Organized by Beirut Film Society, Cinema for Peace is a summer camp & film festival in a form of an academy; it promotes cinema as a vital tool for peace building & conflicts resolution, by providing youth with the needed skills to be purveyors of a new cinema of intercultural dialogue.

Lebanon is the land of dialogue and convergence. The philosophy of the Lebanese entity is based on dialogue, reconciliation and coexistence. From here, it is our responsibility to be the disciples of this message and we should call by our actions for the designation of Lebanon as “space of dialogue among civilizations based on peace and diversity”.

CFP is open for all filmmakers from the entire world who believe in the power of cinema in promoting for peace and tolerance between people from different cultures. Filmmakers are invited to submit their films and to apply to participate in the summer camp professional training. CFP accepts films that evolve around the following topics: Human Reconciliation, Dialogue, Environment, Human Rights, Peace, Acceptance... etc...

Cinema for Peace merges between a Summer Camp film training of 10 days for selected participants, that results the production of short films and public service announcements that meet the objectives of the camp; and a film festival program that screens films around the mentioned topics in the middle of nature, under a splendid forest of pine and oak; bring your own tent and come camp with us.

The Objectives behind the CFP Summer Camp Film Festival are:
1- Raising awareness and pushing youth to play a beneficiary role in the society through being open to arts, culture and cinema.
2- Training young filmmakers to become ambassadors for Cinema for Peace in their communities.
3- Producing a series of short films and public service announcements that highlight the different discussed topics.
4- Opening up to different cultures and promoting for intercultural encounter and dialogue and for tolerance and acceptance.
5- Unifying youth around those topics, to contribute in building a better future.
6- Creating networks between the participants from different regions, artistic backgrounds and social groups.
7- Encouraging youth to improve their skills pertaining to the issues that interest them.
8- Assist civil society bodies in promoting their causes through awareness campaigns, publications and artistic projects.

Cinema for Peace offers awards by a jury of young filmmakers in all mentioned categories; in addition to the Audience Choice awards that are voted by the campers and the camp visitors.

Rules and Regulations:

Filmmakers are invited to submit their original work to Cinema for Peace Summer Camp Film Festival (CFP) in all categories and for the summer camp training program.


2- Cinema for Peace (CFP) offers selected participants, travel support to Lebanon. (Conditions apply)

3- Submission fees are non refundable and non reimbursable under any circumstances; CFP does not reimburse any submission fees for films who are not selected for the festival program, or who withdrew their submissions at any time.

4- CFP retains the right to accept or decline any film, for whatever reason, without any explanation.

5- Applicant admits that he/she is authorized to submit the film, being the rights-holder or authorized representative of the film.

6- CFP receives exhibition copy in QuickTime 1080p HD 8 bit uncompressed or Apple ProRes file or equivalent via a downloadable link.

7- All films must have adequate English subtitles.

8- Screening fees must be declared prior to or upon submission. If a screening fee is only indicated after the official selection has been announced, the Festival retains the right to revoke the film's acceptance.

9- Cinema for Peace (CFP) holds the right to:
• Use the selected films for trailers and publicity usage.
• Screen the winning films in other related events inside Lebanon, and recommend the winning films to other international film festivals that collaborate with CFP after the approval of the filmmakers.