Munich, Germany. Reyjkavik, Iceland. Stockholm, Sweden. Kansas City, USA. Birmingham, USA. Saigon, Vietnam. Beeston, UK. Cameroon. New York. These are some of the cities we have played since 2015 and beyond. Your one fee gets the unique opportunity to show your film in multiple pop-up Underground events and alternate venues across multiple countries - not just one night or weekend but instead events throughout the whole year!

With an evolving format, Underground FilmFest is a grass-roots festival for filmmakers by filmmakers. Funded by volunteers, we also spend significant number of hours and expenses promoting your films on social networks to well over 10,000 media executives and independent film community.

We launched in Munich, Germany and expanded in 2015 to the UK (Beeston) and USA (Birmingham). In 2016, we played again in Munich and Birmingham, and expanded to Cameroon, West Africa. In 2017, we expanded to Saigon, Iceland, New York and Sweden. When possible, we do audience votes at our events, giving filmmakers competitive awards for the city and globally.

While we explore the showing of all films submitted, the Underground Film aspect encourages the submission of thought provoking, visually stimulating, high quality content. We also are one of the first festivals with a showcase in virtual reality 360 films and welcome your VR films. The aim of the festival is to renew community interest in independent and alternative film in cities and positive interaction between cultures around the world.

NOTE: We do not accept films submitted by agencies UNLESS they use as contact information (phone, email, name) the contact information of the filmmaker and we are allowed to work directly with the filmmaker as we value their interaction in our social media and direct contact. By submitting your film into this festival, you are giving express permission to show the film at any of our physical events or venues worldwide, regardless of type of venue. You also understand that there is no payment for showing the film. We operate on a not for profit basis and proceeds are put back into the festival expansion and to pay off our significant expenses If you as an agency or filmmaker demand payment for the film, you will be automatically disqualified from the festival, even after acceptance. Special considerations can be discussed, but we as policy need to have this freedom as it is too difficult to manage exceptions given the fast pace of our planning and programming.

For foreign locations such as Saigon and Cameroon, where expenses are high to ship your content, we extend our festival season to two years, due to significant additional shipping and admin expenses and ramp up time. Best films are showcased in our anniversary events from prior years.

FOR MOST ACCURATE AND CURRENT INFO, Subscribe to EVENTS at There you can see all prior events and confirmed, scheduled events. 2018 season will be announced here later in Spring 2018.


June 8, 2017 at the Oakhill Cemetery Park
"Underground FilmFest 2016 Battle of the Best Finalist Competition" - the Birmingham Audience casts the final votes on finalists (prior Audience Vote winners) for the global champions for 2016!

Reykjavik - Fall TBD

VR FilmFest - Dates and Location TBD - Summer/Fall 2017

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May 20 and 21, 2017 part of the Saigon Underground Festival

Aiming to support risk-taking storytellers worldwide, like-minded creatives to be inspired and be an inspiration to others. Our high-class facility will take you on your desired emotional and visual journey within seconds!

In partnership with the prestigious ADC academy, we proudly behold a unique collection of arts by not only professionals but also aspiring artists.

No party is complete without some catchy jams. Our 2-day festival, featuring emerging talents from all music genres, celebrates the climax of all art forms by giving a voice to creatives of all stripes. Time to put on your dancing shoes and shake off your worries! We put the festival back into the fest.

Our handicraft flea market brings you profound insight into Vietnamese arts and crafts. From traditional tribal art to contemporary embroidery, this flea market is your chance to discover the local art history at the forefront of creativity.


Final Event to wrap up the 2016 Season for Munich showings and kickoff 2017 season
June 24 11 am to 2? am Saturday; noon to 10 pm June 25 Sunday
Audience Voting, Filmmaker Interviews and 2016 Global Champions Announcement/Awards
Music, Art, Fashion, Films, After Party
TheaterBar Heppel & Ettlich
Feilitzschstr. 12, 80802 Munich, Germany

Special Screening - 10 Years Later (Hong Kong award winning film)
Werkstatt Kino
17.30 Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sci-Fi Underground FilmFest 2.2 / Sci-Fi Monday
May 1 2017 (holiday in Bavaria)
10 am to 1 pm
TonHalle München
Grafinger Straße 6, 81671 Munich, Germany

Feb 18 2017 Werkstatt Kino - fiction shorts. See
Sci-Fi Sunday at the TonHalle Dec 18 10.00 - 15:00

Feb 12 2017 Sci-Fi Sunday at the TonHalle (new films) 10.00 - 15:00

Kaleidoscope of Shorts Dec 10 Saturday 15:00 - 17:00 Werkstatt Kino
Fraunhoferstraße 9, 80469 München

October 23 2016: Sci-Fi / Horror Sunday II at the "film und comic Börse" at tonhalle, grafingerstr. 6.

