Our idea is placed on the concept that cinema is not only chamber art. It is mean that films are worth to be screened not only at cinema theatres. Cinema is a powerfull tool to fight against the commodification of public areas. We elaborated the concept of Urban Cinema Vision. Urban Cinema Vision is a film program for walkers. Urban Cinema Vision is screened on the streets, squares, parks etc without warning.
So we have defined requirements for films. Because we should draw the attention of urban residents. And we should compete with the ad visual content.

Vagrant Film Club holds its own Film Festival which takes place in one random location on a day of Spring and Autumn equinox as well as on a day of Summer and Winter solstice.
Vagrant Film Club – is a non-commercial journey of one film vagabond (guru) or a group of film vagabonds along the film routes. During the journey they gather, screen and shoot independent films. Vagrant Film Club is a means of communication between independent filmmakers, film festivals and film societies. Film vagabonds represent the ideology that is free from political or religious doctrines. They stand for peace, love, ecology and personal freedom. Anyone sharing the ideas and values of the cinemavan and accept its rules can join it. Vagrant musicians and artists are also welcome.
The route is based on the film festivals, film societies film cafes or just friendly invitations. Film vagabond moves on foot, hitchhiking, water-hitching, air-hitching, horse-drawn hitching, by bicycle, rowboats, sailboats or even air-balloons. Car driving, catching a cab, staying at hotels is possible only in case of emergency or for the seniors, disabled or juvenile fellow travelers. Generally, cinemavan migrates to the Southern hemisphere, subtropical or equatorial climate countries in winter.
In summer it returns to Lapland, Siberia and Northern countries. This, however, doesn’t mean that Cinema gaff cannot come to Taimyr Peninsula during hard frosts or to Congo tropical forests during the rainy season.

This film festival is not awarding event. There are too many red-carpet film festivals with paparazzi and lushery. Big choice! But we can offer more than big film festivals are not able to afford. The smell of fresh grass, starring sky above the screen... But the main is our tribe of artists and long life travelers which you can join!

We are seeking films for so-called Urban Cinema Vision program. Films of this section are screened around urban locations: walls, bridges, billboards etc.
- The length no more than 4 min.
- Acute themes
- Strong visualization
- Minimum dialogues

Filling in the form you can agree that your film is screened during the numerous screenings on our way from Asia to Africa of from Cape Horn to the Canadian archipelago. You will be able to track the screenings of your film and to look at the photos reading our blog about the screenings impressions or by subscribing to our newsletter.

English subtitles for the film should be provided unless the language of the film is not English.

Overall Rating
  • Kino Prod

    It's a very great festival. It's my second time.

    August 2017
  • Продолжайте быть такими энтузиастами! Сохраните энтузиазм! :-) Здорово у Вас получается!

    July 2017