short film' as any film with a runtime of 44 minutes or less.

3.) Short films not originally in English must be submitted with subtitles or English audio track to be eligible for review.

4.) To be considered for review all submissions must be completed through FilmFreeway.

5.) Applicants are responsible for all copyright clearance. Any films with unauthorized use of copyrighted materials are not eligible for review.


1.) ACME Screening Room reserves the right to disqualify any application for non-payment. ACME Screening Room will make reasonable attempts to reach out to the applicant before disqualification.

2.) Any media mailed to ACME Screening Room will not be returned to the applicant.

3.) ACME Screening Room is under no obligation to review any applications submitted after the deadline.

4.) Only one version of a project may be submitted for review. If more than one version of the same project submitted only the first version received will be reviewed. The others will be disqualified without refund.

5.) By submitting an application, if accepted, you agree to grant the festival the right to use film images and trailers for promotional purposes. Submission of your project implies consent to include your film in the current season's LHFF programing.


1.) Submission fees are non-negotiable and are collected through the official FilmFreeway application.

2.) ACME Screening Room does not pay screening or appearance fees for accepted projects. Projects submitted through the official FilmFreeway, if accepted, will be screened once during the current season's event window at no charge to the ACME Screening Room. Submission of a project implies consent to screen at no charge. Projects requiring a screening fee will be disqualified without refund.

Overall Rating
  • Michael Castaldo

    Great fest run by even greater folks!

    November 2023
  • Chris Cioffi

    An overall great experience, detailed and personable in an AMAZING setting.
    Big thumbs up!

    November 2023
  • An awesome festival filled with fantastic films and filmmakers!! Honored that are short film NIGHTMARE IN NORTH HOLLYWOOD was selected to be a small part of it! Highly recommend!!

    November 2023
  • Alfredo Uzeta

    Great festival. We are happy to be part of it with our shortfilm :)

    October 2022
  • Sam Sorenson

    Such a great festival to be a part of! Communication was excellent throughout the process. The organizers are passionate about their event and it shows. Professional and classy. We can't wait to submit next year and hope to be a part of it again!

    October 2022