VEGAS MOVIE AWARDS™ (VMA) is a prestigious and caring monthly competition and annual online Film Festival for filmmakers worldwide, based in one of the most dynamic and classy cities in the world.

Now in its second year, the Vegas Movie Awards™ have so far awarded ACADEMY AWARDS®, GOLDEN GLOBES®, and BAFTA-winning actors and directors, but most of all, hundreds of films and scripts made with heart.

We are filmmakers, producers, and entrepreneurs, ourselves. We know what it’s like to struggle to get noticed and get recognition for our hard work. And we really understand your concerns about how another Film Festival like ours could make a difference in your career.

In the 74 Film Festivals worldwide we took part in so far, we rarely felt our projects were treated with half the care we put into actually making them…we were just numbers, not worthy of proper communication from the festivals, sometimes not even the bare necessary like be notified if we were selected or not...

That’s why we decided to bring justice to our fellow filmmakers.

♦ How many times have you had the suspicion that the Festival had judged your film/script without even watching it?

♦ How often you had to spend lots of money to only get a laurel to put on your poster?

♦ When was the last time a Film Festival made you REALLY proud of your work and yourself?

♦ Don't you think you deserve more, in terms of respect for the great talent you’ve proven in turning possible the impossible?

We created Vegas Movie Awards™ when we asked ourselves the very same questions. And that’s the reason why thousands of filmmakers and screenwriters worldwide so far entrusted us with the most valuable thing for them: their own projects.

We are committed to becoming THE MOST CARING FILM FESTIVAL EVER, and we can’t wait to let you experience how it feels to have your project treated with the utmost care and respect.

This is who we are: www.vegasmovieawards.com

And this is a shortlist of touching reviews we got from some of your peers: www.vegasmovieawards.com/testimonials

Give your career and your hard work the care they deserve too.

Let us help you get that exposure you demand, by amplifying your voice. We will put you and your project in the spotlight, right in the city of a thousand lights.

►TRY US. SUBMIT NOW. You definitely won’t regret it.


16 REASONS to submit to VMA:

✔ Free stunning HQ digital certificates for all our winners, ready to print

✔ 25 Main categories with Award considerations

✔ 32 further additional categories, to increase your chances to win a prize

✔ 5 Special Award prizes offered to selected projects

✔ Extra option 'FEEDBACK IN 72 HOURS, OR IT’S FREE'

✔ Massive media coverage on our social media platforms and websites

✔ Stunning promotional golden laurels, to give your advertising materials that “WOW!” factor

✔ Unique prestigious golden metal Statuette, designed in Italy

✔ Peer review - Our judges are filmmakers who understand your hard work

✔ An international jury composed of Producers, Award-winning Directors, Writers, and Entrepreneurs

✔ Astonishing annual online event live from one of the most prestigious cities in the world

✔ An entire Creative Studio ready to help you out with your online presence

✔ Opportunities for best movies to find Distribution deals

✔ Tips and tools sent to our submitters during the year, to help them push their projects

✔ Great networking opportunities all year through our channels (available soon)

✔ NO RESTRICTIONS for your film's premiere and/or online status!




All projects officially selected each month will receive the Vegas Movie Awards™ official laurel, and are promoted through our social media pages and websites.

Films submitted to Vegas Movie Awards™ are judged by our International Jury on their overall artistic and technical quality, on a performance scale.

Winning entries are recognized and awarded monthly at four levels, in the following order:

☆ BEST OF THE MONTH (Extra prize)

All the monthly winners (Best of the Month / Excellence / Prestige / Merit) receive the Vegas Movie Awards™ digital laurel, a customized stunning HQ digital certificate, have the option to purchase one of our stunning Statuettes and classy printed Certificates, and/or a special interview to get more prestige from their wins.

Best of the Month, Excellence, and Prestige winners are automatically qualified to compete at the VMA annual event. All the Awards of Merit will be invited to take part in the event as well, given the networking possibilities and the extra prizes by the sponsors.

Our monthly Excellence winners will have the chance to win free golden trophies for “Best of The Fest” during the annual online event live from Las Vegas.

Our monthly Prestige winners will also have the chance to win special mentions awards for the main categories they won, during the annual event.

Further special prizes offered by our big Sponsors will be awarded during the event.

