We are a Short Film Festival based in the heart of Soho in London's West End.

The SohoLIFF has live screenings , panels and workshops over 4 days with the finale prize giving award ceremony on the Sunday evening . This is a red carpet event, a chance to glam up and celebrate your films!

The panels we hold are with industry experts alongside masterclasses that are free to our filmmakers. We also promote our filmmakers with interviews in our tv studio, social media and with our press partners.

We welcome all genres and have a particular interest in films with a social and environmental message, films that matter. We love films that could make a difference, that give a voice to those who have been marginalised. We simply love great films that are engaging, from the dark and gritty to the eccentric and flamboyant!!

Alongside the live event we also stream the festival via a private video on demand platform only giving ticketed access to a global audience.

Throughout the year we have our series the SohoLIFF Spotlights which is where we provide advice and insights for filmmakers from our industry professionals, everything from finance to distribution.

Super excited that the most incredible prize for the winner of this year's Soho London independent film Festivals Audience Choice Award is on again!

The winner, voted for by the public, will get to see their name, and film, up in lights with promotion literally being spread from one big screen to another for 5 hours, displayed across Storm, Clear Channel’s huge digital billboards in prominent locations across the country…

It’s one hell of an exciting opportunity to maximise exposure for your film, in true blockbuster style.

This is all thanks to our wonderful Soho neighbours, ClearChannel, who have partnered with us to take the festival to the broadest possible audience across the UK, driving awareness of independent film and sharing stories that matter across the nation. A truly money-cannot-buy prize!


1. All film submissions should be made digitally, not via DVD’s in the post. If you are unable/unwilling to use digital submission, please contact us and we’ll work something out.
2. If selected to be showcased during the event, all screening copies must be received by October 1st, 2020
3. All photos provided must be clearly identified. Photos may be used for any festival promotions.
4. Films which have been broadcast on Television, Cable or have had an international theatrical release prior to The SohoLIFF are NOT eligible for any competition but may be screened, out of competition.
5. Non-English language produced films must have English subtitles or be dubbed in English.
All entrants certify that they have been given full rights to use any and all music in their films.
6. Film Producers are responsible for insurance and shipment costs of films to SohoLIFF.
The title of the work and name of entrant must be on all mailing containers, labels, can reels and film leaders.
7. Filmmakers or screenwriters accepted and are attending the festival are responsible for travel, lodging, and all other expenses.
8. Filmmakers or screenwriters accepted into SohoLIFF will receive the following:
Two(2) festival passes per submitted film to see all the festival films FREE
Admittance for filmmakers to the events and workshops.
9. Film prints and other film material will be handled with utmost care. However, neither the SohoLIFF staff nor supporting staff can assume responsibility for damage or loss of the print and other film materials, en route or otherwise, during the course of the festival’s possession of the print.
10. All stated information, eligibility, awards and submission guidelines, terms and conditions of entry, and entry information is subject to change by the Soho London Independent Film Festival, without notice.
11. Promotion - for selected films ONLY SohoLIFF reserves the right to utilise film submissions selected, their promotional material and any associated content to promote the films and our festival on the SohoLIFF website, digital platforms and outlets, partner's platforms, printed materials, social media, and any form of advertising we choose to use for the festival. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of images and video that you provide.
12.• Sales Agents & Filmmakers: Please do not submit to SohoLIFF if you require a fee for screening at our festival. As an independent film festival supporting filmmakers & independent cinema, it is not in our budget. The SohoLIFF does not pay to screen your film. When you submit to our festival you are agreeing to this. If you behave in an unreasonable manner, for example demanding money to screen your film after it has been selected resulting in you pulling the film out of the competition The SohoLIFF has the right to ask for compensation in the way of any expenses incurred for the promotion and time spent advertising and promoting your film. We are here to support our filmmakers and will not be bullied or harassed. Our staff work very hard to ensure everyone has a wonderful time and anyone looking to damage this, the festival or any of our filmmakers will be banned from this festival for life.

Overall Rating
  • Emily Carlton

    This was a fabulous festival, we felt so lucky to be a part of it. Right in the heart of London, lots of opportunity for interviews and discussion about films and great panels too! Thank you so much for having us! From Marnie and Emily, Hello, Muscles!

    April 2023
  • Callum Roome

    An amazing festival for inspiring filmmakers. Was an incredibly fun night, and met some great people along the way. Would definitely recommend!

    January 2023
  • Pauliina Leskinen

    Had great opportunity to be part of this festival. It was great to have my film screened at the festival. Communication at the beginning was great. Really enjoyed the pre-festival interviews. Great location as well. Everyone were really friendly. Enjoyed the films as well. Really professionally looking films.

