Finpret is a French short-film festival promoting preventative healthcare for students. It is produced by the health services of Paris Sorbonne.

• You must be a student to participate: you must include a student ID and proof of registration to your submission materials.

• Your film should be no longer than 3 minutes and no shorter than 20 seconds.

• You may submit as many films as you would like!

• Videos are accepted in French, sub-titled in French, or silent.

• Recommended themes on prevention:

o Addiction: alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling, social networking.
o STD/STI prevention
o Contraception
o Psychological distress: troubles sleeping, stress, malaise
o Diet and nutrition
o Hearing problems
o Violence and discrimination

Awards & Prizes

FINPRET International

Students from anywhere in the world

• 1st Jury Prize: €2,000
• 2nd Jury Prize: €1,000
• Buzz Prize: €500

The Sorbonne Universities Prize

Participants: Students of the Sorbonne Universities
(List of establishments:

• Sorbonne Universities Prize: €1,000

Rules & Terms

Competition Regulations

Article 1: The Competition

The Service InterUniversitaire de Médecine Préventive et de Promotion de la Santé (SIUMPPS) [Trans: Interuniversity Service for Preventative Medicine and Promotion of Health] of the Sorbonne Universities (SU) is organizing a free competition open to students, titled: Festival International de Prévention Santé des Étudiants (FINPRET) [Trans: International Festival for the Preventative Healthcare of Students].

The objectives for this competition are:

• To lead students toward a reflection on the theme of public health in the university by inviting them to produce an audio-visual project.
• To raise student awareness on the theme of preventative healthcare within the university context by showing selected and award-winning short films.

Article 2: FINPRET Prize

The winning projects will be awarded the following prizes the day of the event:

1/ The FINPRET International Prize
Participants: Any student from anywhere in the world
• 1st Jury Prize: €2,000
• 2nd Jury Prize: €1,000
• Buzz Prize: €500

2/ The Sorbonne Universities Prize
Participants: Students of the Sorbonne Universities

• Sorbonne Universities Prize: €1,000

Article 3: Conditions for Participation

3.1. Eligibility
The competition is open to students registered at a university or an institution of higher education during the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 academic years, in France or abroad. The “SIUMPPS Sorbonne Universities Prize” is reserved exclusively for students within the community of universities and institutions of the Sorbonne Universities.

Presentation of a student ID or proof of current registration at an institution of higher education is required for entry, as well as a copy of the candidate’s state-issued identification. Anyone participating in the competition who is considered a minor in their country of residence must include among their entry materials a scanned letter of parental authorization addressed to the FINPRET festival.

3.2. Collective Projects
A group of people, each individually eligible (cf. article 3.1.), is permitted to participate in the competition as long as one among them is clearly designated as the main representative of that project. This representative must be authorized by the other participants of the collective project to represent them to the SIUMPPS of the Sorbonne Universities. The representative will be considered the sole interlocutor by SIUMPPS of the Sorbonne Universities for the duration of the competition; the representative will guarantee to the latter the consent of the other members to participate in the collective project, and to produce, at the latter’s request, their written authorization. The naming of the other participants is to appear on the forms filled out by the representative of the project. The prize will be awarded to the representative of the project; the manner in which the prize money is distributed is to be decided solely by the members of that same project.

3.3. Choice of Categories
Participants may participate in the categories of their choice. Uploading to the video-sharing platform Vimeo will only occur for winners of the competition and participants in the “Buzz” category of the competition.

Article 4:

4.1. Provisional timetable
This timetable is tentative and provisional, susceptible to change.

Opening of competition: 15 June 2015

Closed to entries: 21 march 2015

Announcement of results and awarding of prizes after: 14 april 2016

4.2 Entry and submission of materials
To participate in the competition, completion of an entry form for the film will be required on the platform, as well as the activation of the entry or entries, and acceptance of the present regulations available at this site:

The validation of participation in the competition is subject to the candidate’s acceptance of the following:
• That the festival publish the candidate’s video or videos on the video-sharing platform Vimeo, to whose user agreement the candidate agrees:
• That all credentials mentioned within the entry materials be published online: a student ID or proof of current registration at an institution of higher education will be required pour all entries, as well as a valid state-issued ID.
• That anyone who is considered a minor in their country of residence is required to include a scanned letter of parental authorization for participation in the FINPRET festival within their submission materials.
• That the participant accepts that the festival will upload their video to the FilmFreeway platform.