The BEST OF THE YEAR will get the VMA digital laurel, a customized wax-sealed certificate, a free golden Statuette, a free interview, and a special final prize to get the most of this experience with us in Las Vegas.

✦ Social Awareness Award
✦ Best Narrative Feature
✦ Best Narrative Short
✦ Best Documentary Feature
✦ Best Documentary Short
✦ Best Indie Feature (low budget)
✦ Best Indie Short (low budget)
✦ Best Microfilm
✦ Best Animation
✦ Best Student Film
✦ Best Comedy
✦ Best Drama
✦ Best Romance
✦ Best LGBTQ
✦ Best Horror
✦ Best Thriller
✦ Best Action
✦ Best Sci-Fi
✦ Best Fantasy
✦ Best Experimental Film
✦ Best Inspirational Film
✦ Best Web/TV Series
✦ Best Web/TV Pilot
✦ Best Advertising Film
✦ Best Music Video
✦ Best Feature Script/Screenplay
✦ Best Short Script/Screenplay

+ BEST OF THE MONTH (Special Award)
+ AUDIENCE AWARD (Special Award)

✧ Best Trailer
✧ Best Poster
✧ Best Commercial
✧ Best Director / Feature
✧ Best Director / Short
✧ Best First Time Director / Feature
✧ Best First Time Director / Short
✧ Best Producer
✧ Best First Time Producer
✧ Best Actor
✧ Best Actress
✧ Best Supporting Actor
✧ Best Supporting Actress
✧ Best Child/Young Actor
✧ Best Child/Young Actress
✧ Best Debut Performance
✧ Best Duo
✧ Best Ensemble
✧ Best Cinematography
✧ Best Editing
✧ Best Voice-Over
✧ Best Original Score
✧ Best Song
✧ Best Sound Design
✧ Best Choreography
✧ Best Visual Effects
✧ Best Costume Design
✧ Best Drone Video
✧ Best Original Story
✧ Best Screenplay from a movie
✧ Best Screenwriter
✧ Best First Time Screenwriter


BEST OF THE YEAR (Special Award)
BEST OF FEST for each main category (Special Awards)

* NOTE: if any category does not meet the standard deemed award-worthy by the judging committee, it’s possible that there will be no award announced in that category.

Films must be submitted via an online screener ONLY. We do not accept films sent over by DVD.

Your film will get privately screened and evaluated by a team of international filmmakers and producers.

Please help us promote you and your work, in the best way possible.
Make sure to fully enter your project on FilmFreeway, including downloadable posters and names of the candidates for additional categories.

* By submitting your film, please note that:

- All additional categories require a MAIN category. Additional categories only will be not accepted.
- All non-English films must have English subtitles in order to be judged.
- All submissions must have been released after January 1st, 2015.
- Vegas Movie Awards™ can use parts of your film (including trailers / film posters / press kits / teaser) for promotional purposes.
- Entry fees are not refundable.
- Multiple entries are allowed for each filmmaker and each entry may be entered in multiple categories.
- Waiver codes are currently not available.
- Judging decisions are final.
- We do not accept films with poor quality standards (bad sound, lack of subtitles/captions for non-English films, video resolution below 720p).
- Entrants confirm and warrant that they have the required legal authority to use all music, images, and content in the entry submitted.
- Work-in-progress and films with distribution are accepted.
- No restrictions on premiere or online statuses.
- We will never share your films or scripts online without your consent.

Vegas Movie Awards 2019 © All Rights Reserved

Overall Rating
  • Wow! An amazing experience! I won the Award of Prestige for Best Documentary Short. The communication was top-notch, and so was the social media posts. It would've been really cool if there was a virtual ceremony. Overall, I enjoyed it and will be entering again.

    November 2020

    Great film festival. The truly care about your film. I love their continuous communication while my film was getting judge. It seems to be very kind people behind this film festival.

    November 2020
  • Great experience with The Vegas Movie Awards. I would highly recommend this contest. They are great at communication, promotion and generating excitement for screenwriters.

    November 2020
  • Dušan Davidov

    Great communication, excellent team and beautiful festival. If we manage to make an interesting film, we will definitely return to your festival. I wish you all the best and especially health. Sincerely Dušan Davidov "The Wetland"

    November 2020
  • Excellent communication—always notifying you on the status of your project a day in advance—friendly, and supportive, I am so glad to have submitted Charlie Horowitz to their festival. 😇❤️

    November 2020