Filmmakers of all countries, Unite!
NEFILTRAVANAE KINO is a film festival that is held by the Short Movie Club, the platform for cinematic projects. NEFILTRAVANAE KINO is ADAMI Media Prize qualified festival.

NEFILTRAVANAE KINO is an exploration of aestheticization and commodification in art.
The festival is placed in Belarus country with former bolshevism traditions.
We involve theater, artists to interpret symbols and history. We work with the audience's reaction and participants' as well.

Before you read the festival philosophy and history, let know worth reasons to be part of NEFILTRAVANAE KINO:

Your film is placed greater focus on and given due consideration. The movie will be shown on state-of-the-art film projection equipment on the large screen at the cinema theatre.

the Short Movie Club audience reached an amount 70k of filmmakers, students of film schools, cinema lovers, and film industry members from all over the world
the Short Movie Club helps with crowdfunding campaigns of our selected participants.

Discover Belarus. Three of our participants have made new films in Belarus after the festival. We know how to help if you decide to shoot. One of the leading studios in Eastern Europe «BELARUSFILM» opens gates.

An in-depth review of the best films will be published with IMDb rating. We compile comments of viewers, cinephiles and experts. We establish connections between the filmmaker and the audience.

Yes, a party every day. It is the main reason…
The concept of the NEFILTRAVANAE KINO (Unfiltered Cinema):
We live in a world of malls and cinema multiplexes. We see that indie cinema and non-commodity art go to the periphery of public attention. Primitive attractions replace the cinematography. The escape audience is alienated behind the big screen. So modern mainstream cinema is part of a manipulating tool that leads to the society of alienation. Thus the tendency is that indie cinema becomes more unreadable for the wide audience. We should understand the context of the filmmaker to understand the independent cinema. That is why the NEFILTRAVANAE KINO concept implies the physical presence of filmmakers.

Filmmakers shoot millions of movies. And thousands of short film festivals organize screenings all over the world every year. On average, several thousand films are submitted to a film festival. So various good films can be neglected for whatever reason. Often selecting probability is like winning a lottery. As a result, filmmakers are left with no feedback. It is a paradox that no one can hear you in the age of the Internet! The mainstream culture prefers attractions and casual viewing.

Also, this idea is based on the film selection problem. Perhaps it’s no surprise one person, i.e. programme director at best, or even students of film schools make a preliminary decision to select a movie. Сoncordance of judges or previewers is more seldom thing than the difference of background, tastes. So selection or judging can be one-sided or perfunctory. It is not bad as the programme director has a good taste and aesthetic sensitivity, of course. But we’ve discovered another conception of “unfiltered cinema”. We matched it against “the best of the best” way. This way aids to perceive cinematic idiom without the dictate of art-curators.

So the Unfiltered Cinema Film Festival tries to avoid “the best of the best” way but it does not ignore it completely, sure. The festival selects fiction, animation, documentary, experimental and virtual reality sections. A jury awards the best film in every section. The festival holds the screenings at cinema theatres, the National Centre for Contemporary Arts, and art-spaces.

Our aim is to gather people in art, to have a dialogue to be happy with smart communication. Cinema is art but not sport. The key point of our project is to establish communication between the filmmaker and the audience.

Please, read about the festival history through the link to the festival's website.

The best fiction film
The best documentary film
The best animation
The best experimental film
People's choice award
Most discussed film
Selected films are considered for ADAMI Media Prize (for produced films in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, or directors from these countries).

The Short Movie Club Film Festival invites as many participants as possible. Our team hopes to create a community, brotherhood of indie filmmakers to celebrate together a spirit of indie cinema.
We accommodate selected participants. Other participants are lodged if there are free places.
The festival's team helps with all visas issues and accommodation during the festival for selected participants.
Films with runtime no longer than 40 minutes are allowed to participate in the festival. There is no limit on how many works one participant can send. The participant that sends the application must guarantee observance of copyright on the works sent. All responsibility for copyright observance lies on the contestant.
Each work must have a subtitle file attached separately. The subtitles must be in English and in SRT or SUB format. The use of any other format is allowed only after coordination with the organizing committee.
We compile comments of viewers, cinephiles, and experts and send them to filmmakers.
We don't accept TV-films and films for children.
The Short Movie Club provides constructing of CinemaVan ( see ).

Overall Rating
  • A wonderful festival, perfect, large projection, many super helpful volunteers, passionate organizers who provided a very warm, relaxed atmosphere among the filmmakers and visitors. I had very inspiring days in Minsk! Thank you very much!

    March 2020
  • Maria Zaikina

    This is a great festival! Everything was perfectly organized and there was a great program of films. I am very glad that I became a participant of this festival! Thx!!!

    March 2020
  • Tnx! Amazing team! Nice to be part of ur festival )

    March 2020
  • Dorothea Carl

    A festival with a diverse programm at inspiring art places and a good equipped cinema. The team was very welcoming and the friendly communication fast and reliable. Thank you. It was wonderful to be there and I can highly recommend this festival.

    March 2020
  • Michael Daniel Sagatis

    Dear Short Movie Club!

    Thank you so much for truly unforgettable moments in Minsk - from the moment I arrived I was helped by the kind and warm hearts of your event team and volunteers.

    Your event was very well organised with a great selection of venues that used high quality facilities and attracted good sized audiences!

    The other filmmakers were a great mix and I enjoyed all the events you prepared to make us all feel welcome and comfortable.

    I would be very happy to return and highly recommend your festival to all! Wishing you every continued success!!

    March 2020