The Portland International Film Festival (PIFF) is an annual showcase of the very best in new world cinema. Established in 1977 and drawing an audience of over 40,000, PIFF is the largest film event in Oregon, premiering more than 140 international shorts and feature films to Portland audiences each February. Audiences can experience a variety of parties, visiting artists, and plenty of festival adventure taking in this feast of cinematic fare.

PIFF conducts extensive audience balloting for the end-of-Festival audience awards, which are tabulated from over 30,000 ballots. Winners for the Festival's 41st edition (February 2018, were:

Best Narrative Feature
1. Ice Mother (Czech Republic/France/Slovakia), dir. Bohdan Sláma.
2. A Taxi Driver (South Korea), dir. Hun Jang.
3. Foxtrot (Israel/Switzerland/Germany/France), dir. Samuel Maoz.

Best Documentary Feature:
1. Science Fair (US), dirs. Christina Costantini & Darren Foster.
2. Won't You Be My Neighbor? (US), dir. Morgan Neville.
3. Soufra (Lebanon/US/Singapore), dir. Thomas Morgan.

Best First Feature:
1. Her Love Boils Bathwater (Japan), dir. Ryôta Nagano.
2. Bad Genius (Thailand), dir. Nattawut Poonpiriya.
3. The Rider (US), dir. Chloé Zhao.

Best Animated Feature:
1. Tehran Taboo (Austria/Germany), dir. Ali Soozandeh.
2. The Big Bad Fox & Other Tales (France), dirs. Benjamin Renner & Patrick Imbert.
3. Big Fish & Begonia (China), dirs. Xuan Liang & Chun Zhang.

Best Short Film:
1. Catherine (Belgium), dir. Britt Raes.
2. World of Tomorrow Episode Two (US), dir. Don Hertzfeldt.
3. Edith & Eddie (US), dir. Laura Checkoway.

Best Oregon Short Film:
1. We Have Our Ways (Portland), dir. Dawn Jones Redstone.
2. Lovely Legs (Portland), dir. Abigail Thompson.
3. Two Balloons (Portland), dir. Mark Smith.

Best of Masters sidebar:
On Body & Soul (Hungary), dir. Ildikó Enyedi.

Best of PIFF After Dark sidebar:
Bodied (US), dir. Joseph Kahn.

Best of Ways of Seeing sidebar:
The Nothing Factory (Portugal), dir. Pedro Pinho.

Best of Films for Families sidebar:
Science Fair (US), dirs. Christina Costantini & Darren Foster.

Best of Global Panorama sidebar:
A Taxi Driver (South Korea), dir. Hun Jang.

PIFF is a non-competitive festival—though there are audience awards—and focuses primarily on work from outside the United States, but American features, documentaries, and shorts are also included.

Please, when submitting your work, we strongly recommend that you also send an online screener link to <piffsubmissions (at) nwfilm (dot) org> with the film title and tracking number clearly stated in the subject line of the email.

Optional pieces include a cover letter and any other press material, but it's best to hold off sending those until we ask for them — they make no difference in our selection process. If your film is selected, we'll get them from you at a more appropriate time.

We will contact you in mid-January 2019 if your film has been selected to screen.


By submitting your film you agree to the following:

I understand that submission of my work authorizes the Northwest Film Center, the producer of the Portland International Film Festival, to use the work for exhibition and/or publicity related to the Festival, that the Festival will handle the prints and tapes with a maximum of care but cannot be held liable for any damage or loss during the shipping, preview, or screening, and that the Festival is also not responsible for any claim involving copyright, trademark, or royalty infringements related to the work. I warrant that I am authorized to commit the film for screening, and understand and accept these requirements and regulations.