Eagan Television (ETV) is proud to spotlight local filmmakers, both student and professional, in our 2023 Eagan Art Block Short Film Festival. Be part of our growing community and join us in our celebration by submitting your short film!

Schedule of Films
Block One 7:00 PM

Student Documentary Films

Dir. Braden Williams

My Friend, David
Dir. Alexandra Bree Carson

Student Narrative Films

The Girl Next Door
Dirs. Danna Gilbertson
 & Jocelyn Rose Sanchez

The Dumpling
Dir. Tristan Crawford

Radio Head
Dir. Delaney Hoffman

Not as Straight as this Line
Dir. Marigny Adelman

Sleep Tight, Little One
Dir. Peyton Stille

Documentary Films 

Stories of Food:
Good, Clean and Fair for All
Dirs. Kish Daniels & Bud Burge

Lynn’s Fire
Dir. Steve Zahn

Picture Start
Dir. Rodney George Johnson

Mosaics: Seeds of Change
Dir. Harry Pound

Block Two 9:00 PM

Narrative Films

Dir. Rachel Weber

The Library Code
Dir. Anna Robins

No Way, Bidet!
Dir. Anthony Tallarico

Dir. Kari Layland

Dir. Jay James

Peanut Butter and Jelly
Dir. Vanessa M. H. Powers

Dead Calf
Dir. Savanna Gorbunow

Ghillie Suit
Dir. Holli Buhr

Dir. Alec Mueller

Selected short films will be eligible for...

+ Screening at the 2023 Eagan Art Block Short Film Festival

+ Receiving an official Eagan Art Block selected film emblem

+ Filmmaker interviews with ETV

+ Re-screening through ETV programming


Early Bird Application Deadline: June 9th, 2023

Final Application Deadline: July 28th, 2023

Participants notified of screening decisions: September 6th, 2023

Award-winners Announced + Films screened: September 23rd, 2023

Film screening schedule: TBA

We are back at the Emagine Theater in Eagan for another year!

About Eagan Art Block

Eagan Art Block is a multi-week collaborative arts event covering one square mile in the geographic heart of Eagan.

About ETV

ETV is your local source for all things Eagan. We're your community TV station—which means we air and share local programming produced by you, for you, or of interest to you. Residents and organizations can also submit their own local programs and video stories they want the public to see.

Contact us for more information!

generalinfo@eagan-tv.com | 651-675-5047 | www.eagan-tv.com

A judging panel will evaluate the films and award certificates to filmmakers in the following categories:

+ Best of Festival - Narrative

+ Best of Festival - Documentary

+Best Student Film - Documentary

+Best Student Film - Narrative

Filmmakers selected for screening will receive official festival emblems and swag bags. Selected filmmakers will be interviewed by ETV staff. Selected short films will also have the opportunity to be screened on ETV programming if desired.


+ Films or filmmakers must have a connection to the Midwest

+ Filmmakers must be 16 years of age or older

+ Filmmakers may apply as a team of directors but must have a primary applicant

Short Film Requirements

+ Short films must be moving pictures 40 minutes in length or less, in total.

+ Films must have been completed after January 1st, 2021

+ Multiple entries per filmmaker are allowed with a separate application for each film.

Submission Instructions

Application -

1. Title of your film must be written as it should be stylized, including capital letters and punctuation.

2. Loglines/Synopsis must be under 300 characters and include a general description of events or themes in the film. These are subject to editing by ETV staff.

Short Film -

1. Submissions must be provided through a downloadable web link.

2. Short film files should be submitted at the highest quality resolution.

3. Sharing permissions for any downloadable files and links must be available through September 30th, 2023.

4. Downloadable links must be accompanied by access credentials, if necessary.

5. Only one version of your short film may be submitted and will be considered.

Entry Fee -

+ Filmmakers must pay the entry fee to complete entry into the festival. They must be paid on or before the deadline for application, and submissions without payment will be disqualified.

+ Early Bird Deadline June 9th, 2023 Entry Fee: $20 per applicant

+ Final Deadline July 28th, 2023 Entry Fee: $30 per applicant

+ Early Bird Deadline June 9th, 2023 Entry Fee: $15 per applicant

+ Final Deadline July 28th, 2023 Entry Fee: $25 per applicant

Fee assistance is available upon request. Email jsibley@eagan-tv.com for more information on fee assistance.

All application materials must be received by ETV by July 28th, 2023 to be considered. Submit your film by June 9th, 2023, for early bird consideration.

Release and Waiver of Liability

I acknowledge and agree that display of my Property in the City of Eagan art displays, to be conducted at the City of Eagan public buildings, involves the possibility that my property, including, without limitation, any art or other items on display (collectively, the “Property”) may be damaged, lost or stolen, and I acknowledge I am assuming the risk of the Property.

I am aware that the City of Eagan does not insure the Property, and that I must provide my own insurance if I so choose.

I grant a permanent license to the City of Eagan to photograph the artwork and to publish such photographs or submitted images for educational uses, catalogs, interest, or publicity purposes.

For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, I agree and hold harmless the City of Eagan, their staff, directors, officers, agents, affiliates and the public from any and all liability, cost or expense (including, without limitation, attorney’s fees) arising out of display of my property, including, without limitation, any claims for damages, lost or stolen Property. I further agree to indemnity and hold harmless the City of Eagan, their staff, directors, officers, agents, affiliates and the public, from any and all loss, damage, liability, cost or expense that the City of Eagan may incur or suffer as a result of any claim of any kind whatsoever arising out of display of my property.

I acknowledge that I am solely responsible for obtaining all necessary rights and permissions for submissions and third-party materials included in the film, including but not limited to music, logos, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights. I agree to indemnity and hold harmless the City of Eagan for any and all losses associated with any such violations.

I hereby represent and warrant that I have read this Release and Waiver of Liability in its entirety and fully understand its contents. I have signed this Release and Waiver of Liability voluntarily and of my own free will.

Acknowledgment of Email Instruction

Email is the main form of communication used by the ETV. If I do not use email often, I will take responsibility for contacting the ETV for further instructions and information.

Overall Rating
  • This was such a great festival! Everyone involved was kind and helpful and I appreciated their efforts into making this as great as it was. It was so much fun to see my film on a big screen in a theatre! The selections were wonderful and I had a great and very memorable night. Thank you for selecting my short film, "A Rush at the Beginning", as the Best of Fest in the Student Films category! I can't wait to see this festival grow even more. I will be submitting again!

    March 2023
  • Fantastic lineup of films! I was pleasantly surprised with the level of talent of my fellow nominees! Very enjoyable fest, and a fantastic theater venue as well! Will submit again in the future!

    October 2022
  • Vanessa Powers

    This festival is great - I was in an earlier addition in 2019, and to see the growth from then to now was really cool. This festival has art at its heart and truly screens thought-provoking, clever, and powerful Midwestern films. I will 100% be entering again in the future!

    October 2022
  • Thank you for putting this together. We had a great time watching a variety of narrative and documentary work. Will be submitting again!

    October 2021