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The Dumbo Film Festival (DFF) is a live screening event occurring in DUMBO, Brooklyn every year.
Before the live event, a number of annual official selections for each category is chosen during preselection competitions (no screenings) throughout the year.
On FilmFreeway you can find information about the current preselection competition (deadlines and fees).

The 5th Dumbo Film Festival (2023 DFF) live event will occur after all the preselection competitions are closed and the whole lineup to screen is chosen on October 19-22, 2023.
All the officially selected films will be screened in Brooklyn, New York during the annual live screening event, and a final ceremony will be held to award projects that have been judged the very best over the past year.

This structure allows the festival to collect funds for the organization of the annual live event. As a nonprofit organization, the Dumbo Film Festival is totally independent and the budget to allocate on every year's live event is built out of the submission fees and donations.

This structure is also meant to give everyone a chance throughout the year and highlight both affirmed and emergent filmmakers by launching promising artists into the world film stage.

Main missions of the nonprofit Dumbo Film Festival Inc. are:

• highlighting the young and artistic heart of Dumbo district by making it an appealing destination for both emergent and affirmed filmmakers to share their talent and sensitivity;

• becoming a den for cinema lovers by organizing competitions, screenings, galas and related activities;

• building a bridge among the many different cultures that can be experienced under the wing of independent cinema (thus contributing to raising tolerance and familiarity towards different ways of life, traditions and new points of view).

By the end of the Seventies, a prosperous renewal has brought the district of Dumbo to a new life, and it is now considered to be one of New York’s most glamorous districts and a thriving destination for artists to meet and share their thoughts.
On this background of revival within the New York panorama, the Dumbo Film Festival aims to establish itself among the most important independent festivals in the world.
Producers and directors from around the world can meet each other here, encounter new ideas, and begin working toward prestigious goals.

Many of our award-winning films are official selections or winners from Cannes, Berlinale, Raindance, Sundance, Tribeca, the Goya Awards, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), the American Academy Awards (Oscar®), and so on. Many have been distributed on major televisions and international platforms such as HBO, Netflix, Amazon, PBS, BBC.

The DFF awards six categories:
-Feature Narrative
-Short Narrative
-Feature Documentary
-Short Documentary

The official selections which will be screened in Brooklyn will compete to win the Best in Category award and the Grand Bridge award.
Feel free to visit our official website dumbofilmfestival.com for further details about the trophies, past editions and winners.

This Award is for the Best film of the year.
Eligibility: chosen among all the annual official selections.
Jury: This award is assigned by the Board of Directors of the Festival.

Assigned to the best film in each category:

1. Narrative Feature – Prize: Trophy
2. Documentary Feature – Prize: Trophy
3. Short Narrative – Prize: Trophy
4. Short Documentary – Prize: Trophy
5. Experimental – Prize: Trophy
6. Animation – Prize: Trophy

Jury: This award is assigned by the panels of Judges.

CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE (given to the annual official selections)
The films that are selected during the preselection competitions will have access to the annual exhibition. Each of the nominees will have the opportunity to win two awards: the Best in Category Award and the GRAND BRIDGE AWARD.

Terms & Conditions
This competition is open to either U.S. and International projects, as long as your project will comply with Dumbo Film Festival’s Terms and Conditions. You can check the following for further information.

In order to be accepted, your submission must fall in one of the following categories:

1) Short Narrative – Duration/Running Time: No more than 60 minutes
2) Feature Narrative – Duration/Running Time: No less than 60 minutes
3) Short Documentary – Duration/Running Time: No more than 50 minutes
4) Feature Documentary – Duration/Running Time: No less than 50 minutes
5) Experimental – Duration/Running Time: No limitations
6) Animation – Duration/Running Time: No limitations

Submission to the wrong category will result in disqualification.
Please have care to choose the correct category for your entry project. You will not be notified in case of mistake.

In order to be accepted in the 2023 Dumbo Film Festival, your project will have to be released (premiere) after January 1, 2021.

For your submission to be accepted, your foreign-language project must be equipped with English subtitles. In the event subtitles are missing, you will be notified by email and asked to update your work. If your updated submission will fail to be provided by the final deadline, your work will be disqualified with no refunds of the submission fees (See “REFUNDS” herein).

Dumbo Film Festival requests partial exclusivity in screening your film: your work must not have been broadcast on any TV network or be publicly available online before the event date. Nonetheless, private, industry, press screenings, as well as previous screenings at other film festivals are allowed.
The “New York Premiere” status is recommended, but not mandatory.

By submitting your project at the 2023 Dumbo Film Festival, the submitter and filmmakers associated with the entry project warrant as follows:
-You authorize your project to be exhibited at the Dumbo Film Festival;
-You accept to hold full legal responsibility for the intellectual property herein;
-Your project does not infringe any trademark, agreement, copyright, artistic, personal, civil, privacy, moral right of any person, firm, corporation or association;
-In the event of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered, you accept to indemnify and hold harmless the Dumbo Film Festival from and against any resulting claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees and costs of the court).

You will not be eligible to any refund of submission fees for any reason (either in case of withdrawal and disqualification – see “DISQUALIFICATION” herein), once your film is in “In Consideration” status on the platform FilmFreeway.

Any failure to comply with one or more of the Dumbo Film Festival’s Terms and Conditions related to will result in disqualification:
-Submissions: included and not limited to wrong category submissions (see “CATEGORIES”), failure to pay submission fees by the deadline, double submissions (excepted for updated subtitled versions – see “SUBTITLES”);
-Release Dates (herein “RELEASE DATES”)
-Subtitles (herein “SUBTITLES”)
-Prior Screenings (herein “PRIOR SCREENINGS”)
-Copyright and Legal Terms (herein “COPYRIGHT & LEGAL TERMS”)

Overall Rating
  • Thank You for invitation and encouragement , It was really good and inspirational that my short excperimental film Q1 partecipated Your festival . Wish You all the best Dumbo Film Festival .

    October 2022
  • Thank you so much for choosing the movie "NIJARI".

    October 2022
  • Linda Cushma

    DUMBO FILM FESTIVAL selected 'MIN' as a Semi-Finalist. Thank you for you kind communication and generosity to all film submissions. Thank you and best wishes on all your work!
    Much love from Linda Cushma & MIN Cast & Crew ❤️

    September 2022
  • Sarina Film Productions

    Prompt responses, a little confusing selection process. Great communication. Thank you for semi finalist selection.

    September 2022
  • Zahra Bagheri

    We are very happy to have received Dumbo semi-final, it was a great experience for us, thank you for your good festival

    September 2022