ABOUT THE FESTIVAL: The Global Peace Film Festival is story and community in action. As Martin Luther King, Jr posited, “Peace is not only the absence of conflict, but also the presence of justice.” Since the search for justice resides in stories beyond war, GPFF seeks stories that make us laugh, think, cry, sit taller in our seats, then ask, “What can I do?” To answer that question, we pair films with post-screening discussions and events that inspire and catalyze our audiences to take positive, non-violent action. Beyond the program, GPFF collaborates with filmmakers, changemakers and organizations to model, inspire and track peaceful change on the personal, local or global level. Our motto is “It starts here” because the real work of our mission starts when the lights come up and our audience meets the inspiration of our programming with their own good works.

GPFF marks its 20th anniversary in 2022. To recognize that milestone we will be increasing our programming opportunities in collaboration with our community partners throughout the year as well as redoubling our commitment to centering the issues important to our local partners (see our website for our community partner list) while weaving in stories from around the world. Models of positive action and peace are most welcomed.

GPFF is a social change arts organization providing year-round programming such as participation as an Indie Lens Pop-up partner with ITVS, and other services that include impact consulting and fiscal sponsorship. The annual event celebrates community; serves as a hub for educators, activists and creative artists; honors the International Day of Peace, September 21; and consists of online and in-person film, arts and other programming.

With so many festivals, GPFF understands that each filmmaker must carefully weigh the costs and benefits of each festival opportunity. GPFF is focused on catalyzing community engagement and positive, peaceful action. It is not a competitive event, but a forum for education and inspiration. If part of your festival plan involves the launch/roll-out of an impact campaign or you are seeking opportunities to connect with audiences over the issues and ideas contained in your work, GPFF is a good fit. To support impact campaigns centered on films, GPFF leverages 20 years in the community. Impact campaign collaborations have ranged from the inclusion of campaign surveys to bringing together policy and community stakeholders around issues such as migrant workers, climate change, trafficking, elder care and homelessness. GPFF is not a passive exhibition event, but a commitment to building relationships and resources aimed at increasing the presence of justice year round.

Please consider visiting our profile page on GreatNonprofits.org to read the testimonials from filmmakers, impact producers and others speaking to the character of our organization and the work we accomplish with our partners. Films submitted may be programmed as part of either the ticketed programs (one live and the other accessible online through a streaming service) or the unticketed online program. The live program is most closely aligned with community issues and opportunities for impact campaign initiatives and discussions The ticketed streaming accessible program includes titles from our live program along with additional, mostly feature-length films. The unticketed program consists mostly of shorts (links hosted on YouTube or Vimeo are embedded on the GPFF site). GPFF serves an economically diverse audience, so removing access barriers to films with impact themes and actionable topics is important to the GPFF mission.

For those filmmakers who can attend the live event, the festival offsets and reimburses some travel expenses (details upon invitation and acceptance). In advance of the festival, GPFF will record interviews and topic panels with participating filmmakers. Please check out our YouTube Channel for last year’s recordings.

GPFF works closely with educators, local civic groups and organizers. Because of GPFF’s partnerships with local colleges, our audience is younger than traditional film festivals and more economically diverse.

The cornerstone of our program is our service to the greater Orlando area communities. The festival has always remained sensitive to the issues of our loyal audiences. Our community partners are working on local campaigns on issues including juvenile justice, gun safety, immigration, refugees, trafficking, LGBT+ rights, ACEs, poverty abatement and (re)building unity based on our common humanity. We have always welcomed Spanish-language work to serve our sisters and brothers in the growing Latino community in Central Florida, including new immigrants from Puerto Rico. Narratives and documentaries, feature and shorts, personal and global stories, heart-wrenching and wryly humorous - all are welcomed for consideration.

Global Peace/Activism
Conflict Resolution
Social Inequality (Class, Race, Gender, Ability, Age, etc.)
BLM/Diversity Equity and Inclusion
Women's Rights/Women's Issues
Interfaith/Philosophy/Religious Tolerance
Environment/Environmental Justice
Climate Change/Sustainable Energy/Economic Policy
Fair Trade/New Business Models
Food & Water Security and Related Issues
Music and the Arts
Human Trafficking/Slavery
Community Mediation
Youth as Change Agents
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
Sports and Recreation

If a film is in a language other than English, it must have subtitles (or be dubbed into English) in order to be considered.

All submissions will be screened by a GPFF selection committee. Submission does not guarantee selection. Selection does not guarantee festival passes. Publicity materials for Selected Films will be appreciated. The festival will exercise all due care with materials sent. However, we cannot accept or assume responsibility for damage or loss of materials submitted.

If your film is selected, GPFF reserves the right to use its title and press materials in promotion of the festival in various media.

The festival will screen digital video only. Selected Films may be submitted for projection in BluRay, DVD, on a flash drive or via a hi-res link.

Please contact us with any questions you have about any of the above instructions.

Overall Rating
  • David Pavlosky

    The GPFF is an awesome experience to be a part of as a filmmaker!! Kelly and Nina create a festival that is thought-provoking, warm, intimate, and professional from the introduction of each film to the Q&A that follows. I felt well-taken care of from notification of being selected, throughout my time attending the festival and screening, and until I was on my way to the airport returning home. The crew/staff did a great job too! As an audience member I learned so much and enjoyed all the films I was fortunate to see this year. I hope to return again soon!

    October 2021
  • A. Edwards

    The Global Peace Film Festival was so very organized. They did a wonderful job of staying in touch and getting to know each individual film maker. I would love to participate again.

    October 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, Alicia! I'm so glad you were able to join us in person. Congratulations on your PBS project! Please keep us posted!

  • Aaron Hosé

    Highly recommended festival if you've made a film with a focus on social impact. These are the types of important projects Nina, Kelly and their team program each year at GPFF. They really go out their way to have lengthy post-screening discussions about the issues presented in each film. It's always a pleasure attending GPFF as either a patron or invited filmmaker. I'm also glad they've kept the event smaller and intimate with a focus more on the films' topics and not the "festival bling".

    October 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, Aaron. We were so pleased to have programmed A Break for Impact!

  • Jon Osaki

    Amazing festival! Nina and Kelly provide such a warm, wonderful experience for filmmakers. I can not say enough about their vision to not only bring fantastic films to the GPFF but to influence hearts and minds.

    October 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, Jon! We were so glad to have programmed Reparations. Look forward to your being able to join us again in person with your next film!

  • Frank Weaver

    Amazing! Love the festival! Great inspiration of peace for our community.

    February 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Frank! And thank you for submitting your new film. Looking forward to watching it.