What a beautiful country U.S.A. Share your pride in this country by making a short film for the Patriot Film Festival www.patriotfilmfestival.com. You must first visit our website to fill out a very short registration.

Some suggestions for films:
-Apple Pie
-American Sports
-America's great music history and traditon
-The American Dream: The Pricey Mortgage
-American Holidays
-The Great Outdoors, Our National Parks
-The Great American BBQ: Hot Dogs & Burgers
-Rodeo, Cowboys
-Native American Traditions
-Muscle cars
-Family History, Ancestry, Family Businesses
-Public school
-Universities, College sports
-Little league
-And so on

15,000 plus attendees of the Ready2Go Expo will be enjoying them. www.ready2goexpo.com AND....you may get your hands on a share of the $17,000 in CASH prizes. Videos need to be 3 minutes or less. Submit by August 28th, 2016. "Honoring American Traditions"

$10,000 CASH to 1st place winner determined by audience voting
$2,000 CASH to each category winner (Comedy, Action, Inspirational)
$500 CASH for 2nd place winner in each category (Comedy, Action, Inspirational)

The 1st place overall winner can potentially win $12,000 as he/she may also be a category winner.



LENGTH: Under 3 minutes

COST: FREE (Who does that?!)


Patriot Film Festival will be awarding 4 prizes:

1. Best of Show: $10,000 CASH PRIZE. The overall winner based on a mix of fan voting and valued opinions from our distinguished panel of judges. Your film will also be highlighted on our website following the show

2. The Biggest Laugh: $2,000 CASH PRIZE. We are bringing the grumpiest, most foul spirited, stank, melancholy human we know. Make him crack, and you’ll likely win this prize. Your film will also be highlighted on our website following the show.

3. The Rambo (Action): $2,000 CASH PRIZE. We’ve all seen dozens of movies with Zombie being smashed by baseball bats….. and we LOVE it!!!! But what else ya got? Bring other ideas to the table and you’ll be rewarded with cash and highlighted on our websites following the show.

4. The Tear Jerker (Inspirational) $2,000 CASH PRIZE. America is beautiful. Our traditions are rich in history and meaning. Why do you love being an American. Inspire us and you’ll get a stack of cash.

(In addition to these awards and prizes, you will receive two (2) free admittance tickets usable for all three (3) days to be able to attend the expo and see your video displayed)


1. All film submissions are due by Sunday, August 28th, 2016

2. Films are shown throughout the expo September 2nd, 3rd, 10:00 AM-8:00 PM & 5th 10:00 AM-6:00 PM

3. Winners will be announced, and prizes will be delivered Monday, September 5th, 2016


1. All entry deadline dates are enforced. All decisions made by Patriot Film Festival are final.

2. By entering the Patriot Film Festival, each entrant accepts and agrees to be bound by the official rules of the Patriot Film Festival.

3. Principals of Patriot Film Festival are eligible to submit films for consideration and competition and to be judged by an independent jury; however, they shall not be eligible for any monetary prize if that film is selected to receive an award.

4. After you Submit:

You will hear back within 2 days of submitting. If your film is selected we will arrange with you to set up a premiere date (September 2nd, 3rd, or 5th) and we may post your teaser / trailer / clip in our www.Ready2Goexpo.com or www.patriotfilmfestival.com Films section. Patriot Film Festival provides limited promotional support – we may post about each film on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Vine accounts – but the individual filmmakers are predominately responsible for getting the word out. We recommend you reach out to all your friends and fans and invite them to the Expo.

Note: A rejection is no reflection on the quality of the film. It just means it’s not a good match for our current programming. We sincerely appreciate you sharing your film with us.

5. Submission Format: Please upload your film through www.filmfreeway.com or through www.patriotfilmfestival.com

6. In submitting films to the Patriot Film Festival, the filmmaker acknowledges that the film may be screened more than once during the festival and for subsequent screenings Patriot Film Festival may use as “Best of Show,” and/or other partnership screenings for which Ready2Go Expo/Patriot Film Festival may showcase accepted and screened films after the festival. S/he grants the Patriot Film Festival the nonexclusive right to use submitted materials in connection with any and all publicity and promotional materials regarding the festival. S/he warrants that the submitted film does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of any person or entity and agrees to hold harmless and fully indemnify and defend the Patriot Film Festival and its representatives against any and all claims made for such infringement or any other violations of law.


On the submission form please provide us with:

1. Current, complete contact info (name, address, city/state/zip, phone, email).

2. Filmmaker(s) biography/resume.

3. Technical credits on the film: director(s), producer(s), year of production, country(ies) of production

4. Category for submission

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Overall Rating
  • Travis Alexander

    What a wonderful film festival to be a part of, and I am not just saying this because my film PAYNE was selected as a finalist at the Patriot Film Festival. Jim was very kind in extending an invitation to me on behalf of the Patriot Film Festival, and he was very easy to communicate with even though I am based all the way out in Washington, D.C.. Having had such a rewarding experience sharing my film with the Patriot Film Festival, I am even more inspired to continue improving my filmmaking craft. Thank you Patriot Film Festival for appreciating the work that us filmmakers do! Travis

    October 2016