Join us at Reels of the Dead - the official film screening series at the Days of the Dead conventions in Chicago,Illinois; Atlanta, Georgia; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Las Vegas, NV with more cities to be announced.

Reels of the Dead programming serves up scares and frights all weekend long during the Days of the Dead convention at cities across the country. Special midnight programming, local spotlights and more.

Short script competition in each city including live table read of finalists and cash prizes.

Annual feature script competition in Indianapolis

Curated and hosted by Stacy Pippi of Etheria Film Night

For information on the film festival email Are you local to the event? Email for a free submission waiver.

For tickets to the event go to

Annual awards for films take place each winter Atlanta show. Films from any show over the prior year area eligible to win.

Do you have a horror film? Short or mid or feature-length, we'd love for you to submit. If you're selected, your film could screen in front of thousands of rabid horror fans looking to be entertained by brand new horror movies.


May 31st deadline and June 6th notification is for the Indianapolis show July 17-19th. Films must be submitted to the correct category.

Extended deadline will be updated until June 20th with June 28th notification for the Atlanta show August 7-9th.

Each submission category is labeled for each show.

Overall Rating
  • Excellent organization and very friendly and warm team¬†¬†

    January 2021
  • Although the festival has been postponed due to the world wide corona virus. The team at Reels of the Dead held on with optimism until it was out of their control to keep it all in action. What I will say is, The Reels of the Dead team was top notch with all communication and treatment towards me and my production leading up. I'm excited to be screening with them in the very near future when the world is back in order. STAY WELL!!!

    March 2020
  • Michele Carter

    Wonderful communication and great festival. Honored to have been a part of it.

    March 2020
  • Dixie Gers

    Reels of the Dead is a fantastic film fest and I always try to submit when I can! Great communication, great promotion, and events around indie horror at the festival/convention.

    March 2020
  • Neill R Bell-Shaw

    Great communication and a very friendly group of people.

    March 2020