The Ethan Saylor Memorial Film Festival honors the life of Ethan Saylor and celebrates the contributions of people who have Down syndrome as actors, film creators, and interesting subjects/participants in documentary films.

We’re looking for films (feature length or shorts) that:

Were created by someone who has Down syndrome,

Someone who has Down syndrome has a starring role,

Documentary films that tell the story of someone who has Down syndrome.

Overall Rating
  • Patrick McNally

    A wonderful opportunity to see films from around the world about, by and/or starring the individuals we love, people with Down syndrome. It was an honor for our film to be included in this festival and we look forward to next years festival.

    February 2017
  • Brian Donovan

    I wasn't able to attend but my film, Kelly's Hollywood was really well received and my brother was able to partake. The communication and coordination prior was superior. As was the appreciation from the festival director for allowing my film to be part of the festival. Top notch! Thanks Ethan Saylor Memorial FF

    January 2017
  • For a first-year event put together in just a matter of months, this festival had a great premiere and holds great promise for being the leading fest for films featuring a connection to the Down Syndrome community! Bravo!

    January 2017
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    Response from festival:

    Thank you for this kind review and for being a part of our festival! Best of luck going forward with "Learning to Drive!"