5. LICHTER VR Storytelling Award

Call for entries for VR films

For the fifth time, as part of the 14th LICHTER filmfest in April/May 2021, a prize will be awarded to the best 360° film. New technology can hardly be a topic of discussion, VR has become mainstream but 360° film still has a long way to go. Similar to previous years, we will be searching for 360° films from around the world that approach this medium in a narrative, documentary, and most importantly, experimental way, as well as films that put new visual strategies to the test.

Unfortunately, due to Corona, the popular VR-Screenings had to cancel this year. However, we are confident that we will be able to present 360° films on-site to audiences again next year.

From now until 31.January.2021, linear 360° films that can be played on mobile headsets and are not longer than 20 minutes can be submitted. An impartial jury will pick the five best films out of the submissions and select the winner. LICHTER will present these five films as the VR finalists to the audience, and the winner will be announced at the end of the festival. Apart from the prize money, there will of course be the much-desired Bembel trophy, which is an essential item on the shelf of any ambitious filmmaker.

Register for the 5th LICHTER VR Storytelling Award here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc9bC0rJf8XZmHWyZNkSKgSRVuTnsqC6M8Co9Jsm2NEVVVjiA/viewform

The winners of the previous VR Storytelling Awards:

2017: „Sergeant James“ – Alexandre Perez

2018: „I, Philip“ – Pierre Zandrowicz

2019: „The Real Thing“ – Benoit Felici

2020: „Aripi“ – Dmitri Voloshin

We are happy to answer any questions regarding our VR contest at vr@lichter-filmfest.de

Cash prize

You can download our regulations form from our homepage or via this link: