Resistance International Film Festival is regarded as one of the most prestigious international film festivals in Iran.
The goal of the Festival is to create an atmosphere of dialogue, understanding of current human sufferings, and to share experiences and new ideas.
The three-fold mission is to:
1- Create an atmosphere of dialogue by recognizing activists and filmmakers.
2- Foster the human spirit of brotherhood, peace, and resisting oppression.
3- Use the language of film to fight terrorism and violence.

Filmmakers around the world are welcome to submit documentaries and features relevant to the festival topics.

- A world without terrorism, racism, war, and occupancy
- Introducing and recognizing up-and-coming activists
- Resistance in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, and other parts of the world with conflicts
- Double standards in Western Human Rights approach:
a) Invasion of Privacy
b) Black Lives Matter movement: Police brutality against the "People of Color"
- Human Rights violations and Zionism
- A world without political violence
- Hollywood, western media, and soft war (propaganda)
- Confronting Islamophobia and Iranophobia
- Confronting the imposition of Western lifestyle and cultural invasion
- Propaganda against Iran, false human rights stories, and other fabricated news against Iran
- Exposing the image of the US government double-standards and Zionism crimes in the world (anti-Zionism is NOT anti-Semitism)
- Fight against the ISIS (DAESH), Takfiri groups, Radical Jihadists, and Wahhabism
- Human Rights violations in Saudi Arabia:
a) Saudi role in sectarianism and dividing Muslim nations
b) Saudis supporting terrorist groups
c) Saudi war crimes in Yemen
d) Persecution of Muslim clergies in Saudi Arabia
- The image of Muslim women around the world
- How Islamic unity can uncover conspiracies of hegemonic powers

• Films with the topics relevant to the people in Gaza, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen fighting against Zionism, the ISIS and Takfiri radicals, will be given a special attention and the category winners will be awarded with special prizes.

Resistance Festival Grand Award for the best filmmaking talent; the festival trophy, an honorary diploma and cash prize to encourage and aid the filmmaker for their next film.

The festival trophy, an honorary diploma and cash prize for the best feature film
The festival trophy, an honorary diploma and cash prize for the best director
The festival trophy, an honorary diploma and cash prize for the best screenplay

The festival trophy, an honorary diploma and cash prize for the first film
The festival trophy, an honorary diploma and cash prize for the second film
The festival trophy, an honorary diploma and cash prize for the third film

Jury Special award:
The festival trophy, an honorary diploma and cash prize for the best movie according to the jury.

o The films MUST be new or have been completed after January 2016.
o Submit your film via FilmFreeway and/or
o Submitting films is free of charge.
o Entrants can submit as many films as they wish.
o The entries must be produced and/or directed by the submitting filmmaker(s) or responsible party with ownership rights. The entrant is considered as the party with ownership rights.
o The high-quality full version of the films must be sent to the festival office via Internet (a download link)
o Sending the full version of the films via mail is also possible. Send two copies of the film (2DVDs) to the festival office. The entrant is responsible for shipping costs.
o All non-English submissions must have English subtitles. It is recommended that entrants send the subtitle files separately.
o The entries must not have logos and/or watermarks.
o The full version of the films must be in DV, HD, or Full HD formats.
o Once a film is submitted, it cannot be taken out or returned.
o Accepted entries will be announced by 1st November 2018. Each entrant will be contacted so make sure the contact information you provide is accurate.
o Filmmakers or responsible parties whose films are selected will be invited to attend the festival according to the festival regulations. And those whose films are not selected are welcome to attend the festival and take part in the workshops and panel sessions free of charge.
o The films which have already been submitted to compete in the festival in the previous year’s CAN NOT participate in this year’s festival.
o A Certificate of Participation will be granted to participants whose films are accepted to compete in the festival.
o Each entry MUST be accompanied by the following:
Director's photo, posters and official pictures of the film, the film dialogues and synopsis along with the director's biography in order to be published on the festival website and in the festival booklet.
o The festival office is allowed to use up to 5 minutes of the footage of the submitted films on websites or the national TV for promotional purposes.
o The festival office is not responsible for any damage caused to the films due to mailing/shipping services.
o The submitted films will not be returned and they will be kept in the festival film bank for educational and research purposes.
o In case of questions, disputes, misunderstandings, and unforeseen issues, the decisions of the directors of the Festival are final.
o Further information on the professional panels, workshops, the international members of the jury and special guests will be announced on the festival website.
o Films made in/from Israel are not eligible to enter.