Multiple videos may be submitted by the same participant, granted that each video is accompanied by its own submission materials.

4.3. Recommended themes of prevention:
• Addictions: alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling, social networks.
• STD/STI prevention
• Contraception
• Psychological distress: trouble sleeping, stress, malaise
• Diet and nutrition
• Hearing disorders
• Violence and discrimination

Besides the above-mentioned problems, it is also possible to deal with another theme of prevention in regards to the health of students.

4.4. Limitations

The duration of the video should be between 20 seconds and 180 seconds (credits included).

There are no constraints as to image resolution. Participants are nevertheless encouraged to aim for the best possible image quality available within their means.

Videos are to be presented in the French language (or sub-titled); they can also be silent.

4.5. Criteria for selection
The decisions by FINPRET festival jury for the International Jury Prize and the Sorbonne Universities Prize will be determined by the video’s pertinence to the theme of the competition, as well as originality and the artistic and technical quality of the project.

The jury’s decisions are final. They do not require justification and cannot be appealed.

The BUZZ prize will be awarded to the finalist whose video has received the greatest number of views during the given period of public viewing on the site

Article 5: Competition Jury

The competition’s jury brought in to select the finalists for the International FINPRET Jury Prize and the Sorbonne Universities Prize, will be composed of at least five people designated by the competition’s Organizing Committee.

Article 6: Intellectual Property and Guarantees

The candidate accords to SIUMPPS and to the member-institutions of the Sorbonne Universities the right to freely use and to broadcast their video in a non-commercial manner, whatever that may be, and in whatever form and process that may be, during the duration of no more than two years from the date of their entry to the present competition. To use the videos, they will be added to the Vimeo platform by the festival.

The candidate is informed that their video is subject to appear:
• In publications within the Sorbonne Universitiés’s network (monthly newsletter, internet services of the Sorbonne Universities and its members, intranet, flyers);
• During gatherings organized by the network;
• In all media publications within the context of publicizing and promoting the results of the festival.

None of these uses are subject to copyright payments.

The public entity agrees to respect the moral right of the candidate as stated in article L. 121-1 of the CPI in regards to all usages of the rights granted.

In the application of their moral right, the candidate may demand at any moment the cessation of use of their work.

The candidate guarantees SIUMPPS Sorbonne Universités and its member-institutions against any responsibility for claims, disputes or actions on or regarding the rights granted by a third-party, whether or not they collaborated or participated in the creation of the film being presented. The candidate particularly guarantees that they have obtained all the rights and authorizations (releases) necessary for the film’s exploitation, namely, regarding the image rights of those filmed, and copyrights (for example, songs and other music used). The candidate guarantees not having ceded the exclusive rights to use this work to a third party.

Article 7: Image Rights

Candidates authorize SIUMPPS and its member-institutions of the Sorbonne Universités to reproduce and publicize their image and their name (last name and first name) for all their non-commercial communications relevant to the present competition, in all languages, and on all supporting material, for the duration of two years following entry into the competition.

Their photo may be published online on the official website of SIUMPPS and the member-institutions of the Sorbonne Universités, and are subject to appear on partner websites, or on press releases among other photos of participants.

This authorization to use the image is granted without any financial or material compensation.

Article 8: Data Protection Act (“Loi informatique et libertés”)

The data collected are subject to the data processing needs required by the competition. In accordance to the law n° 78-17 du 6 janvier 1978 (France), each candidate holds the right to access, as well as the right to more information, and to correct any data concerning them that is held by the organizers of the competition. All requests for access or corrections are to be addressed to the directors of SIUMPPS Sorbonne Universités, 15 rue de l’École de Médecine, 75006 Paris, France.

Article 9: Acceptance and compliance with regulations

All competition participants shall:
• Be aware of, and accept, without reserve, the present principles and regulations of the competition. All fraud or attempted fraud in the present competition will result in disqualification of the person or team to which they belong.
• Respect the general terms and conditions of the platforms FilmFreeway ( and Vimeo (
• If possible, participate in the awards ceremony that will take place in Paris.

Article 10: Conditions for the modification of competition regulations
SIUMPPS – Sorbonne Universités reserve the rights to postpone, shorten, extend, modify or cancel the competition if circumstances require, without liability being incurred thereby. On this point, candidates shall refrain from making any claims or demands for compensation.

Article 11: Applicable laws
This competition is subject exclusively to French law.