LA's Rich and Successful Film Fest (RSFF) is a community-driven festival showcasing the short films of independent, up-and-coming filmmakers based in Los Angeles. RSFF intends to deviate from the norms of competition-driven festivals by providing a platform to other creatives and industry professionals to create a strong and prosperous indie film community in Los Angeles. Whether you're screening at RSFF, are a part of our digital catalogue, or are joining us an audience member, you're a part of our community and we want to see you succeed.

In 2021, the festival's inaugural year proved a success with over 100 submissions and a sold-out crowd of 250+ people. Both new and seasoned filmmakers alike had the opportunity to see their work play on the big screen--some for the first time--or become a part of our digital catalogue and subsequently the RSFF family.

RSFF is not an awards-driven festival. Our goal is to create connective tissue amongst the thoughtful, impassioned, and driven creators of our town. Incorporating as many filmmakers as possible in this network is non-negotiable for us, so as part of our program, we created the RSFF digital catalogue.

In addition to the films you see screened live during the festival, select filmmakers are invited to join the digital catalogue where their work can be permanently showcased and distributed amongst other filmmakers, attendees, and members of the industry. Additionally, filmmakers' social media handles are integrated directly into the catalogue to promote connectivity and community-building beyond the festival. You can explore last year's digital catalogue and buy tickets at

Submit to us or join us in person. Let's become Rich and Successful together.

FILMMAKERS MUST BE BASED IN LOS ANGELES. If selected, we ask that filmmakers join us for our in-person screening.

Though not mandatory, we strongly encourage submissions that are 25 minutes or less.

Overall Rating
  • Chris Capel

    I unfortunately wasn't able to attend, but heard great things from our DP and one of our actors who went to see our short "Fishers of Men" in the fest. I also got a bunch of meetings out of it, so can't really ask for more than that. It was a packed and enthusiastic house and we'll definitely be submitting future work. Thanks for having us!!

    August 2023
  • Nikki Houston

    Awesome festival! Felt very connected as an attending filmmaker, and loved the lineup of films in general. Really cool to meet/see local LA films in a historic theater. Can't wait for next year!

    July 2023
  • James Werner

    10/10. Would do again. Good people :)

    April 2023
  • Andrew Acedo

    This was truly an unforgettable festival experience. The films were amazing, the venue was incredible, the audience was packed and enthusiastic and so many meaningful connections were made. The team did such a great job that’s it hard to believe this was only their 2nd year doing this festival! Will always be submitting my work here. Thank you, RSFF team! Y’all outdid yourselves with this and you should be very proud of yourself. Submit here!

    April 2023
  • Talia Light Rake

    A true by filmmakers for filmmakers event.

    April 2023