Our aim is to provide a platform for the funniest short films, but still appreciating all the other aspects of film making with it.

Every film is watched, and awarded points against a criteria, which then works out the winners for each category. If you are submitting to the Screenplay category, you do not need to submit a live action film alongside it, but the script should be no longer than 20 pages.

Every film received, providing it meets the submission criteria, is viewed and graded for a variety of categories. A public screening will be for those 'in competition', as well as we can publish the film on the awards page of the website if it is selected as an award winner (this is not essential, but a public link to the film will be required for embedding if so). For Winners of the best screenplay, keep us updated with its progress afterwards, and we'll share it on our social media for you!

We do not accept hard copies of films. You will only be able to submit an online screener.

Silly Short Films Festival is set up and run by LivelyWood Pictures, an award-winning production company. We keep these two elements separate though, and all content received remains solely the property of the copyright owner(s).

The Grand Prize of the Jury

Best Comedy

Best Director

Best Cinematography

Best Actor

Best Supporting Actor

Best Sound Design

Best Visual Effects

Best Characterisations

Best Line

Best Comedy Screenplay

Best of British Award

Silly Shorts Special Mention

- Short film entries should be no longer than 15 minutes duration. Comedy Screenplay entries should be no longer than 20 pages.

- All films/scripts must be in English, or have English subtitles burnt in.

- All submissions are screened and evaluated by the SSFF panel. No feedback will be offered after the event. All notes and decisions are final and strictly confidential, for internal use only.

- In the event of a film being withdrawn, SSFF will not be liable to refund the fee.

- By submitting your film/script to SSFF, you are agreeing to your work being included in promotional materials, social media marketing etc, including, but not limited to stills and trailer excerpts. You and any respective copyright holders retain all rights to the materials.

- All films are considered for each award category with the exception of Best Comedy Screenplay, and will be graded against a criteria upon viewing. Your film may receive more than one award category prize. If you are submitting to the screenplay category, you will only be considered for this category, unless you submit a film in the film category also.

- All clearances for any materials included should be obtained by yourself, and SSFF may ask for evidence of this at any time after submission. Failure to obtain clearance for necessary materials, your film may be withdrawn from the festival, and no refund will be issued.

- Films should be uploaded via FilmFreeway, and will not be accepted in any other format or method. Works in Progress are eligible, so long as the final version is received before the final (extended) deadline.

- By submitting your film, it is assumed that you are agreeing to these terms.

Overall Rating
  • Great communication, timely results, and seems to be very well run. Delighted to have won so of course I think highly of the judging! Can't comment on hospitality/networking as I did not attend any physical event. Recommended!

    January 2018