The Festival International du Film d’Aubagne, organized by the ALCIME association, is dedicated to the promotion of young cinematographic creation and music composition for film.

Its main axes are to favor the emergence of young international talents, to be a place of training and creation for young authors such as directors, scriptwriters and composers. Highlighting cultural diversity is our axiom.
The FIFA naturally became a place of showing where the curiosity of the public is awakened, seduced by the cinematographic variety and encounters with guests of honor.

It also offers a platform for artists from image and sound, a place of sensitization and training, enabling reinforced cooperation.

Feature Film Competition :
Grand Prix for the Best Original Score (2000€)
Best Film
Best Script
Best actor/actress

The 18th edition of Aubagne International Film Festival organised by the Association Alcimé will be from March 20th to 25th 2017.
Submission is free of charge.

I. All the feature films competing must:
- be a first, second or third work
- have necessarily an original music
- have been completed since September 2015
- be sent to Alcimé by October 28th 2016, date of postmark is proof of despatch
- last more than sixty minutes

II. In case of selection, print formats accepted for screening:
35mm, .MOV, DCP

III. The competition is composed of four categories:
Fiction – Documentary – Animation – Experimental

IV. Documents:
Documents that must be sent by mail to Alcimé before October 28th 2016 (date of postmark is proof of despatch):
- two DVD/CD copy of the work presented, with its title, the director’s name, and the running time. Alcimé will not bear the cost of customs duty on DVD recordings submitted.
- 3 IRCs (International Reply Coupons) for candidates resident outside of France
- 3 normal letter rate stamps effective for applicants residing in France

V. In case of official selection :
The candidates officially selected will be informed by email. They will be requested to supply the following by a date given in the e-mail:
- A print for screening in a format defined in § II above
- The texts and dialogues list with time codes of all the foreign works must be sent in Word format (RTF) by email or on digital support, in the original language and in French (in English if possible).
- 4 stills of the film HD
- Poster of the film HD
- 2 pictures of the DIRECTOR, a biography and a filmography
- 2 pictures of the COMPOSER, a biography and a filmography

Candidates selected to participate in the official competition will be invited to attend the Aubagne International Film Festival. Awards will be given to the director/composer or to a representative of the film crew, during the Closing Ceremony. In the absence of a representative, Alcimé may retain the award. The Festival is free to specify conditions of invitation after the selection.

VI. Selection committees and Jury
The selection committees will deliberate in January 2017.
The official Jury, composed of international personalities, will elect the winners. The decisions of the selection committee and the jury are final.

Vll. Screening rights and Royalties
The feature films will not be subject to royalties during the Festival. A person submitting a film for the competition expressly agrees to guarantee Alcimé against any type of appeal or claim that the authors, their beneficiaries, editors, actors, executors, or other individual or organisation which may have directly or indirectly participated in its making or production, could make following the use of the said work at the Festival, in accordance with the present regulations. This also applies to any person or corporate body that did not participate in the production or making of the film, yet considers it has certain rights regarding all or part of the film.
The directors taking part in the competition expressly authorise Alcimé to show an excerpt of their film, lasting not more than three minutes, as part of the campaign advertising either the film itself, the director, and/or the Festival. No commercial use whatever will be made of the films submitted to Alcimé.

VIII. Insurance – Transport – Customs
The sender undertakes to pay:
• transport costs incurred for sending the work to Alcimé
• all insurance costs to cover transit of the film copy
• customs clearence fees

We recommend candidates to declare their work to Customs as being of no commercial value or of a symbolic value of e.g. 1$ but to declare the real value of the tape to the carrier and to cover all risks by an adequate insurance.

For pre-selected films only, the festival undertakes to pay:
• the return transport costs of the film
• the insurance costs to cover the film when it is on the Festival premises, and for the sole duration of the Festival

In case of loss or deterioration during the Forum, Alcimé is bound to reimburse only the cost of replacement of the copy.

IX. Litigation
All competitors agree to fully abide by the present Rules and Regulations. In case of litigation, only French language edition of the Rules and Regulations is solely binding.
Return of the documents
Preview DVD can be sent back at the owner’s expensive. If wanted, they will have to send an stamped enveloppe at the going rate.
The Association Alcimé, organizer of Aubagne International Film Festival, reserves the right to modify, postpone or purely and simply cancel the Festival for any cause beyond their control.