The 5th International Woman Filmmakers Festival

Our applications are closed. We have received 240 applications from 59 countries, this year we are forcing the boundaries! We thank you for your interest. Our selection results will be announced on January 16th , 2022!

Başvurularımız sona erdi. 59 ülkeden 240 başvuru aldık, bu yıl sınırları aşıyoruz! İlginiz için çok teşekkür ederiz. Seçki sonuçlarımız 16 Ocak 2022’de belli olacak!

The theme of the 5th International Woman Filmmakers Festival which will take place between February 27th and March 8th 2022 in Izmir is set as 'Boundaries'.

This specific theme is not required for movies which will be competing in national and international segment; all authentic movies that reflect woman point of view will be accepted for the competition.

Selections such as 'The Unforgettable Firsts' which consists of the first movies made by women directors, 'Superheroism' which embodies strong female characters and 'Dreams' that bare the common theme of hope will be present this year as well.

Alongside of competitions that take place in feature-length, documentary, short and experimental categories, a workshop called 'Stories From Women on Womanhood' will take place for the first time this year in collaboration with Woman Filmmakers Association and WMC (Women with Movie Cameras).

Through the collaborative efforts with East Anglia University and Britain Turkish Women Association, last year, both the international audience and Turkish audience abroad were presented with the chance to meet Turkish movies with our screening selection. This year we also aim to increase the recognition of Turkish directors on an international level through the help of similar collaborations and partnerships.

Within the framework of our international connections, several secreenings in countries such as France, Netherlands, Sweeden, Autria and Germany are planned to be held in the upcoming seasons.

The 5th International Woman Filmmakers Festival has received 140 applications from 45 countries within the first two weeks of opening the applications.

In 2018 started as a film screening week, International Women Filmmakers Festival Turkey gained its festival and international identity just in 4 years’ time. As an independent festival, IWFFT aims to make woman film directors and their movies recognizable by bringing woman filmmakers and other female cinema industry workers together. Because women continue to be disregarded in the cinema industry, IWFFT also aims to support and encourage creative women by creating new networks & perspectives, finding possible funds, and making space for the new coming filmmakers’ generation. The first week of March is deliberately chosen to underline the 8th of March and the significance of International Women's Day.

Fem Reel Awards at 5th International Women Filmmakers Festival

National Competiton
Best Feature
Biket İlhan Best Director
Special Jury Award
Best Short Film
Best Experimental Short Film
Short Film Special Jury Award
Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Fine Arts Special Award

International Competition
National Competiton
Best Feature Film
Best Director
Special Jury Award
Best Short Film
Best Experimental Short Film
Short Film Special Jury Award
Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Fine Arts Special Award

• Film owners must completely fill out the form given below in order to attend the 5th International Women Filmmakers Festival Turkey (IWFFT).
• Festival screening copies must be sent by until December 31th 2021, the latest.
• The screening copies of featured films must besent to the festival in H 264 or MOV formats, and the documentary and short films must be in H264 or MOV formats.
• Screening schedule of the selected films is to be decided by the festival.
• The forms of all films will be processed and published in the festival catalog following the official announcement of the selected films,
• In order to avoid mistakes in the festival catalog and website, you are kindly requested to fill in the selected fields in the form as accurately and completely as possible.
• Films participating in the festival cannot be withdrawn from the program after the application deadline.
• 5th IWFFT will be entitled to use a part of the film at maximum of 3 minutes for press and the media presentations after the film is officially selected to the screening program.

• Documentary, short, feature and animated films will be screened during the festival.
• There must not be any watermarks such as logo, time code, etc. over the trailer of the film in order to be used in the festival promotional film or/and television promotions.
• Director of the movie may send his or her own curriculum vitae, filmography and the photograph (at least 300 dpi) by e-mail with the form below.

IWFFT aims to make women directors and their films visible by bringing together female directors and female film workers in the first week of March every year within the scope of 8 March International Working Women's Day.
The application dates for the 5th International Women Filmmakers Festival, which will be held between
28 th February March 6 th, 2022, are November 1 - December 31, 2021.
1) Directors can participate in the festival with more than one work.
2) At least one of the directors must be a woman.
3) There is no time limit for participating films. Selected films will be evaluated within the international section at the festival.
4) All films that have not been shown in the previous years can apply for the screening program.
5) The application deadline for screening is DECEMBER 31st. Directors must apply online to the website by 31 st DECEMBER, the latest .
6) All films included in the program are monitored and pre-screened by the pre-jury and the films to be included in the program will be announced on the website between 15 January 2022 .
7) The pre-jury consists of female directors and cinema workers.
8) Providing that the director requests, the justified reasons for the unselected films will be disclosed with an online meeting during the festival (3-7 March 2022)
9) Film applications cannot be withdrawn from the festival after the deadline; regardless of whether they are selected or not for the festival.
10) The pre-jury make their decisions regarding the films, taking into account the "artistic" qualities of the them and their compatibility with the content.
11) If your film is not selected for the selection, the application fee will not be refunded.
12) Screening of the international films are royalty-free at IWFFT 2022.
13) The applicant must be in a position to certify that he/she has all the authority to apply and that the necessary permissions have been obtained from all relevant institutions and organizations. If the film of the applicant is selected, it undertakes to send the declaration stating that he/she is the legal owner of the film.
14) Films will be screened in the halls or online platform within the schedule of the festival program. During the screenings, hall, platform or schedule changes cannot be recommended or made to the festival board or the hall, platform officials.
15) Applicants who do not give consent to show their films online must indicate this in the application form.
16) Regarding that an offer from TV broadcast etc. of the film, IWFFT board helps establishing a relationship between the film's producer or director.
17) The party to any dispute regarding copyrights that may arise from any image, music, text or any subject used in the film is the sole legal owner of the film.
18) All producers participating in the competition are deemed to have accepted the matters contained in this regulation.