“Art for Peace Festival” (IRAN A.F.P.F) aims to apply the art strength to detect and empower the cultural potentials in favor of the culture of tolerance and peace and to uphold the people’s inherent cultural barriers which practically hinder in the way of achieving peace and peaceful coexistence in the world. This festival tends to gradually resolve these issues by the impacts of art. Therefore, the general theme of the Festival is portraying Peace. To commemorate the World Peace day, “Art for Peace Festival” will be held in Iran on the exact date. The event includes Short Films (Fiction, Animations), painting, photography, sculpture and installation, video art, music and performance A great number of artists, scholars, people of culture and peace advocates in Iran attend and insignias are handed over to peace activists and they are entitled as Ambassadors of Art for Peace to appeal their efforts.

Art For Peace Festival is a non-competitive festival. However, there are honorary diplomas, special awards from the festival director and also the best audience award.
Best Short Fiction Film
Best Short Animation Film
Best Documentary Film
Best Short Film made by young directors
Best Audience Award
* Insignia granted to the peace activists.
* Best short films by young filmmakers will receive the supports of Art For Peace Festival and FCF- Farabi Cinema Foundation- to produce their next short film.

Festival will be held 14th -24th September, 2019 in Tehran.

Regular Deadline: 10th May, 2019
Late Deadline: 1st July, 2019

Short Fiction Films
Short Animation Films
Short films by young directors (Young Talent)
Mid Length Documentary
* Masterclasses and workshops.

Short films must undertake the issues and themes listed herein below:
1.paying attention to the environment and trying conserve it as the main asset for future life.
2.assisting in expanding the peace culture through the moto “Imagine Peace”.
3.life, peace and quiet in a world minus violence
4.providing a further opportunity for the children to learn about their right.
5.avoiding racism, respecting the ethics, religions and nationalities.
6. considering special diseases and supporting the cancer and the diseased.
No premiere is required; however, Asian premiere are in priority.
Short films must not exceed 15 minutes including final sequence and must be produced after January, 2018.
Short films include fiction and animation films. Documentary must be no longer than 45 mins..
Young filmmakers should not be older than twenty years old for Short films directed by young directors.
The submission form must be completed by the producer or international distributor of the film.
In case of submission in previous editions, the film is not eligible to be submitted again.
Art For Peace is a non profit organization, so there would be no screening fee for the selected films but there is a chance to be screened in two main cities as the festival will be held in Tehran and Shiraz.
The eligible formats for previewing and selection purpose are downloadable links, DVDs or blu-rays.
Once a film has been selected it cannot be withdrawn from the Festival program.
Accepted formats: Full HD File (plus a blu-ray backup) with English subtitles.

The Festival Director will settle any case that might arise unexpectedly.
Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of all the aforementioned rules & regulations.
For more information on festival sections and programs, visit http://www.artforpeacefestival.com/

Overall Rating
  • 섬 정

    Thank you for inviting our work. It was so fun to attend the festival and it was great to have good memories. The staff were so friendly and the audience was very serious and passionate about art. In addition, I was happy to see many great works of peace in the Baroque Museum of Art. I'd like to go back to the festival later if I get another chance.

    October 2019
  • We loved the experience of having our film in the festival.
    We all together built peace, through culture

    October 2019
  • Thank you for including our film in your festival. Best of luck.

    December 2018
  • Carolina Gudiño

    I wasn´t able to attend, but they kept me aware of what was going on

    October 2018