For ten years the Lift-Off Global Network has been taking some of the best indie work to the far east. It is without a doubt that Japan offers an exceptional audience base for true indie work. Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival has, to this day, being one of the most successful Lift-Offs. With back to back sellouts and huge interest from the general public and local press.

* Free Translation Services. Lift-Off covers the translation into perfect Japanese subtitles for our Japanese audience. All submissions must be originally submitted to us in English or English subtitles.

Screen your work in Tokyo & open Japanese nationwide distribution opportunities!

The Japanese film market is ever expanding to include a national and international indie cinema marketplace. Our screenings take place at the UPLINK Factory Theatre in the Shibuya District, known commonly as the centre of Tokyo - a famous location in Tokyo for independent, counter-culture and progressive thinking. Tokyo Lift-Off gets a lot of press coverage and is quickly becoming a highlight in the indie film calendar of Japan.



Fee Waivers, Priority Screenings, Jobs Database, Scripts Database, and much more...

Lift-Off Global Network offers to you the chance to join our Network Members' platform. An "industry within the industry" and a place to build your career with showcases, education, festival screenings, and limitless fee waivers to all of our events for your content. We have so much to offer our members via Lift-Off Professional and Intermediate Memberships; the list is endless. We are sure that fee waivers and a priority on screening your work worldwide are worth your attention.

For more information please head to our website:

Our Professional Membership is an annual subscription of $189, it entitles you to the following benefits...

- Fee waivers across our entire festival network - (worth $700)
- Free tickets to all of our events around the world
- Access to a real-time global jobs board - work within the industry
- Access to a huge scripts database
- Contact screenwriters from all over the world
- Upload your own scripts
- Apply for global production support
- Apply for career guidance

Intermediate Membership is an annual subscription of $89, which entitles you to,

-Free Submission to Showcases
-Launch Your Projects
-Free Tickets to Festivals
-Film Industry Jobs
-Production Support
-Career Road-Mapping
-Find Scripts & Screenplays

And much more...

The Lift-Off Film Festival Global Network is fast becoming a community within itself. Our prizes and awards stretch from the submission level, all the way through to our season awards at the end of each year. We offer as much as possible to all who submit, our officially selected filmmakers, our nominees and winners.

This is what all Lift-Off Film Festivals have to offer our submitters, high scoring films, official selections and winners...

At the submission level.

❀ Value for your submission fee. Exclusive content emailed to every submitter up-to 24hrs from the time of submission.

❀ High scoring films. If your film scores high but isn't included in our final programme you will be invited to our Lift-Off Online Film Festival initiative, an online competitions which run parallel with the respective live city screenings - where the overall winner gets an official selection for an upcoming live Lift-Off festival.

❀ Script Selections ❀

The top 5 Screenplays will be showcased across the Network Members' platform, featured in the Lift-Off newsletter which is sent to our 35,000 filmmakers, and shared across social media.

Screenwriters will be invited to include their work on our Network. The portal is a curated database of quality scripts that are looking for production.

Lift-Off Network directors and producers are actively looking for projects to develop. They can use the portal to find their next potential projects, and contact the writers directly to discuss the optioning of scripts, development and rights.
All entries should be completed scripts, short or feature length, and you should be actively looking for collaboration or development.

At the festivals.
Shorts, Music Videos and New Web Series.

❀ Short Film Prizes.Live Action Narrative and Documentaries. Official Selections at proceeding Lift-Off Film Festivals.

❀ Nominations Short Films. When short films screen at any Lift-Off Film Festival they are automatically open to receiving nominations for the Lift-Off Season Awards, held at the world famous Pinewood Studios in December.

Nominations for Shorts, Music Videos and New Media.

Best Short Live Action Narrative
Best Short Documentary
Best Short Animation
Best Music Video
Best Web Series
Best Director (open for shorts, features and new media)
Best Actor (open for shorts, features and new media)
Best Acting Ensemble (open for shorts, features and new media)


Features. Live Action Narrative. Documentary.

❀ Feature Film Prizes. Live Action Narrative and Documentaries. Official Selection at the next proceeding Lift-Off Film Festival.

Nominations for Feature Films.

Best Feature Live Action Narrative
Best Feature Documentary
Best Feature Animation
Best Post Production
Best Art Direction
Best Cinematography
Best Director (open for shorts, features and new media)
Best Actor (open for shorts, features and new media)
Best Acting Ensemble (open for shorts, features and new media)


After the screenings and Season Awards.

Optional inclusion | Best of Collection Lift-Off On-Demand.

❀ Online VOD Distribution. Any film which is screened during the season at any Lift-Off Film Festival is invited to earn money by being part of Lift-Off's Best of Collection.


Lift-Off Family Membership?

After all of the above, you will be regarded as part of the Lift-Off Family for the years to come. We want you to continue to engage with us, and as we grow we will welcome select directors in helping us to build our own productions, projects, and hopefully join our jury and selection committee.

We accept all films and scripts in any length or genre.
Digital online submission screeners only.
Feedback is sent shortly after the commencement of the festival.
All films will be subtitled into perfect Japanese. A dialogue list/SRT file in English will be required.

Proudly, we have no other restrictions for your work. This includes your work's premiere status, its age and/or whether your work has been made available online.

Screenplays are longlisted for the season awards, it will state that they weren't selected but all screenplays submitted to Lift-Off are longlisted for the Season Awards show held at Pinewood Studios at the end of the Lift-Off Season.

Overall Rating
  • Carmel JOYCE

    Full credit and ratings go to the organisers who worked behind the scenes as well as for the festival.
    I had only just returned from Tokyo when my screenplay, "PERNILLA'S GIFT" was selected as a Finalist winner at the Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival. Unfortunately, I was unable to fly back for the Awards evening. However, we screenplay finalists' journey did not end at the festival. Since then, the festival organisers have taken us under their wing with marketing our screenplays to the rest of the world. I, as one of these screenwriters, do very much appreciate those efforts and support.

    June 2019
  • Dave Jackson

    Fantastic communication throughout the whole process and really brilliant support of the filmmakers lucky enough to be a part of the festival. Thank you, Tokyo Lift-Off!

    June 2019
  • Adam Losurdo

    A great group of people work so hard to make Lift-Off such amazing film festival. They really do care. I wish I could of attended Tokyo Lift-Off but I am glad to hear that it all went down very well. Very much recommended to any indie filmmaker.

    May 2017
  • Paul Nethercott

    I was delighted when the film I produced, Finding Beauty in the Rubble, won Best Short Documentary at Tokyo Lift-Off 2016. It was a huge boost to our film project. I was not able to attend but the director was there... Matthew T. Burns wrote, "I was greeted warmly by Ben and James upon arrival at a Lift-Off screening, and very pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of films presented. Docs, foreign language dramas, a couple sci-fi's, wild animated shorts, and a few films that made me laugh. My filmmaking and movie-going instincts were treated to a smorgasbord of creativity and artistic virtue. Thank you, Lift-Off, for the opportunity to be a part of your 2016 festival in Tokyo. It was a joy!"

    Associate Producer Atsuko Tateishi wrote, "The festival was managed very smoothly and professionally. I liked the venue very much. It felt cozy and intimate. That it had a film-friendly cafe on the same floor was a big plus. I wish the festival had not ended so late at night... My friends and I had to leave before the end of the program so we could catch the last train home."

    May 2016