    Now in terms of not great sides most biggest is probably festival choosing completely wrong draft of my film. They asked for us to send link to the films which I did but then they decided to not use that and just downloaded my working draft from filmfreeway. Not sure why that happened but definitely was a big disappointment.

    I’ve sent my poster to them and wanted to have it back. Asked one of the staff members if it’s possible to get back on the awards nights and they promised that should be fine. On the awards night I come in and see my poster still hanging up. There were too many people so they couldn’t get it down. They never returned poster, also said they can’t post it back either. I will have to go all the way back to London to pick it up one day if it’s still there.

    Another disappointment was lack of promotion on their Instagram. They promoted all films except mine. When I decided to let them know they were telling me that they have already promoted my film and described my request as ‘being too anxious about it’.

    Last thing was rude email from organizer at midnight when I wanted to understand schedule more. They just said ‘films are screened by blocks and not individually!’. Being extremely passive aggressive. Not sure why it needed to be communicated like that.

    Otherwise it was a great experience but I wish they will take this criticism as a learning experience.

    December 2022
    Response from festival:

    Dear Paullina,
    I’m a little confused by your complaints. I have copied and pasted the email conversation we had regarding this when you were confused about the screening times and it’s not remotely what you have said.
    And my apologies it was at midnight but film festivals are an incredible amount of work and we are all volunteers doing insane hours to make this all happen. I always reply to everyone to make sure you have all the info possible. I have reread the email conversation and I honestly can not in any way understand where you could have misinterpreted this as passive aggressive.
    Regarding the poster you asked us on the night of the awards for it back. It was stuck high up and the room was full of people. As you will remember we asked someone very tall to try and get it down for you and he couldn’t reach it. We explained to you that we couldn’t get out a ladder and do it in the middle of the awards night. You did make a huge scene about this and we were extremely patient with you. You then asked for it to be posted back to you and we explained we don’t have the budget to post your poster back to Finland. I also did point out that would cost more money than reprinting it. If you had asked before we would have taken it down when it was safe too.
    Regarding the wrong copy of the film. This also was a surprise to us as at your screening you were super happy and never said about this and it wasn’t until after the award ceremony that all of this became an issue.
    I am very sorry that you feel disappointed with the festival and all our efforts to give you a wonderful experience. I am sad that you didn’t appreciate your interview that we filmed in the tv studio and your sm promotion.
    I would be interested to hear your thoughts on how you have been supported and promoted at the soholiff after you have experienced other film festivals. I think you might be surprised at just how well looked after you actually were.
    Please reread the email I sent you regarding the film blocks as what you said above was incorrect.
    I wish you much luck with your career and future endeavours.
    Warmest wishes,

    Hello Liz,

    Hope you are well. Just wanted to check if there is exactly times for film screening yet? I would like to know what time my film ‘Maggie’ would be screening exactly?

    Kind regards,
    Pauliina Leskinen

    It’s on the website! You watch the films in blocks, not separately!!

    Hi again,

    I understand, but timings are confusing on the website. It says that films are being screened until 3:30pm. But then between that time there would be Q&A and then straight after a workshop at 3:30pm as well.

    Will there be any detailed schedule closer to the festival? As it’s says three different things are happening at the same time. Also if there is anything during breaks between the films screenings?

    Also I wanted to ask if it’s possible to post anything about my film on your Instagram as well, as I haven’t seen anything regarding my film yet in there.

    Thank you and good night,

    Hi paullina,

    We have posted your interview and trailer on all our social media platforms, that was a couple of weeks ago. If you have a look you will see.

    I’m sorry the website is confusing. What it means is at 1pm your block of films start. Then when they have finished we will have a q&a with the filmmakers who are present. After that at 3.30pm there is a masterclass that goes on for an hour. When that is finished there is the next block of films.

    In between screenings and classes there is the opportunity to network with other filmmakers.

    I hope that all makes sense.

    Warmest wishes,


  • GREAT festival! So pleased to have been part of this festival with awesome communication and hosting at the screenings, and so proud that our film ROAD TRIP won 'Best British Film'!

    November 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thankyou so much, this is great to hear! Being filmmakers ourselves its really important to us to make sure you are celebrated properly for your amazing work. We loved Road Trip and are delighted you were part of this years festival!! x**

  • athena mandis

    One of the best festivals
    Out there. Really punching above it’s weight both in quality of films, networking, hospitality and engagement. The whole team led by their director Liz Farahadi are incredible. Everyone is treated as an individual. The screenings are packed . The interviews before really help promote the filmmakers. Worth submitting to this one!

    November 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thankyou so much! We really want to make sure each film is honoured, just as it should be and it makes us super happy to hear you feel this! We loved Daughter and it was an honour to screen your beautiful film. Very excited for what's next for you!! x**