The Second International Student Film Festival - NAOS
University of Belgrade - Faculty of Orthodox Theology
5-8. february 2018.

The International Student Film Festival NAOS was founded with the idea to bring together the best student achievements by domestic and foreign filmmakers. This is another student film festival, which provides an opportunity for young filmmakers to present their work to film audience. On the other hand, the festival gives the audience a chance to see some of the best student films from around the world. On the other hand, the Festival allows the audience to perceive an idea - author's attitude to material reality through the prism of a young man.

Student films are the first step. It's an interesting idea that the names of some of our authors, discovered in the future programmes of our Festival, could find themselves at some of the prestigious film festivals. We will be honoured to witness their first works. Every young filmmaker needs a scene to present their achievement. NAOS is the place where we share ideas, experiences, and friendships.


Festival Director,
Mihailo Vulovic



• Award for the best short feature film
• Award for the best director in short feature film
• Award for the best screenplay in short feature film
• Award for the best main male role in short feature film
• Award for the best main female role in short feature film
• Award for the best short documentary film
• Award for the best short animated film


General information

• Deadline for submission is the November 30th 2017.
• Acceptable length of film is up to 30 min.
• Only student, graduate and master films can be submitted.
• Maximum one film per author.
• There are no restrictions on the author or film country of origin.
• Films that are included in selection are: short feature, short documenraty and short animated films.
• Topics of films: film can speak on any topic.
• Films wich are not in Serbian language must have English subtitles.

Subbmision for foreign authors

Foreign authors submit their films through FilmFreeway web-site where the festival is registered. The submission fee is 10 USD.

Subbmision for domestic authors

Domestic authors submit their films on e-mail adress: The submission fee is 1,000.00 dinars.

Contents of the submission for domestic authors:

1. Е-mail:
3. Filled in application form
4. Film link: YouТube or Vimeo (Full HD - 16:9).
5. Certificate of payment for submission - scanned or photo.


1. Incomplete registration will not be considered.
2. One of the submitted movies can not be unsubscribed.
3. The festival retains the right to display the film several times as part of the festival program selection, as well as the use of clips or photographs from the film for promotional purposes.
4. The film becomes part of the NAOS festival archive.

For further information, please e-mail us at:

Official selection of films will be announced on the December 2, 2017.

Overall Rating
  • yael arad zafrir

    Thank you for having my film at your festival. It was a grate honor

    February 2018
  • Great new festival with good selection and nice hosts.

    October 2017
  • Nemanja Mladenovic

    Great festival!!Excellent communication and organization by the festival team. Also a lot of quality films.

    June 2017
  • Ivan Magdesyan

    My film The Last Russian steamship Dostoevsky has won GRAND PRIX AWARD SAINT LUKA THE APOSTLE for for the best short documentary film, best director in short documentary film and best screenplay in short documentary film. Three prizes at once - it is great and amazing!

    March 2017