"RESPONSibility" is this year the topic of zeitimpuls shortfilm, a film festival based in Vienna, Austria. Every year in June, there will be one full week of short films from all around the globe, shown in the Metro Kinokulturhaus and other locations in Vienna.

We have wide range of categories, such as the
Best Social Spot,
Mobile Film,
Junior Category
Open Category and

2020 we focus on dealing with social and individual responsibility in "extreme times".
What connects our fears with extreme climate events and extremist policies of exclusion?
Against political disenchantment, individual overstrain Radicalization and fear of the future we start creative exchange.

The winner of each category will take the zeitimpuls award trophy home.Every year we are happy to give all our winners a purse and our official selection at least some gifts from our sponsors!

zeitimpuls shortfilm contest & festival (hereinafter zeitimpuls) is organised by all inclusive – Verein zur Förderung komplementärer Diversitätsstrukturen (hereinafter the ‘organiser’).


Registration for zeitimpuls implies unreserved express acceptance of these terms and conditions and all their provisions.

The entrant or the contact person must be a natural person of legal age.
All types of short films are admitted to the contest.
The entrant or the contact person must have all copyrights of the contribution. The entrant must complete and submit to zeitimpuls the online registration form available on the organiser’s website zeitimpuls.at within the entry deadline announced by the organiser.
The entrant can send one or more Video(s) by completing only one registration form.
Entrants give consent to the organiser to make any checks regarding their identity and details if needed.
Any incorrect registration, violating public policy or moral standards, or validated after the pronounced deadline, will not be considered and any incorrect or incomplete identity will lead to the immediate elimination of the entrant.
More specifically, any fraud, or attempted fraud, any breach of these terms and conditions, or any malicious intention to disrupt the running of zeitimpuls may lead to the person responsible being disqualified, with the organiser reserving the right to bring legal proceedings against them.


The organiser will initially make an official selection (hereinafter ‘the Official Selection’) from all the films submitted by entrants and validated by the organiser.


The jury will identify a number of winners from the Official Selection made by the organiser. These winners will be presented with the following awards (hereinafter referred to collectively as ‘the Jury Awards’): This list of the price categories is not restrictive and may therefore be subject to change at any moment by the organiser without it being held liable. The various Jury Awards are based on the Jury’s own evaluation and in no way entitle winners or entrants to any form of objection or claim.The winners of the Jury Awards will be announced during the zeitimpuls shortfilm festival.


The entrants assign to the organiser at no charge the non-exclusive worldwide right to publish their identity, their photograph on any media and by any identified/unidentified method on this day (in particular social networks, internet and intranet sites, press and television) as part of zeitimpuls, without any restriction on the number of reproductions

The entrants also assign at no charge the non-exclusive right to the organiser to reproduce and represent, have reproduced and represented, and broadcast and have broadcast their Videos, in their entirety or as extracts, associated or not with other audiovisual programs, for institutional, promotional purposes. In view of the above, each entrant expressly states having acknowledged and accepted that his/her Video(s), within the framework of exploitation set out in this clause, may be combined with one or more videos by other entrants without condition or reserve.

In order to broadcast as set out above, the organiser may reproduce the videos by using extracts and adapting them exclusively for reasons of ergonomic, technical and graphical restraints of the receiving terminals and means of transmission. As the aforementioned assignments are non-exclusive, the entrants undertake not to assign these rights exclusively to third parties for the duration and territory stated above.


The winners will be notified promptly by email to the email address or phone by the number provided in the registration form and will have 3 (three) days to confirm acceptance of their award. A winner who does not respond within the aforementioned deadline of 3 (three) days of being contacted will be deemed to have forfeited their award. In this event the organiser may nominate a replacement winner.

The winner will also forfeit any right to the award where information they provided as part of the entry does not meet the conditions of entry under these terms and conditions. In this event, the grant will be retained by the organiser who reserves the right to reallocate the prize.


The organiser reserves the right to curtail, extend, amend or cancel the contest or the festival if circumstances so require or in the event of force majeure. It may not be held liable as a result of this. Addenda to these terms and conditions may be published throughout zeitimpuls. They will be regarded as appendices to these terms and conditions accepted by the entrant on registering.