Sept 11 2016 Sci-Fi Sunday at the Musuem Lichtspiele kino

August 20-28 2016 Underground Theme - Buchheim Museum, Starnberger See, Bavaria

July 11 2016: Pub Night - "Films from the Midlands - Bye Bye Britain!" at the Keg

July 5 2016: Open Air Café Night at Rosenheimer Platz

October 21 2016: HORROR FEST EVENT at Oak Hill Cemetery

October 9 2016 OKTOBERFEST FILM EVENT at the Cahaba Brewing Company
4500 5th Ave S, Birmingham, Alabama 35222
Films shown: Wolves, Thirst For Life, Through The Curtain, Valentina, Rat King

May 29 2016 Birmingham Underground FilmFest 2016 2nd year Launch

See our prior events on the wall and photo gallery at

October 29 2016
Buea, Cameroon - Hotel Residence Carlos
3 pm to 12 am - a night of film, music, art and fashion!
Films shown from our 2015 Selections: Snow, Soap Box, Mars Closer, Schnee In Rio, The Seashell, The Reluctant Portrait, Magic Train and more

May 29 2016 Cameroon Underground FilmFest 2016 1st year Launch at Spee Art Gallery, Bamenda

See our prior events on the wall and photo gallery at

Operated independently of our fest events, one of our featured filmmakers started an independent Underground FilmFest focused on underground genre only (horror, weird, etc.)
Nov 14 - Nov 19 2016 Ancona, Italy
Please find more info at

LEGAL COPYRIGHT: UNDERGROUND FILMFEST LOGO and elements thereof can only be used with express written permission by the Underground FilmFest.

You will get the opportunity for audience vote recognition and the opportunity to be showcased on our website, including the opportunity for video interviews and Skype interviews with the audience to support filmmaker to community interaction. Audience vote awards will be given.

Please do NOT send physical DVDS to us, unless we specifically request from you. Please use this platform to submit all needed materials we need to showcase and promote your film.

Films should be submitted via we-transfer or similar platform in high definition after we select your film and upon our request within the time period requested. All films must be in English or if not in English, with English subtitles. Our initial event is showcasing short films and this will be the priority selection. Those indicated as "selected" on this FilmFreeway platform means they have been selected for the annual edition. Based on the themes and time of each film, festival organizers will select the physical and/or online/mobile venues and dates throughout the year.

The entrant submitting the film online here is the owner of the film and acknowledges he/she/they/it have obtained all rights and clearances for the music or other copyrighted material included in the film and agree to pay any fees (e.g. GEMA) required and that by submitting they accept all liability for ownership of rights and clearances and and related parties assume NO liability.

The entrant/owner gives and related parties permission to show the film and related promotional material (photos, articles, trailers) in a public setting as well as the website, Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, and mobile app. Any rights not provided by the entrant/owner should be clearly specified in a letter signed by both parties. Should the owner/entrant wish to withdraw their film from any of these platforms and venues at a later date past Dec. 31, 2016, a letter should be made in writing and acknowledged by email or signed response by us confirming this.

- Every filmmakers could choose more than one category with separate submission.
- For judging/preview purposes, we accept online screener, vimeo, youtube and wetransfer of files needed.
- Titles produced in languages other than English must have legible English subtitles or dubbed in English.
- Films could be from any year since 2014, unless exception granted for special considerations by our curation team.

- We reserve the right that films selected may not be withdrawn from the Festival program after its registration.
- All submission fees are non-refundable. We will not return your screening and exhibition copies.
- The Festival may deny participation to any film unable to meet the technical requirements for a public screening of good quality.
- The festival has the right to disqualify a winning film for any reasons, without having to explain the reasons to the submitter.
- Not all winning films will be screened. The festival has the right to screen and not to screen the winning films.
- The festival has the right to work with any institution and partner festivals for all kind of cooperation, including joint events or promotions.
- The festival does not pay the filmmaker for screening rights, but also we are not abusive in trying to make unnecessary profit off their film either. Any fees we receive go into administrative and implementation costs and costs related to expanding the festival so person's film can be played more than once. Any demand by filmmaker for money can result in automatic disqualification even after film is accepted, due to misrepresentation by the filmmaker who agreed to these rules and terms upon submission.

You agree to indemnify us and hold us and our employees, owners, affiliates, and partners harmless from all claims and liability associated with your participation or entry to the Underground FilmFest.

Submission of an entry gives the festival permission to have accepted work exhibited, photographed, locally telecast, and reproduced either in part or whole, for educational or Festival purposes. Filmmakers can request in writing that their material not be used for such purposes after the Festival.

