Elevate Young Minds present Anarchy Film Festival which brings together the best films created by young talent around the world and displays it to an international audience of creatives.

Cinema has been a powerful tool of communication and inspiration since its inception. Here at Anarchy Cinema we strongly believe in the power of storytelling and how it can change a generation.
That is why this year we are focusing on showcasing films which show and/or discuss the following issues:

1. Poverty
2. Mental Health
3. Inequality
4. Climate Change
5. Xenophobia

This year the festival will take place in:

1. Bradford
2. Lisbon
3. Manchester

Anarchy Film Festival is a black tie event which also allows the opportunity to network with the local film-making scene of each location we visit.

It has the structure of a rolling festival, where we open submissions and before every country we have a deadline. So if your film is accepted into the official selection of the country you applied for, we might take it to the next one as well depending on how it engaged with our audience. The main event will be happening in Lisbon (Portugal), where the festival has been running successfully for last 4 years. In Portugal we will be screening all films from previous screenings depending on the audience's feedback through the year.

Anarchy Film Festival focuses on bringing different cultures together through the art of cinema. We consider narrative, documentary and animated films, in feature length and short formats, and in multiple genres and from all countries, as long as they discuss and/or show the issues which were mentioned above.

Once your film has been considered and included as part of our official selection, meaning that your film will be screened in the selected countries alongside FACE Festival, it will automatically be considered for the following awards depending on which category your film falls under.

1. Conscious Filmmaker Award
2. Visual Filmmaker Award
3. Poetic Filmmaker Award
4. Engaging Filmmaker Award

1. All films need to be in English or if they are in a different language need to be subtitled in English
2. Any genre and any length of film will be considered, anything under 45 minutes is considered as a short film and anything over 45 minutes is considered as a feature film
3. Films must show and/or discuss the following issues to be considered: Poverty, Mental Health, Inequality, Climate Change, Xenophobia
4. We do not have a premiere policy

Overall Rating
  • Keep doing your best guys!

    September 2019
  • Unfortunately we haven't been able to attend the festival, but the contact by mail was friendly and we are very happy we have been part of this amazing festival!
    The website could be updated a bit more often and offer more informations.

    October 2018
  • Sergio Falchi

    Anarchy film festival is a great festival, a young festival with an energetic attitude and a multiple chance for screenings in a lot of different cities so superb for networking in an international wider audience! Is not a simple festival, is a multiple cities festival in a artistic global environment! The main event in Lisbon in one of the most important creative hub is outstanding as well as the previous one in Bruxelles and the final in Leeds... and despite the fact I wasn't able to attend They were always supportive and kind, It's a RECOMMENDED festival for sure! Great perspective also for the next editions!Thank you for this opportunity and for the award!

    September 2018
  • mingduan wang

    A perfect feast, very pleasant communication and exchanges.

    September 2018