"One of the craziest TV shows you'll ever see... It could revolutionize short film distribution." -Indiewire

The Eyeslicer is not your average film festival. In fact, it's not exactly a film festival at all...

The Eyeslicer is a mind-melting variety TV show designed to introduce audiences to the most daring American filmmaking happening right now. We designed The Eyeslicer to experiment with new models of distribution, and to build a home for radical shortform filmmaking. In 2017, we released season one, which featured work by 58 filmmakers and which has been watched by over 50,000 people to date. We premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. We took the show on a 20-date “smell o' vision” world tour. We sold limited-edition box sets and zines. We fed audiences edibles in Denver, took over a porn theater in Kansas City (with the help of a rad feminist collective named the Cannonball Roarers), collaborated with the graffiti collective Lastplak to build a “90s teen dream” inspired Rec Center installation at the Rotterdam Film Festival. We released the show online in a secret digital bunker we built ourselves hidden in the depths of the internet.

We are now accepting submissions of short form work for inclusion in Season 2 of The Eyeslicer. We are seeking a diverse array of work which runs the gamut of tone and style: from hilarious and strange to tender and beautiful.

We believe that even in the “binge watch era,” audiences are still hungry to discover boundary-pushing art. That they want to see stuff that makes their eyes go wide instead of glazed - stuff that a corporate algorithm would never show them.

Over the past three years, we’ve grown an ever-expanding stable of the most visionary and provocative emerging voices on the American filmmaking scene, including Garrett Bradley (Alone, Sundance Grand Jury Prize), Lauren Wolkstein (The Strange Ones, SXSW), Amy Seimetz (The Girlfriend Experience, Starz), Zellner Bros Kumiko the Treasure Hunter), David Lowery (A Ghost Story), Frances Bodomo (Afronauts), Jennifer Reeder (Signature Move) and Lev Kalman + Whitney Horn (L for Leisure).. We created The Eyeslicer to build a home for filmmakers like them, and to collect daring work into an experience in line with the way people are watching things today.

We create, release, and tour The Eyeslicer ourselves. We believe in DIY ethics. We believe in building a cult audience and sustainable home for radical American filmmaking from the ground up.

"An insane variety show puree." -Entertainment Weekly

* All short films selected for inclusion in The Eyeslicer will receive a NON-exclusive distribution agreement and become part of Season 2 of The Eyeslicer.

* We offer a licensing fee and profit sharing to all filmmakers because we believe in ethical collaboration with artists.

* We aim to tour The Eyeslicer season 2 at theaters, festivals, and DIY spaces around the world as we did with Season 1, and will release the series online as well.

* Filmmakers will join a community of like-minded artists to create a new space for daring work!

The Eyeslicer Season 2 submissions OPEN ON March 15, 2018.

Earlybird deadline: 5/1/18
Regular deadline: 9/1/18
Late deadline: 10/01/18
Extended deadline: 10/15/18

All films across categories must be 40 minutes or less. We accept submissions of Short Narrative, Short Documentary, Animation, and Experimental films. We do not accept Feature Length Films.


The Eyeslicer seeks to highlight new American films and filmmakers, therefore entry is limited to those residing in the United States and/or projects originating in the United States.

All films must be in English or contain English subtitles.

Prior Screenings:
The Eyeslicer does not require that entries be previously unreleased. Previous screenings at other film festivals, as well as theatrical, broadcast or online release are all OK.

Completion Date:
Projects submitted to the Festival must have been completed after 1/1/14. Works-In-Progress are considered only during the final submission deadline and if the film will be completed by 1/1/19.


- Entries must be submitted via FilmFreeway, with a working online screener attached to your profile on the platform or provided via separate link.

- Films selected for screening will be notified on or around January 15, 2019.

- Entry Fee paid via FilmFreeway
- A working online screener


- The filmmaker has read and understood the rules and regulations and to the best of their knowledge, all statements are true. The filmmaker is duly authorized to submit this film to The Eyeslicer.

- The Eyeslicer reserves the right to disqualify any submission without refund of submission fees.

- All accepted films will be offered a non-exclusive licensing agreement for inclusion in The Eyeslicer. Films which are under exclusive distribution with other entities which would prohibit their inclusion in The Eyeslicer will be disqualified.

- Upon submission, the filmmaker consents to allowing their screener material to be shared in its entirety with appropriate Eyeslicer staff, including programming staff, volunteer screeners, and other appropriate members of staff.

- It is the responsibility of the filmmaker to secure authorization for any copyrighted material that may be used in the film. The filmmaker shall indemnify and hold harmless The Eyeslicer from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.

- By submitting, the filmmaker expressly acknowledges and agrees that they shall be bound by the terms of this agreement.