As we all know Ibero-American, Puerto Rican and international filmmakers, it is very difficult to distribute our product in and out of our country. This festival gives the opportunity to each of these filmmakers, so they have a place where they can show their films.

Best Pictures $ 7,000.00
Best Short Film 1,800.00
Best Student Film 5,000.00
Final Draft Script Program (Rated) 300.00

Best Student also get a Final Draft Software Value of 300.00

New Filmmakers
Best Student Film
Best actress
Best Actor
Best Edition
Better Sound
Best Photography
Best Ibero-American Film
Best Puerto Rican Film
Best International Film
Best Film United States
Public Award
Best Christian Film
Best Educational Film
Best screenplay

We advice to read our rules before you submit your movie, so you can not be disqualified from our festival.

Again read our rules so you can not be disqualified from our festival.

1- We only accept movies between January 2015 - January 2017

2- The Festival is going to be 6 - 13 of February of 2019

3- The submission it is from 11/15/2017 - 7/31/2018

4- The filmmaker need to submit their movies in this format.
a. Vimeo (private)
b. You Tube (Private)
c. DVD
If you are going to send us a DVD you need to give us the registration number.

a. Google Drive
b. Dropbox
c. One Drive
d. Facebook
f. Twitter
g. We Transfer

If you any way submit your film in one of this format or other's we not accept your film is disqualified from our festival.

6- We are accepting this categories
a. Future Film
b. Short Film
c. Documentary
d. Animation


If you submit Music Video or Web Series or other's their is not in the categories we accepting your film is going to be disqualified from our festival.

7- The film must have the music right. and need to be at the credit of the movies.

8- All filmmaker and film distributor need to give us the following information:
a. Address (personal or postal)
b. Phone Number
c. e-mail address
If you do not give us that information the film is going to be discualificate from our festival

9- The running time we accept is:
a. Short Film 01 minutes to 55 minutes
b. Future Film 55 minutes to up

10 - Once your film is submit your can not remove from our festival, and
becomes part of the festival's archives.

11- All foreign-language films must be submitted with English subtitles if your
film is English language need to have Spanish subtitles . Any films that do
not provide working subtitles will be disqualified.

12- If your movie is selected your need to provide us the following information
a. Registration Number
b. Phone Number / Address
c. e-mail address
d. Trailer
e. Poster
f. Two (2) copies of DVD preferably (Blue Ray) or Digital
13- The Notification date is going to be
Tuesday, October 16th of 2018th and is going to be transmit live thru our web page at 10:00 am local time, 9:00 am Easter Time, 8:00 am pacific

14- Student
To participate at this category need to graduate on May 2019 In order to qualify for a
student please be sure to upload a clear copy of a student ID on the attachments
section of your filmmaker profile.

If you submit your movie at this category and you all ready graduate or you do not
upload the student ID your film is going to be disqualified from the festival.

15- Once your film is submitted you can not remove from our festival.

16 - Please do not change the screener link address or password of your submission. If
you do, please notify us immediately or you risk your film not being previewed and
thus considered for the festival.

17- Please not write us
a. If we can give you any waiver all filmmaker need to pay their entry fee with out
any exception.

18- The festival have the rights to used any fragment or image from the film to used for advertising. 

19- The Festival reserves the right to cancel the Festival for any reason it sees fit. If the Festival is cancelled for any reason, no prizes will be awarded, the Films can be collected by the Producer/s and no claims can be made by any party against the Festival, the venue operator, the sponsors, advertisers in relation to the cancellation of the event.

20- The Festival reserves the right to cancel, change, exchange, reduce or increase prizes listed on the website.

21- We do not accept movies who are in YouTube or any other platform online.