Screenplay Readers is proud to announce our 2018 Spec Script Tournament, a screenwriting competition for non-established screenwriters.

Contest Mission

To discover and provide recognition and creative support to non-established screenwriters. Our contest mechanics are very simple, and our prizes, though some are cash, are less about cash and “Hollywood access” and more about helping non-established screenwriters develop and improve their work.

How we define “non-established”

A non-established screenwriter is any screenwriter who’s never had any of their feature film scripts or tv pilots produced or sold, and who has 5 or fewer screenwriting credits on IMDB, for any film. If you’ve got 5 or fewer screenwriting credits on IMDB, and have never had any of your feature scripts or tv pilots produced or sold, you’re eligible. (See full rules below)

How the tournament works

Screenplay Readers is a script coverage and feedback company. Each month, we read, score, and provide feedback for all of our customers’ spec scripts. After we reach our tournament deadline, Screenplay Readers’ panel of judges will select 3 tournament champions from the list of finalists. Customers of Screenplay Readers who order any 3-Reader Coverage, our Extensive Script Notes service, or our Phone Call service, are eligible to have their scripts automatically entered, free of charge, into the tournament, or, you may enter your script without having to order any service from Screenplay Readers, and pay the entry fee.

Contest Deadlines and Dates

Submissions begin December 17, 2017 and run through May 17, 2018. Winners will be announced July 1, 2018. We don’t pretend to be one of the bigger, better-funded script contests, and we don’t promise you a lot of hot air and “industry access” like many other contests do, but what we lack in cash awards, we make up for in our commitment to our winners to help them improve and strengthen their scripts in order to have a better shot with agents, studios, managers, and even the bigger, more expensive script contests.

First Prize
Roundtable with Indie Producers, $250.00 (US), and 3 Months of Free Script Coverage

Consisting of a 2-hour session with 3 veteran indie producers, to help you strategize how to improve, market, fund, produce your screenplay, or get it seen.

Second Prize
10 Pages of Extensive Script Notes

Third Prize
3 Months of Free Script Coverage

1. To be eligible, entrant must not have had any of their feature film scripts or tv pilots produced or sold (“sold” being defined as having received $10,000 or more for the script from any entity), and must have 5 or fewer screenwriting credits on IMDB, for any film. Credits for short films or student films are not counted towards this maximum. If one or more of your screenwriting credits is shared with one other writer, those credits count toward your maximum. If one or more of your screenwriting credits is shared with two or more other writers, those credits do not count toward your maximum. “Story by” credits or any other credit that doesn’t read “Screenplay by” or “Written by” do not count towards your maximum. WGA members are eligible, as there are many WGA members that would still be considered “non-established” by any measure, but only if they meet all the above requirements. All winners will be thoroughly vetted before any prizes are distributed. In addition, all employees and/or affiliates of Screenplay Readers, past or present, are not eligible.

2. Entrants may submit their script directly from the contest signup page and by paying the submission fee, OR by ordering a 3-Reader Script Coverage service, Extensive Script Notes service, or our Phone Call service from Screenplay Readers.

3. All entries are final. We unfortunately cannot provide a refund once the script has been entered, as entered scripts get placed in front of our paid readers almost immediately. If you would like to withdraw your script from the competition at any time after submission, just let us know via email, but all submission fees are non-refundable.

4. All entered scripts must be (a) written in English, (b) between 1 and 150 pages, (c) must adhere to standard screenplay format, including 1″ margins on all sides and 12-point Courier-based font, and (d) must include the contact information for the writer(s) on the title page, including name, phone, and email.

5. After the script has been submitted, swapping out the draft with another draft or script, for any reason, is prohibited, except when submitting a new draft of the same script. You can do that as often as you like, for no additional cost, and when judging time comes, we’ll only consider the latest draft you’ve sent in.

6. There is no limit to the number of spec scripts you can enter, but each requires payment (or ordering one of the aforementioned services.)