The Millennial Film Festival (MFilmFest) is the first premiere multi-cultural Film Festival for High School seniors and Millennials up to ages 33 years old. The Festival embarks on an amazing journey celebrating student creativity and career exploration by presenting interactive, hands-on film production experiences, and elite platforms for students to share their stories. The festival is open to high school and college level filmmakers and screenwriter's worldwide.

MFilmFest is created to provide once in a lifetime experiences, and exquisite opportunities for talented young filmmakers and media enthusiasts. Our goal is to showcase student's talents on a grand stage and equipping them in film education and production. The Festival will take place in the heart of Austin Texas, September 18-20th, 2019.

We connect young millennials with the rewards and resources they so rightfully deserve, offering equal parts entertainment and education to all. We are dedicated to fostering an informed, aware, and vibrant community of film lovers.

It is the Festival where Millennials are the stars!

The Millennial Film Festival Agenda includes:-

September 18h - 19th Evening screenings

September 19th- All Day workshops (Limited Seating)

Screen-writers morning workshop
**Discover everything you need to know from beginning to end, from idea to outline development to script writing format, and more. There is also giveaways at the end of each workshop for those who excel in the task given.

Mid- Morning Cinematography
**Discover the science of creating motion pictures which includes but not limited to motion-picture photography, lighting, and the technique of framing and composition.

The Producer's Corner
**Most times producers plan and coordinate various aspects of film production in this workshop you will learn how to raise funds for your production, create a budget, and carryout successful result oriented leadership qualities, as the overseer of your film.

Communication and Pitch Film Workshop
**Have a panel of successful professionals in the business help you with your film pitch for potential investors to aid in fostering your dream. You have 2 minutes to pitch your idea/script and have one on one feedback that will help to take you to the next level.

Sunrise Yoga "Get Tight and Right" Yoga and Fitness workshop, discover the importance of being healthy to carryout your dream of film-making effectively and be one with nature with yoga session on the green.

September 20th - The Millennial Film Festival Awards Gala
**The Millennial Film Festival Awards Ceremony is taking you back to where film all began to Old Hollywood as the Gala's theme. Awards Night will be an all out show stopper with door prizes for the best dressed in and of course to our top winner's in each category!

Peoples Choice Award
2 tickets dinner and a movie Alamo Draft House Lamar
Write Shoot Edit from publisher Michael Weise Productions: the world’s leading publisher of books on screenwriting and film-making.

Best Overall Film/ Best Direction
Adobe Premiere software package

Mfilmfest Crystal Award for winner's School
Jungle Software is providing their Gorilla and Chimpanzee software for every award winner. Jungle offers full-featured production scheduling including breakdown sheets, cast and crew management, locations, storyboards and shot lists.

Best Original Score
$100 gift Certificate Music Bed
Mfilmfest Crystal Award

Best Drama
Mfilmfest Crystal Award
Writers Duet Software

Best PSA
Mfilmfest Crystal Award

Best Visual Effects
Adobe After Effects software package 5 month subscription
Mfilmfest Crystal Award

Best Music Video
Beat Wireless headsets
Music Bed $100 gift certificate

Best Editing
Adobe Premiere Pro Software Package 5 month subscription
Mfilmfest Crystal Star Award

Best Actor/Actress
Mfilmfest Crystal Award

Best Animation
Mfilmfest Crystal Award

Best Screenplay
Mfilmfest Crystal Award
Writer's Duet script-writing software package

Best Documentary
Mfilmfest Crystal Award
Writer's Duet software

Best Drama Cinematography
Mfilmfest Crystal Award
Adobe Premiere Pro software 5 month subscription

Best Story-Board Artist
Jungle Software is providing their Gorilla and Chimpanzee software for every award winner. Jungle offers full-featured production scheduling including breakdown sheets, cast and crew management, locations, storyboards and shot lists.

Unstoppable Award
Michael Robles Prestigious Crystal Award
Michael Robles Custom Designer Tags

Best Experimental
Mfilmfest Crystal Star Award
Writer's Duet Software

Best Broadcast Journalism Award
Mfilmfest Crystal Award
Crystaline pen set
Writer's Duet Software

Eligibility. Worldwide submission accepted however students who are in twelfth grade as of September 2017 and Millennial filmmakers born after 1984 are permitted to submit. Submissions must have been produced within twelve months immediately preceding the date of the festival. The Millennial Film Festival is subject to all federal, state and local laws and regulations.

College Entries can be submitted to the following, Narratives, Broadcast Journalism, Documentary, Music Video, Film Score, Costume design and International Short. Ages are between 19-27 years of age.

For details on rules and more on the festival visit

Awards Ceremony location will be announced on