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From February 26th to 28th, CommonMarker will be hosting the inaugural SideReel Film Festival. In this fully virtual festival, solo-filmmakers or small teams from around the globe will write, shoot, edit, and submit their short films within 24-hours.

This festival is open to up-and-coming and established filmmakers alike. The final showcase will be live-streamed worldwide from our company’s base in Los Angeles, California, a city that embraces dreamers and boundary-pushing independent cinema.

SideReel Film Festival seeks to celebrate the work of Fast-Moving, Game-Changing, Dream-Chasing, Badass Filmmakers and give their stories a place to shine! Nothing excites us more than films that dare to challenge societal norms and show us things that we have never seen before.

Right now, staying home is the “cool” and responsible thing to do, which means that SideReel Film Festival has decided to go global and virtual. All filming should follow your country’s COVID-19 guidelines and be done with people that live in your household or are a part of your germ pod.

However, make sure you invite your friends and family to our screening because everyone in the world will be able to watch this festival from the comfort of their own homes.

Please visit to register for the event!

All footage must be shot within the film festival time period. Films submitted after the deadline will not be screened. Any type of camera and/or the number of cameras is allowed.

All filmmakers are asked to comply with the current social distancing COVID-19 protocols and quarantine measures mandated by their local, regional, or national governments.

All cast and crew must be made of volunteers.

Animation and special effects are allowed, as long as they are created during the festival’s 24-hour time period.

Stock footage and stills are allowed for effect, and do not have to be created during the official festival time period. Stock footage and stills must be accompanied by a Materials Release stating that the team has the right to use them.

Each team is allowed to prepare crew, talent, equipment, and locations before the film festival time period. Any other creative work must be done during the festival time period including; writing, costuming, set design, shooting, editing, exporting, and submitting.

Each entry will need to include the following elements:

Each entry will need to include a minimum of one main character, who appears on screen.

Entry should include dialogue. Dialogue may be spoken/sung in any language. Foreign language entries should offer subtitles and a written translation.

Entry should include our festival specific elements.


Any entry showing animal cruelty will be disqualified. Entries that result in the death or mutilation of animals will be disqualified.

Excessive nudity, sex, or pornographic scenes are not allowed.

Any entry that doesn’t practice common sense or includes reckless stunts or activities that could potentially endanger talent or crew will be disqualified.

Running time & format

Each entry must be a minimum of 5 minutes with a maximum of 15 minutes in length. Minutes do not include end credits. Entries will need to be submitted via a private link or shared during Dropbox, WeTransfer, or Google Drive.

If submitting a downloadable link, entries must be in the following formats; .mov, .mpeg, or .mp4


Each entry needs to include a title card
Name of Film/Entry
Team name

CommonMarker reserves the right to disqualify entries deemed inappropriate or noncompliant.

Teams should not distribute entries before the official February 27th, 2021 film festival screening.

Each team should secure filming releases and permits from cast, crew, locations. Samples and templates will be provided to all participants.

Overall Rating
  • Morteza Rashid

    I'm very happy my film was accepted by the festival and I hope the bests happen for the festival and all the movies which are accepted

    January 2021