The Festival Management reserves the right to make changes in the profile of the Festival, if it becomes necessary to do so due to circumstances beyond his/her control.

The duration of this agreement shall commence as of the date of submission by Owner and terminate at the close of the 2015 Festival.

Q. Where does my registration fee, or if none, the request for donation go?

Our intent is not to make profit on these events, but instead to receive donations by filmmaking entrants and the viewer community to pay our hosting and venue expenses, as well as put the money back into the festival to help ensure future editions as well as special productions showcasing the filmmakers and supporting their efforts. If any venues sponsoring our festival requires to charge for tickets, it is to recoup the expenses of the venue we are using and whatever minimum ticket sales they must achieve for their operation.

Q. How do you distinguish short films from feature films?

Short films are works under 40 minutes (this is includes credits) and feature films are works 40 minutes or longer. If you have a mid-length and a feature-length version of your film, we prefer that you send us the feature-length version.

Q. Is there an age restriction?

There is no age restriction for filmmakers, but submitters must be at least 18 years of age.

Q. Can I submit to Underground Film Fest if I’ve already submitted to other festivals and am still waiting to hear back?

Yes, submitting to other festivals does not negatively impact your submission at all! If you are submitting to other festivals, we encourage you to submit to us at the same time, rather than waiting to submit until you hear back from the other festival.

Q. If I’ve been accepted to another festival but Underground Film Fest is my preferred festival premiere, can I check to see if my film is in the running?

A. Yes, here and on our website. Although we may not be able to offer you a definitive answer depending on the timeline, we will try to give you as much information as possible to inform your decision.

Q. Can I submit a trailer instead of a Work In Process (WIP) or a completed film?

No. We will not be able to consider your film if you send in a trailer instead of a WIP or a completed film.

Q. If I submitted this year, can I submit my film in future year festivals?

You may resubmit if you have made significant changes to your film or if you strongly feel it is so good that we overlooked it and should give you another chance.

Overall Rating
  • It was a really pleasure to be part of this festival!!!

    Even though I wasn´t able to attend to the festival, I´m very happy to have been part of the festival with my short film HAY ALGO EN LA OSCURIDAD (SOMETHING IN THE DARKNESS).

    For me as a spanish filmmaker ist´s a great opportunity to show my work outside my country, thanks!

    I hope to have the opportunity again to be in the festival in the future. See you soon UNDERGROUND!

    All my best wishes and greetings from Spain!
    Fran Casanova

    May 2019
  • Inappropriate Films

    Many thanks to Underground FilmFest 2018 for being a champion of THE MOOSE HEAD OVER THE MANTEL and to all who attended the screening. We are thrilled to announce that the film was picked up for distribution by Gravitas Ventures with a release date of January 29, 2019 on Blu-ray, DVD and digital!

    January 2019
  • Andre Campbell

    Can't wait to make another film to submit it.

    December 2018
  • Yaron Betan

    Cool event, great team, appreciate the selection

    November 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thanks and we appreciate you.

  • Louis Corallo

    My film was shown in both Vietnam and in Germany. Vietnam was poorly organized, where I was told my film was being shown at 6pm. I arrived at 5pm to meet other filmmakers only to see that my film was already being shown 30 minutes in. It was a big let down and soul destroying. As for Germany, that I cannot comment much because I was not able to attend, but communication would of been good as there were no pictures or media relating to the screening of my documentary. I saw no evidence of an actual screening although I was assured it was seen, but no feedback or media relating to it.
    My complaints to the organiser seemed that I was ungrateful.

    November 2017
    Response from festival:

    Well we are sorry you were not happy, as noted before, Saigon Underground Festival is independently operated and sponsored our program for potential inclusion. As they were looking for more Saigon directors, we found you or you found us, cannot remember and they offered you free entry into their festival and we then gave you free entry into ours for inclusion in our summer program in Munich. If you read our festival communications and rules and guidance, we also mention that the nature of our festival is pop up and also that you have a responsibility to monitor our FB page and events page for announcements of events and programs. The links to theater websites had your film listed in the program guide, and we sent you a copy later to prove you were announced. Regarding other press for your film, keep in mind you got in for free, our curation team did not select your film, the director of the events gave you a special entry. We have over 200 other is next to impossible to get press to show interest and write articles on each film and filmmaker and we are volunteer only and work many hours for free to do what we can for promotion. So your demands are a little bit unrealistic. But we were sad you had a bad experience and trauma and we offered you, which you didnt mention or didnt recall, free future entry again for future films to make up for that. Sorry for your displeasure.