**Our next bi-monthly selections/nominees/winners will be announced at the beginning of November! **

**We will temporarily be pausing submissions after the Oct 20th deadline. All current submissions will be eligible for our year end and live event screenings, nominations and awards. All submissions for the Sept/Oct session will be considered for bi-monthly selections/nominations/awards as usual. We will be re-opening submissions soon. The festival will be slightly retooled and be better equipped for handling as many quality submissions as we have been getting. All with the goal of providing filmmakers with the best festival experience we possibly can. **

We announce bi-monthly winners (every two months). Those winners (and in some cases nominees) will be eligible to be screened at and receive awards at our annual live event. Unfortunately not all films will be screened.

We will not show your film on our web site so you will not have to worry about eligibility for other festivals. If you'd like us to provide a link to your film, we can. Each film submitted will be fairly watched and rated by our team.

Films of all budgets are welcome. We do not focus solely on big budgeted films. We want to give recognition to creativity at all levels

We reserve the right to add or remove categories depending on the amount of submissions we receive. We hope to recognize all worthy submissions!

If your project's status has not been updated during the bi-monthly announcement period you are eligible for the following bi-monthly selections/nominations/awards. This may because of a number of reason. It's possible we liked your film enough to give it a chance the following month at selections or if we did not receive enough quality submissions in a specific category or genre but liked your film enough to want to recognize it in a better way at a later edition.

The winner of each category will be eligible for our year end awards.

Check the deals group under browse festivals or follow us on social platforms for discounts, as we will often have some up. Please do not contact us for fee waivers.

We are always growing and changing. Our goal is to help independent filmmakers get exposure and get rewarded for their hard work, dedication, and love of their craft. We plan on growing with each new season, and hope to provide filmmakers and moviegoers a fun and enjoyable experience.

These rules and terms may change to better serve the filmmakers involved in our festival.

One winning film from each bi-monthly (every two months) edition will be selected and featured prominently on our website and social platforms with a small review.

All bi-monthly winners will receive winning laurels, & will be posted on our website and social media.

Winners of our yearly event will have the option to purchase a trophy as well as receiving a printed award certificate if they attend (or will be emailed a printable award certificate if they can not), & winning laurels.

We currently do not cover travel, food, lodging, or any expenses for filmmakers who choose to attend the live events.

These rules and terms may change to better serve the filmmakers involved in our festival.

All films must be in English or subtitled in English.

You must have proper permission or rights to the project that you are submitting.

If you are selected, or nominated in anyway we will make the information public on our website and/or social media accounts.

The open genre categories may be awarded genre specific awards not listed here.

We reserve the right to add or remove categories depending on the amount of submissions we receive.

You may be selected for or given nominations or awards not listed on this page.

If you submit for a review the review entry automatically enters you into eligibility for the appropriate category for your film in that months edition. It does not guarantee selection, nomination, or awards.

Please allow at least 30 days for your films review, and we will only make it public if you choose for us to.

By submitting your project you agree to allow us to screen & advertise using said project, if necessary. You also confirm that you own such rights to allow for the screening/exhibition of your project and acknowledge that the festival will not pay for the screening, exhibition, or advertising done using your project.

The Photography and Project Poster categories submission fees will be waived for a limited time!

These rules and terms may change to better serve the filmmakers involved in our festival.

Overall Rating
  • John Reed

    Being part of the Take it Easy Film Festival was such fun! The staff was communicative, knowledgeable and kind. Loved it.

    October 2020
  • It was a great experience. Everyone was very professional and our film got a lot of exposure. Thank you so much.

    September 2020
  • Gülden Gevher Öz

    A perfect festival! I was proud of the award they gave to my movie. They sent the reward document to my e-mail address immediately without my request. This is also great! With love and thanks ...

    June 2020
  • Nina Romain

    Thanks so much Take It Easy fest for screening my London microshort Lilies! Sorry I couldn't attend but hope to one day.

    May 2020
  • The Real Thing - Best Screenplay honors. I took it easy, and look what happened...

    I can’t thank you enough for selecting my romantic comedy screenplay. Every aspect of the Take it Easy Film Festival has been superb – from the acuity of the judges to the timely and excellent communication. Onwards and upwards with your festival!

    May 2020