The Animation Studio Festival celebrates animated films of all countries, sensibilities, techniques, genres...

We love animated movies, whatever their style and pace.

Our festival takes place in Paris, in the heart of the French Revolution: BASTILLE.

Our selection is based on love, emotion, and great talent. The movies we chose to select are creative, sincere and powerful. They drive you somewhere else, or deep inside so you can feel, learn, be surprise, laugh, discover a new perspective.

We are a human sized festival and event. You can talk with us, contact us, you will be answered.
We offer 2 exclusive categories : Best Story, and Best Design.
Sometimes the story you have is amazingly beautiful, but you cannot achieve yet your vision. We can notice that, and we want to encourage you with this award.
On the other side, sometimes our are such a talented creative artist, but the script you have may not compete with others regarding some points. We can notice that too and reward your achievement in design.
We accept all genres of animated films.
We write reviews and publish our selection on our website.

The Animation Studio Festival is an independent event putting together an international competition of talented filmmakers and groundbreaking stories, from traditional hand drawing to the new century techniques of design. See the categories here.

We love animated films, and we want to celebrate those who make them.

Watching the films, selecting them, picking the best, the most emotional, the astonishing works of design, then to screen the films and reward them with recognition, a certificate of great achievement, and push the artists to keep going and make a new film.

Animation, when you start, most of the time is something of a lonely creative process. Showing your film may be your goal : we believe it is a necessity. And talk about it. We want to know how you did it, what great work and amount of time you put into it, how you did manage to create that piece.

Best Film, 2D
Best Student Film
Best Stop Motion
Best Animated Music Video
Best Film, 3D
Best Feature
Best Story
Best Design
Best Abstract / Experimental

Screenings in Paris, Los Angeles, or digital during Covid.
Certificate award
Publication on our website
Discount to other festivals

Certificates will be given on location for the attending winning filmmakers. If you do not attend, we will send you a signed digital copy of your certificate. We do not physically mail certificates.

We accept all genres of animated films.
Short Films must be 30 seconds minimum to 30 minutes maximum.
Feature films must be 40 minutes minimum.
We like to have screenshots or images, and a poster of each film so we can promote you.
Any langage accepted. If dialogues other than English or French : English or French subtitles are mandatory.
All short films under 30 minutes must submit to any category except feature film. All feature films must submit into the feature film category.
All entries are final. Multiple entries are allowed, with the same film or different films. Each entry comes with its submission fee.
If you are a film school : contact us for discounts.
If you are a student : please load your student ID into your submitter profile.
The film credits must list the director(s) name(s) and the excat duration of the film, all included.
By submitting your film, you are allowing the festival to screen the film, promote the film with the elements at our disposal, publish that information on our website, and to use the elements listed on your submission in any maner usefull to run the festival.
If you wish a correction is made on our listing or website, just ask for it.
You authorisation may extend to our partnerships. Again, if you wish not to comply with some of our use, just tell us. We’re here to promote you.
You must be legit regarding all the necessary rights including music rights appearing in your film.

Specific requirements by category :

Best Film, 2D
Film using an animation technique where each frame is drawn by hand.
Film made by using any 2D animation software.

Best Film, 3D
Film made by using any 3D animation software.

Best Stop Motion
Film made by stop-motion creation. Any technique or material.

Best Feature
Any animation technique, any genre. Must be 40 minutes or more.

Best Student Film
Any animation technique, any genre. Must come with a student ID and a school name we can check on.

Best Story
This category reward the story you tell, only. This way we can reward your originality, poetry, and storytelling.

Best Design
This category reward the design of your film. This way we can reward your style, atmosphere, and technical talent.

Overall Rating
  • Joe Chang

    Wonderful film festival! Thank you for choosing my film.

    May 2021
  • YaDon Shen

    Animation Studio Festival very good!

    May 2021
  • Jon Wilson

    Being in New Zealand we could not get to attend the Festival but thanks for screening Winter's Blight and awarding us Best Stop Motion, Best Design and Best story. We really appreciate it.

    September 2019
  • A great experience from a fine festival!

    November 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Brad ! Hope to watch your next film soon !

  • Aviv Mano

    Great festival, thank you for choosing my film!!

    October 2018
    Response from festival:

    Your film was great ! Keep going and all the best !