The Golden Diana Awards combine a wonderful film festival feeling with holidays in the beautiful region in Southern Austria! Special is the competition in two different categories, Non-commercial films, and academy films .

The Prize in form of the GOLDEN DIANA is highly coveted and well-known.

- GOLDEN DIANA for the winner in each categorie
- Dianas in GOLD for the best film of each genre
- Dianas in SILVER and BRONZE
- Extra prices

1. Non-commercial video-productions and those out of film-schools or film-institutes in the media-formats mini-DV (PAL), mini-DV HD (PAL), DVD, BluRay, on USB-sticks or via File-Upload (e.g. Wetransfer) will be accepted. There is also allowed more than one video per author. The running time should not exceed 25 min. (max. 1 min. at the humoristic shortcuts). Subject matter can be chosen freely. Please record only one film on a data medium. In case of a file-upload we request to contact us via mail previously: mario.kraiger(at) or admin(at)

2. Films produced by students of film academies or colleges are judged in a separate category. An extra "GOLDEN DIANA" price is awarded therefore.

3. All received movies will be screened by a pre-selection committee in order to participate in the main competition. At the festival the videos will be rated by an international jury, which consists of five experts. The decision of the jury is indisputable. Films marked with *) will only be shown if the author is present.

4. The competition fee and the returning postage are EUR 15,00 or USD 20,00 and have to be paid either to the festival account (further information on mail-request) or by remittance with the film. For custom reasons films send from abroad (out of non-EU-states) shall have the following specification: NONPROFESSIONAL, EXPOSED FILM — NO COMMERCIAL VALUE.

5. The entry form, the videotapes and the competition fee must have arrived at the competition office until 15th of July 2015. The posting address you can find on the front side of this sheet or on our website (menue "Downloads") under

6. The participating and submitted films remain in the archives of the organizers and will only be returned if the author picks them up personally.

7. The author has reserved all rights of the video. He/She has the full responsibility in the case of a copyright infringement.

8. The price "Diana in Gold/Silver" can only be received if an author is personally present at the closing ceremony, taking place on 28th of August 2015.

Overall Rating
  • Vasily Chuprina

    It is a good festival. A very beautiful location with a lake

    August 2016
  • Hamish Downie

    Very nice and supportive festival.

    June 2016
  • Justin Edwards

    A scam - not all "accepted" films actually played at the event. What's the point?

    May 2016
  • Wagdy Rashed

    Wonderful Festival

    May 2016