October 13th 2018 •• SNYPE Film Festival 2018

This is the3rd year for the Expo and the 2nd year we are incorporating a Paranormal/Horror film festival as part of the event. Owego, NY "The Coolest Small town in America" will be the location for the Expo and the Film screenings.

We are currently looking at 2 possible locations for the festival 01) The Tioga Theater in downtown Owego and/or 02) Ti-Ahwaga Performing Arts Center. We are very excited to have the ability to screen these films on "the Big Screen". The Expo itself will be at the Elk's Lodge in Owego and open to the film festival attendees and participants.

The Film Festival is open to all ... International, National & Regional (Upstate NY). We are looking forward to the event and hope to see a wide variety of films that are based on the Paranormal, Supernatural, Ghost, Aliens, Bigfoot and more ....
We are OPENING the festival to HORROR genre as well this year.

This year, we will present plaques for the following categories:

Best of the Festival

Best Feature
Best International Feature
Best Upstate New York Feature

Best Short Film
Best International Short Film
Best Upstate New York Short Film

Best Documentary
Best International Documentary
Best Upstate New York Documentary

Best Student Film
Best Upstate New York Student Film
Best Young Student Film (under 17 years of age)

Nominees in all categories will receive a digital file of a Certificate of Nomination.

In addition, every Young Student Filmmaker (age 17 and under) will receive a Certificate of Participation.

We reserve the right to combine award categories based on the number of films we select in a given category.

1. The Southern NY Paranormal Expo (SNYPE) Film Festival accepts Feature, Short Films and Documentaries in the following genres: Paranormal, Supernatural, Aliens/UFO, Ghost/Haunting, Bigfoot/Cryptozoology, Psychic/Mediums, Urban legends, Unusual or Unnatural events and Horror.
1a. The terms NYS Exclusive or Upstate NY refer to filmmakers and films that are exclusive to upstate New York across.

2. We have North American, International and Regional ("Exclusively Upstate New York") divisions.

3. We now accept only online screeners.

4. Non-English language films must be dubbed or subtitled.

5. Exhibition copies should be HD Video, 1920 x 1080 MP4 in H.264 Codec.

6. The packages for all foreign exhibition copies should have "No Commercial Value - For Cultural Purposes Only" clearly marked on them.

7. The SNYPE Film Festival is not liable for any damage or loss suffered during shipping, previewing, or screening.

8. Your digital signature on the entry form authorizes us to use excerpts from your film for marketing purposes on television, in advertising, promotional items and/or news and other programs.

9. If your film is selected for screening at the festival, you will be asked to immediately forward: stills, a poster image, and an online trailer. We do not require one sheets, posters or press kits, but postcards for features are really helpful in our marketing.

10. If your film is selected for screening, you grant SNYPE Film Festival the right to show the film one more time outside the festival.

11. Any requests for submission fee waivers will be ignored. Sorry, but we mean it. We rely on submission fees to cover the expenses of the festival.

12. Entrants are responsible for obtaining any necessary licenses, royalties, release forms, clearances, permits necessary to present their work. SNYPE Film Festival is not responsible for any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, or royalty infringement related to the work.

13. SNYPE Film Festival reserves the right to make any necessary changes in festival scheduling. All submitting filmmakers will be notified of any regulation or date changes that affect them. Any changes to regulations after a submitter has already submitted will not apply to them.

14. Selected entries will be notified on, before or about September 1st, 2017.

15. Submitters to SNYPE Film Festival will receive two free passes for the entire festival.

16. The filmmakers responsible for each selected film will receive four free passes for the entire festival. If you're traveling from out of town and have more than two/four people, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Legal: I, an authorized representative of the project being submitted (the "Film"), acknowledge and agree as follows in connection with the Film's submittal for consideration for the SNYPE Film Festival (the “Festival”): I am duly authorized, on my own behalf and on behalf of all other persons or entities who have any ownership rights or interests to exhibit this Film at the Festival, (b) exhibition of the Film at the Festival will not violate any law or any right or consent of any person or entity; and (c) the Film is not subject to any litigation, arbitration, or other adversarial claim or proceeding, nor is the Film the subject of any threat of litigation, arbitration, or other adverse claim or proceeding. I further represent and warrant, on behalf of myself and the Film’s Owners, that the exhibition of the Film at the Festival will not violate or infringe any copyright, patent, privacy right, publicity right, trademark, service mark or any other personal or property right of any person or entity, and that the Film does not constitute or include a defamation of any person or entity. I have paid and will pay in full all license fees, clearance fees, and other obligations, of any kind, arising from or associated with the exhibition of the Film at or in connection with the Festival. I warrant and agree, on behalf of myself and each of the Film’s Owners, that the Film is being submitted to the Festival voluntarily and without promise or inducement, and that the submission of the Film neither imposes nor creates any obligation or responsibility on the part of the Festival to accept the Film for the Festival, to exhibit the Film at the Festival, or to return the Film to me or others. I further agree, on my own behalf and on behalf of the Film’s Owners, that I and the Film’s Owners, in submitting the Film for consideration, are waiving and relinquishing any right to assert any claim or commence any proceeding against the Festival, based upon, arising out of or otherwise relating to the submission, exhibition, or failure to exhibit the Film. In the event that the Film is accepted by the Festival, I hereby grant, on behalf of myself and each of the Film’s Owners, each of the following rights to the Festival without reservations, conditions or qualifications: (a) the right to use footage, stills and/or titles, and information from or relating to the Film for promotional purposes; and (b) the right to issue and authorize publicity concerning the filmmakers and the Film and to use all associated names, likenesses and biographical information. I also agree to provide contact information for the director and producer(s) of the Film and to grant the Festival the right to provide this information to film industry organizations sponsoring Festival events at its discretion. I represent that I am 18 years of age or older, or that, if I am younger than the legal age to enter into contracts in my state, I have provided the Festival with a written consent from my parent or legal guardian.

Overall Rating
  • Mick Thomas

    Cool little festival in a cool little upstate New York town. Run by some great people who love independent cinema. It is held at an actual theater, a locally owned two-screen setup that is a restoration project away from being gorgeous. They treat filmmakers well and give out quality awards. SNYPE is well worth the mid-level submission fee.

    November 2018
  • It is a great festival. I am so happy to be selected.

    September 2017