Twelve Cabins is dedicated to probing the minds behind the world’s best independent horror cinema. Conceptually derived in Halloween 2014, Twelve Cabins began with a group of friends accumulating the best horror shorts they could find on the internet, curating an evening where local horror fans could sit and enjoy the best scares from around the globe. Jump forward to Friday 13th December 2019, Twelve Cabins is now set up to bring this concept to a wider audience, giving them a peak behind the curtain whilst offering filmmakers a platform where their work can be exhibited.

We believe in the hard work it takes to create a film. That’s why we carefully work with each successful filmmaker to curate an article which celebrates their film in full context.

Do you only feature horror films?
In short, yes. However, we certainly aren’t picky about the boundaries of the horror genre. If you think your film is horror, or even horror adjacent, chances are we will too. You can have a look on our pages for the kind of work we feature. Inevitably though, it’s up to you. We promise to keep an open mind but, at the same time, Twelve Cabins is a space for and by horror film fans.

Do you accept both short films and features?
Yes. We’ll happily watch any film regardless of its length. For our criteria, any film up to 40 minutes is a short and anything over that length is a feature.

When will I hear back about my submission?
We like to carefully consider every submission however, we respect that things can move quickly in our industry. That’s why Twelve Cabins responds to every submission within 7 days.

My film is already online, does that mean you won’t feature it?
Not at all. Twelve Cabins doesn’t require any online exclusivity or premiere status. We love talking to filmmakers at any stage of their film’s journey.

Does that mean you publish articles on films that are still playing festivals?
Yes. We regularly publish interviews for films still on the festival circuit. In fact, having an article on our pages during your festival run can be great way to keep up the buzz.

What happens in my film is selected?
Once your film is selected we will reach out and begin working with you on curating the article about your film. In doing this, we’ll discuss the best date to release the article. We publish on a very regular basis so the sooner you let us know when you’d like your film released the better.

Does submission guarantee selection?
Every film featured on Twelve Cabins is a recommendation to our audience. That’s why we’re careful and selective about what we feature. So, unfortunately submission does not guarantee coverage.

Are you able to offer refunds on submissions?
The submissions fee for Twelve Cabins is non-refundable.

Do you offer feedback or fee waivers?
At the moment we do not offer a feedback service or any fee waivers.

I have a question that you haven’t covered!
No problem, email us with any additional queries you have at

Overall Rating
  • Josh Banks

    Twelve Cabins provided a wonderful festival experience. They did a deep dive into the films they were showcasing and really took the time to ask interesting questions. We truly felt special for being selected.

    February 2022
  • Twelve Cabins have been fantastic.

    Our short film was selected for the 2022 deadline and has immensely benefitted from Twelve Cabins' wonderful interview/article feature.

    Their platform looks great and we've loved reading about all the other entries. We hope to see Twelve Cabins again in the future.

    All the best & thank you!

    February 2022