Real World XR Awards 2022

Australia's premier XR Awards for the AI, virtual, augmented & mixed reality industry.

Real World VR has been hosting high-quality XR-VR/AR events & VR festivals since 2016, partnering with Transitions Film Festival VR & Melbourne International Film Festival VR.

The Real World XR Awards acknowledges the talent and celebrates outstanding achievements in X Reality- virtual, augmented, and mixed reality.

The 2022, now in it's third year XR Awards brings together a night of highlights & celebrates the excellence of the most influential names in immersive technology. There is one winner and three finalists per award category.


International VR Film of the Year
Australian VR Film of the Year
Best Augmented Reality Experience
Best use of Sound & Music in XR
VR/AR Game of the Year
XR Retail & Marketing of the Year
XR Social & Environmental Impact Award
XR Artist Award (Immersive work)
Location-based VR experience
Diversity in XR (gender/culturally diverse groups)
Best use of XR in Education and training

Entry Deadline- 20th Feb 2022
Winners & Finalists- Notified of selection on 31st Mar 2022
Awards Night- 24th April 2022

Each award category will be judged by a panel of two to three expert judges.

The 2022 awards will be held at live from the red carpet at LOOP & streamed online.

The winner of each category will receive a badge, mention on the website, publicity & Podcast interview. Winners & finalists will ideally be available on the Awards Ceremony.
Award trophies can be ordered at an additional cost.

How are the winners selected?
We generate a shortlist for our highly experienced judging panel that consists of some of the most experienced experts in the X Reality industry.

What date range does my work need to have been made/produced?:
To qualify for the first awards, your work must have been broadcast/published/screened from 1 July 2020 to 31 Dec 2021

Can I be invited to apply?
Yes, your submission will be treated the same as all entrants.

Who will judge the awards?
The judging panel is published online and consists of experts in XR from Australia and internationally. Judges are not permitted to apply for award categories they judge.

How are the awards judged?
There are three shortlisted entrants. A panel of three judges will score each submission on a nine-point scale system. Scores will be averaged together to determine each entry’s overall score. The entry with the highest score per category is the Category Winner.

Is there always an award?
If a category receives less than three entries for that category, there is no winner for that year. Finalists must accrue a score of greater than 6 or over.

Is there a fee to enter?
There is a $50 entry fee per category or $40 for Gold FF members or students (Student ID card required). You may enter as many categories as you like. Nomination fees are non-refundable. Entry fees go towards administering the awards.

Are the awards publicised?
Yes, the awards are streamed, publicised, shared on our own and partner media channels, EDM, social media, and website.

Supported by The City of Melbourne, Kaiju Beer, Loop, Cato Brand Design, HTC, Smoosh Creative & Front of House.

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  • Thanks a lot Virgin Real World XR awards!
    We're very proud that our VR film Kinshasa Now has been selected to your festival !

    February 2021