San Francisco International Film Awards is a newly established physical event taking place in San Francisco. Our next event is scheduled for Late Feb 2023, and the event location will be announced shortly.

The festival’s mission is to celebrate films and the art of filmmaking. We hope to provide a venue for filmmakers to exhibit their latest work, meet other filmmakers, and learn from industry professionals. We also hope to serve as a forum for discussion and debate about films and filmmaking. Our biggest dream is that our festival can also be a tool for marketing your movies; we hope to generate buzz and interest in your new releases. And be sure that we will do our best so that the festvial allows honest, objective feedback from audiences who don’t have any connection to you or your film. We hope to see your movie soon at the festvial!

Best Narrative Feature Film
Best Narrative Short Film
Best Indie Feature (low budget)
Best Indie Short (low budget)
Best Documentary Feature
Best Documentary Short
Best Super Short Film
Best Experimental Film
Best Mobile Phone Film (Feature)
Best Mobile Phone Film (Short)
Best Humanitarian Film (Feature)
Best Humanitarian Film (Short)
Best Social Justice (Feature)
Best Social Justice (Short)
Best Animation Film
Best Drama Film
Best Sci-Fi Film
Best LGBTQ Film
Best Student Film
Best Women Film
Best Comedy Film
Best Human Rights Film
Best Covid-Theme Film
Best Horror Film
Best Web/TV Pilot
Best Web/TV Series
Best Director Short Film
Best Director Feature Film
Best First Time Filmmaker (Feature)
Best First Time Filmmaker (Short)
Best Producer
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Actor in a Short Film
Best Actress in a Short Film
Best Actor in a Feature Film
Best Actress in a Feature Film
Best Original Song
Best Composer of the Future
Best Original Story
Best Trailer

Rules of Submission

Works submitted in languages other than English must be formatted with English subtitles.

Works-in-progress and rough cuts can be submitted by the deadline.
If your film is selected for the physical event, please be prepared to submit a digital still file as soon as possible.

We will inform the selected projects for the live screening between the time of their submission and the official notification date for the festival.

While we would like to provide submission fee waivers to as many filmmakers as possible we are generally unable to at this time. We are a small, volunteer-run organization that depends on income from sources like submission fees to survive. You are always free to request a waiver or discount for special circumstances, but please be aware that will most likely be unable to provide one. Thank you for your understanding.

Participation in the festvial implies acceptance of the Rules and Regulations by producers and their agents.

I ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for the accuracy of the information supplied in this application and I authorize the Festival to reproduce company contact information in its publications exactly as supplied below. The festvial collects personal information supplied in the application solely to facilitate management and administration of its activities and responsibilities as it relates to the film being submitted. By supplying this personal information you consent to its use.

Permission for film clips not exceeding three minutes in length to be used for promotional purposes on television, radio, and the Internet is granted upon entry unless otherwise stated.

By submitting a film via this platform you agree to allow the festival to show the submitted film during the festival with no screening fee paid. Filmmaker/Producer/Agent will be responsible for inbound or outbound shipping.

The person who has completed this entry form has READ and AGREES TO ABIDE BY all regulations and statements provided with this form.

Overall Rating
  • Larry Welch

    Difficult to contact. The case with almost every film festival. If there is one thing to be improved inn ALL festivals, it is COMMUNICATION WITH THE CONTRIBUTORS.

    May 2023

    Thank you for the opportunity to share our film with you. We have experienced nothing but great communication and organization for your festival. We are honoured to accept the award for best Director Feature film.

    March 2023
  • Thank you so much ! It was so great to participate in your festival and to receive an award ! When I will have another movie, i will come again !

    March 2023
  • This little film festival had a lot of heart and I was so glad to invite friends to see my film on the big screen at a local theater. There were about 10 films over two nights. I hope they continue to search for good quality films; there were a lot of very student-level looking films. The Q& A sessions were run well and everyone had a good time :-)

    February 2023
  • Anthony Dixon

    My film didn't get the opportunity to be shown live so there was no networking. That said we are grateful for the positive recognition.

    February 2023