This is a film festival competition FOR high school students and run BY high school students.

The winner and runner-up for each category will receive an incredible piece of film equipment or, depending on geographic location, a gift voucher of the same price for their prize.

*Films must be in English or Subtitled.

*All entrants living outside of Australia MUST enter the International Categories.

*High school students MUST hold all major on and off screen roles in the production of these films.

*You must apply directly to to enter any film over the maximum of 15 minutes.

*All music and images used in your film must be copyright-free or you must have the right of use.

*If you are a school entering more than 3 entries please contact the organisers for a special discount code.

I authorise the STUFFit Student Film Festival Management Team to screen the films submitted here, upon acceptance in STUFFit Student Film Festival for the purpose of the screening.

I authorise the STUFFit Student Film Festival Management Team to market the films in whatever manner they see fit.

I authorise the STUFFit Student Film Festival Management Team to upload this film to the STUFFit Student Film Festival's social media platforms.

I acknowledge that the STUFFit Student Film Festival Management Team holds screening rights of the above listed films for event and marketing purposes.

I confirm that all other rights remain the sole property of the students included in this submission.

I hereby confirm that with the exception of the machinima category, all material (inc. music and movie shorts) used in the production of the films is the original work of the students, or that the students have obtained appropriate copyright (please provide confirmation of copyright).

I hereby confirm that to submit a Machinima film to STUFFit Student Film Festival, the filmmaker acknowledges and agrees that all copyrighted video and sound/music material used in their film MUST be attributed in the closing credits. The closing credits should also state 'Copyright materials used for educational purposes only'. STUFFit Student Film Festival cannot accept the film into the competition if this is not done.

I confirm that all major roles are held by current high school students. (12-18 years) THIS INCLUDES ACTORS AND ALL KEY POSITIONS HELD IN THE CREATION AND PRODUCTION OF THIS FILM. Exception: on-screen adults in documentaries.

* Your Student ID card with your entry
* Under 18 years of age, you must have the consent of a parent/guardian to enter
* All entries may only be submitted to one category

Overall Rating
  • Mel Beal

    A wonderful festival to be part of that celebrates students film makers across the globe! Love the student led aspect of the organisation and running of the festival.

    October 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Mel, it's such a pleasure when we received entries from Huntingtower school. Thank you for your continued support of STUFFit Student Film Festival.

  • Clancy Ellerman-Miller

    Good festival worth it too submit!

    October 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for being involved in STUFFit. We love our STUFFit community.

  • Scott A. Galeski

    Our students were thrilled to be a part of STUFFit!!!!! Respectful, courteous and puts kids first.... All the way from across the world, we of the Downriver Detroit Student Film Consortium Thank you!!!!

    October 2021
  • Great communication and well worth it to submit

    February 2021
  • Evangelina Sarett

    Thank you for a wonderful festival! I was glad to become participant of STUFFit Student Film Festival 2020. But my film even has been selected as an award winner in festival! Wow I'm so happy! :)) Thank you very much!

    November 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for leaving such a positive review. We are so glad you have enjoyed being a part of STUFFit. Congratulations again on your award and we hope you will be entering again in the future.
    the STUFFit Team :)