Subject to the provisions above and unless otherwise expressly requested by the entrants, the organiser will be the sole recipient of personal data provided by the entrants in the registration form. For more information please read our Data Protection Terms.

The entrants will enjoy a right to access and amend data regarding them by writing to the email address (office@zeitimpuls.at) or the following postal address:

Verein all inclusive, Lerchenfelder Straße 131-133/6, 1070 Wien, Austria


Every entrant states that they are the lawful owner of all rights to reproduce, represent and broadcast their video without conditions or reservations and warrant that they have obtained all consent required to broadcast as set out above. In this respect the organiser points out that the use, even partial, of pre-existing musical pieces and other works in a video requires the consent of those holding the rights to them.

In this respect every entrant holds the organiser harmless for any claim or action and/or payment that could be made/claimed for any reason by the rights holders as well as any natural person/legal entity who did not take part in producing the video but who would be deemed to have any rights whatsoever (in particular personality rights, brand rights, logos, signs, etc.) to be asserted with regard to the production and exploitation of the video.

The entrants are personally liable to both third parties and the organiser for breaching the above provisions and hold the organiser harmless from any disputes, claims or actions that may result from this breach. The entrants shall personally see to and accept any payments that could be owed or claimed against the organiser in this respect.


The organiser may not be held liable due to a delay and/or error in routing mail or consignments, their misplacement during sending. The organiser accepts no liability in the event of claim or objection regarding in particular the conformity and/or quality of the consignments won. The organiser could not be held liable whatsoever in the event of incident or accident arising from the use and/or enjoyment of consignments won. The organiser is in no way liable due in particular to a case of force majeure or an event beyond its control such as: a failure, interruption or slowdown of the postal services, methods of transport or telecommunication network. In the same way, the organiser would not be held liable under any circumstances, where this list is not exhaustive:

For the content of videos sent by entrants and viewed on the site;
For the sending and/or receipt of any data/information via the internet;
For any failure of the internet network preventing the proper development/operation of zeitimpuls;
For the failure of any receiving hardware or communication lines;
For the loss of any item of mail or email and, more generally, the loss of any data;
For the consequences of any virus, any IT bug, anomaly, or technical fault;
For any damage caused to entrant’s computer;
For any technical, hardware or software failure of any nature having prevented or limited the possibility of participating or having caused damage to the entrant’s system.

In general terms, the organiser could not be held liable if zeitimpuls needed to be postponed, amended or cancelled due to force majeure or unforeseen events. In accordance with the provisions above, the organiser may under no circumstances be held liable for any breaches by the videos of third-party rights.


These terms and conditions are subject to Austrian Law. In the event of problems with interpreting the terms and conditions or in the event of a dispute, sole jurisdiction will lie with the Austrian courts of Vienna.

Overall Rating
  • Films On the Road

    Great festival, I enjoy it a lot.

    July 2019
  • Mercedes Arturo

    Great festival! super well organized and very generous with the artists. Curation was very interesting and unique, and the ceremony takes place in a gorgeous antique cinema at the Cinematheque in Vienna. I had a great time and met inspiring fellow directors.

    July 2019
  • Andreas Reisenbauer

    Very good festival!

    If your film is during your main festival run, be aware that the winner and nominated films will be put onto youtube by the Zeitimpulsfestival open for the public afterwards. This will exclude you from many other festivals and you will not be able to sell your film afterwards. (That is part of the festival's submission rules)

    July 2019
    Response from festival:

    In the interests of the filmmakers, we will change this rule and will no longer publish the selected contributions on Youtube. From 2020, only the winning submissions of the youth category will be published on Youtube.

  • Yumi Otsuka

    I was unable to attend, but the pre-festival communication was excellent . I wanted to meet great team staff and say thank you face to face. Thank you so much for selecting us as "Just Great!". Yumi from Japan.

    June 2019
    Response from festival:

    :-) We try to do our best!

  • Very good organized festival, quick and easy communication, great hospitality and diversified programme! Thank you very much for letting me be a part of it and for the nomination!

    June 2019
    Response from festival:

    :-) We try to do our best! Hope to see you next year again!