Terra di Tutti Film Festival began in 2007, with the vital aim of giving a voice to the many documentary makers who use the video medium as a form of critical expression, scrutinising the world and the issues that affect the countries of the southern hemisphere.

WEWORLD and COSPE ONLUS launch the XV edition of the international contest Terra di Tutti Film Festival – Voci dal mondo invisibile (hereinafter, the Contest), to be held in Bologna and online from October 4th to October 10th, 2021.
The 2021 Edition will give visibility and pay special attention to the following topics: human rights, gender equality, discriminations, intercultural dialogue, migrations, humanitarian emergencies, environmental sustainability, food sovereignty, alternative economies and the impact of COVID19 pandemic.

Specifically, priority subjects of the Festival will be:

• Fight against poverty and inequalities
• Sustainable development, enhancement and preservation of rainforests natural resources (with particular attention to Amazon region)
• Participatory processes, social conflicts and traditional ecological knowledge
• Climate change and renewable energies, ecological transition and circular economy
• Food sovereignty, peasant agriculture, sustainable rural development, land-grabbing
• Water as a common good and water-grabbing
• Social and fair trade economy, new economies
• Migration, human trafficking, peace and human rights, new citizenships
• Access to health, prevention and fight against AIDS, management of health emergencies
• Fight against discriminations, racism, hate speech
• Educational poverty, school dropout
• Gender, LGBTQ+ culture, fight against discriminations.
• Impact of COVID19 pandemic on society and environment

It should be noted that the organizers reserve the right to evaluate during the coming months the regular running of the festival on the dates scheduled based on the course of the COVID 19 emergency we are experiencing. We will promptly inform you of any postponements or cancellation of the event and therefore of any refunds of the participation fee.


The Contest is open to short, medium, and feature films (hereinafter, the Works), without restrictions on nationality, age or profession, produced in any technique (including animation), after January 1st 2018, and belonging to one of the following categories:
- Documentary
- Animation
- Document-Fiction
- Webseries


The application form must be submitted by filling the online form available on the following website: https://filmfreeway.com/TerradiTuttiFilmFestival

Applications are open until May 30th 2021.

For Works made by production houses belonging to NON-OECD COUNTRIES (http://www.oecd.org/about/membersandpartners/), regardless of the director’s nationality, entry to the competition is free of charge.

For Works made by Production Houses belonging to OECD COUNTRIES, a registration fee of 10 USD is required.

When completing the application, the candidate will receive a registration confirmation from the website FILM FREE WAY.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Please note that in order not to be excluded from the Contest and for your application to be taken into consideration, it is mandatory to send the consent form via email to the following e-mail address: info@terradituttifilmfestival.org. The consent form can be downloaded, duly filled in and signed. from the Festival’s official website: https://www.terradituttifilmfestival.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/LIBERATORIA2021-ENG.pdf

The festival offers 4 prizes of 1000 (one thousand) Euro each for the 4 best works:

1. Prize Benedetto Senni having a value of 1.000 (one thousand) Euro, which will be given to the best film addressing issues relating to the fight against poverty, valorisation and defence of natural resources, food sovereignty, sustainable and biological agriculture, access to water and migrations.
2. Prize Giovanni Lo Porto, the aid worker and GVC’s collaborator killed in 2015 during a US anti-terrorist attack. This prize, having a value of 1.000 (one thousand) Euro, has the main purpose of valorising documentaries narrating the efforts and the resistance of
men and women who do not hesitate in the face of violence and persecution, but promoting values such as solidarity and respect for human rights, peace and
3. Prize Stories of Invisible Youth, worth 1,000 Euros, dedicated to invisible young people described by young authors. The aim of the award is to support and enhance the young authors who tell the challenges faced by the new generations.
4. Prize Voices of Invisible Women, worth 1,000 Euros, a recognition for the best audiovisual on a female theme.

An additional prize, Menzione Dams Lab, not burdensome and for the Best Direction, will be assigned by first-year students of the Degree Course in “Movie Analysis”, from Dams - University of Bologna, to the work which has been able to better enhance the aesthetics of documentary language.

The awards ceremony will be held during the closing nights of the Festival in Bologna (live or online) from October 4th to October 10th, 2021. Judgements on awards assignments are unquestionable.


Materials received will not be remitted and they will be part of Terra di Tutti Film Festival Archives. The films submitted for the contest are owned by the authors who, however, give their consent to their use during the days of the festival in Bologna, from October 4th to October 10th, 2021.
The submission of the films implies the non-exclusive authorization for the Festival’s organizers to disseminate and make available - through the Festival’s website and any other means – clips or sequences of the videos without any compensation for their authors.
The submission of photo materials and/or other information related to the films (stills, photos of the author, bio-filmography, synopsis, author’s statements, posters, etc.) implies also nonexclusive permission for the Festival’s organizers to spread and make available to the public all images and information regarding the films submitted.
The organization reserves the right to announce all submitted and admitted entries in the competition on the web site. The publication will be available after the deadline for registration and not earlier than September 2021.
Participation in the contest implies the full commitment to the present regulation. Participation in the Festival implies having read and accepted the information reported by the organizers in the consent form about privacy and personal data treatment. Following the ongoing Italian law (D.Lgs 101/2018), the privacy data controllers of the personal data received are the organizers of the Festival.
The contents of the submitted films (picture, sounds, animation) must respect legislations concerning SIAE rights and must comply with the on-going legislation on copyright. The Terra di Tutti Film Festival and his promoters WeWorld and COSPE Onlus refuse any responsibility in this regard.
Participation in the competition implies the author’s exclusive responsibility for any irregularities on the matter; the organizers reserve the right to exclude from the contest and to revoke any prize to the films presenting such irregularities.
At the incontestable discretion of the organizers, the videos considered offensive or harmful for the image of the promoters and/or in contrast with the code of ethics of WeWorld and Cospe Onlus will be excluded from the competition and they will not be published.
The Festival Direction will decide on any unclear case and on what not expressly said in the present regulation. In case of any dispute, the Court of Bologna will be the competent court.

Treatment of Personal Data

Under Article 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the regulations as set out in the Personal Data Protection Code (Legislative Decree No 196/2003), the processing of personal data provided for by interested parties during registration or acquired for participation shall be handled by WEWORLD and COSPE ONLUS, as independent data controllers.
The processing of the collected data is aimed solely at the completion of the activities related to the contest and it will be handled by subjects responsible for the competitive tendering procedure (including the Selection Board). The Personal Data provided will be processed using computerized procedures in the ways and within the limits necessary to pursue the aforementioned purposes.
Personal data and information shall be provided through the consent form and related documents; their submission is a requirement for participation in the event and failure to provide such information may preclude the opportunity to participate in the contest. The collected data shall not be disclosed or transmitted to third parties, without prejudice to the possibility to further use the submitted material for possible, wider dissemination (i.e. names of authors, producers, actors, distributors), related to the institutional purposes of the contest itself.
The data will be stored for the time needed to fulfill the competitive purposes they are collected and processed for. At any time, data subjects may exercise their rights of access, rectification, updating, suppression (if inappropriate, erroneous or collected in violation of the law), portability and limitation to the data processing, or where appropriate, opposition, by contacting Data Protection Officers at either office: WEWORLD, Via Serio 6, 20139 Milano: info@weworld.it and COSPE ONLUS, via Scipio Slataper, 10 50134 Firenze: privacy@cospe.org.

In the cases provided by the law, interested parties are entitled to file a complaint with the Authority for the protection of personal data at any time.


WEWORLD is an Italian independent organization born from the merger between GVC Ngo (founded in Bologna in 1971) and WeWorld Foundation (founded in Milan in 1999), with the aim of increasing the impact of their Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid projects in 29 countries worldwide, including Italy, where it carries out social interventions, awareness-raising activities and promotes global citizenship education.

COSPE ONLUS is an association operating in the field of cooperation and international solidarity, born in 1983 in Florence, it has ever since given its contribution to the overcoming of poverty conditions and social injustice worldwide. Nowadays, COSPE is committed to the implementation of over 100 projects in nearly 30 countries worldwide and it is actively involved in international solidarity campaigns and networks.

Overall Rating
  • We had the honor to participate with our film STALKING CHERNOBYL as part of the Objective 2030: Eco-sustainable Planet, to investigate the connection between the environment and society. Thank you Terra di Tutti Film Festival for sharing the stories at the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone with this emerging sub culture, and for raising awareness on the devastating effects of nuclear energy.
    Looking forward to submitting more of our work at the next edition :)

    October 2020
  • SMK Factory

    Un grande festival cui abbiamo il piacere di partecipare da anni.

    October 2020
  • Thomas Grand

    Thank you so much for tour great work !
    Hope to meet you physically nexy years !
    Best wishes from Senegal

    October 2020