The international drone film festival.

InAir.Amsterdam is a prestigious international drone film competition. Amazing screenings. New genres. Innovative cinema. Amsterdam embraces aerial cinematography.

New perspectives on: Art, Nature, News, Documentaries, Sports and the Unknown.

InAir Amsterdam will celebrate world's best aerial cinematography on May 2nd, 2018.

Besides a film competition InAir is also an experience and a symposium.

Entry for 2018 is now open. Upload your best stuff

The prizes are 3 DJI Spark Alpine White - Drones. We select a winner out of every category and the best 3 winners out of all the categories win a DJI Spark Alpine White - Drone. So there are 3 great overall prizes for the winners of InAir.Amsterdam.

Rules and regulations participation competition InAir.Amsterdam.

1. Participation in the InAir.Amsterdam competition implies agreement to these regulations.
2. Entries that do not meet the conditions below are excluded from participation.
3. Registration is done by means of an online registration form, which can be found on website X and by uploading the participation video on the same website. Entries will only be accepted if the registration form has been completed completely and truthfully.
4. The data supplied upon registration will be used (with the exception of the contact details) for the website and other (media) statements of InAir.Amsterdam or AVROTROS, as well as for the competition and prizes. The registrant is responsible for the legitimate delivery of the video and texts.
5. Submissions will be received no later than 18 04 2018.
6. The submitted video falls into of the following categories:
art and culture or Architecture
drone films for television programs
Dronie's - Selfies with drones
Landscape & Nature
Drone racing, freestyle
Extreme Sports
News (journalism)
Drones in the picture
Drones impact (incl Drones for good)
Still Photography
7. The maximum length of the submitted video is max 4 minutes. Additional guideline: as long as it is fun.
8. It concerns aerial cinematography: the shown, leading story must be filmed using a drone.
9. It concerns film: there must be film direction and editing.
10. The participant is and remains responsible for the content.
11. The participant must be involved in the realization of the video. The video must be an original work.
12. The intellectual property rights of the video are and remain the maker's. InAir.Amsterdam/AVROTROS obtains a license to use the images (possibly edited), for marketing purposes of InAir.Amsterdam, on all platforms of AVROTROS, (a.o.) on social media, websites, apps, in the cinema and for use in AVROTROS television programs concerning InAir.Amsterdam.
13. The participant gives AVROTROS permission to publish his / her video (s) rights-free on and on AVROTROS affiliated websites.
14. The participant declares that the submitted material is free of third-party rights, including the soundtrack and indemnifies AVROTROS against all third-party claims in this regard.
15. The participant guarantees that he has complied with all applicable laws and regulations concerning the use of drones and indemnifies AVROTROS against claims in this regard.
16. The participant indemnifies AVROTROS against all other claims that may follow from the disclosure of the submitted material.
17. If persons are filmed recognizable in the video, then the participant ensures that these persons have given permission for submission and further use of the video.
18. Videos containing commercial or promotional expressions (advertising) or logos will not be processed.
19. AVROTROS is entitled to refuse entries that do not meet the competition's conditions. AVROTROS can, but is not obliged to substantiate a refusal.
20. Submissions may be refused, inter alia, if: in the opinion of AVROTROS the video is in violation of the law, can be used to commit criminal offenses, is discriminatory or insulting to third parties, or disproportionately affects the privacy of third parties.
21. In principle 3 entries are nominated per category. The nominees will receive two free admission tickets for the InAir.Amsterdam Award ceremony. The nominated entries will be shown at least during InAir.Amsterdam 2018. During the Award Ceremony a part of video will be used.
22. The judging will be done by a jury selected by AVROTROS.
The announcement of the winning submissions of InAir.Amsterdam will take place on May 2, 2018 in the evening (Dutch time).
23. Participants will be notified by 24 April 2018 whether their video has been nominated and / or the video will be shown during InAir.Amsterdam. No correspondence will be made about the results.
24. Prizes cannot be redeemed for monetary amounts.
25. Any travel and accommodation costs are for the account of the nominee.

Overall Rating
  • Very well organized Festival! Exactly what the city of Amsterdam needed for the national drone community. Next year it will be even bigger I think!!

    May 2018
  • Ian Montgomery

    Great festival - excellent communication with good follow through and promotion.

    May 2018
  • I didn't get to attend the festival but every other aspect of the festival was great!

    May 2018
  • One of the best drone film festivals ever. Excellent organizational skill of the organizers!

    May 2018