Migranti is a two-day film festival, to be held at the University of Gastronomic Sciences campus in Pollenzo and in Bra from the 28 of June to the 29 of june 2019 and dedicated to issues relating to migrations, particularly second generations, coexistence, identity and multiculturality.

Best Feature Films, Best Documentary, Best Short

The movements of people, ideas, things

Overall Rating
  • Maren Wickwire

    Migranti Film Festival changed my status to finalist but then told me they made a mistake and excluded my film from the festival. So unfortunately I didn't get to go this year but I do like their mission and effort to present divers voices from the migrant community.

    June 2018
  • Josue Oropeza

    Thank you for the selection! I am terribly sorry I could not make it to the event. I hope you enjoyed my film! Best of luck.


    July 2017