This October, HorrorFest turns 20! And we want you all to be part of the spine-tingling celebration!

Since the early 2000's, HorrorFest has been scaring the pants off of audiences in Southern Utah every October by way of classic horror films and deliciously ghoulish (and creative) homegrown efforts made by storytellers from all over the state.

In October 2020, HorrorFest broadened its horizons by way of opening up its doors to genre storytellers from all around the globe, and in October 2022, this amazing trend will continue!

So... If you've made a horror short or feature that you're proud of, be sure to submit it! Additionally, HorrorFest International hosts a screenplay contest so you can send your feature and short scripts our way as well!

Our team of expert horror curating programmers will sift through all the terrifying goodness you can dish out all in an effort to put together the ultimate lineup to play over the course of four fright-filled days in St. George, UT this October!

In addition to a lineup comprised of horror-inspired greatness from all around the world, HorrorFest International will also offer up retrospective screenings, filmmaker panels, a live script read, a costume competition, horror trivia, our legendary Guerilla Filmmaking Challenge (The Halloween Edition), and plenty of heart-stopping surprises.

Of course, it all starts with you, the fearless storyteller! Once our submission portal goes live, be sure to submit your genre-based shorts, features, and screenplays! No matter where you're from and no matter how terrifying or edgy your film is, we want to see what you've got!

Most importantly...We want you to scare the hell out of us because that's what horror is all about!

HorrorFest International 2022!

Wednesday, October 19th thru Saturday, October 22nd at the historic Electric Theater in beautiful St. George, UT.

Presented by the Film and Media Alliance of Southern Utah, aka FMASU!!

Submitting your film is not a guarantee of selection. All the official selections and award winners will be listed on our website Trophies and/or certificates will be awarded to the best of the best in various categories. You do not need to submit your film more than once as we will place it in the category that we feel best for programming.

Awards will be chosen by a jury select made up of knowledgeable film industry professionals and experts.

*HorrorFest International Categories & Awards are subject to change.

Past winners include, but categories change each year;

Scariest Film

Best Feature

Best Short

Best Creature Feature

Best Sci-fi/Horror

Best Horror/Comedy

Best Midnight Movie

Best Writing

Best Performance

Best International

Best Ghost Story

Best Direction

Best Production Design

Best Cinematography

Best Action/Horror

By submitting your project, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to all of the following rules and terms. Please thoroughly read the following before submitting your film:


1. All film submissions must include a submission fee and a completed online FilmFreeway entry form.

2. Feature films (50 minutes to 130 minutes) and short films (49 minutes or less) are accepted provided they're of the horror variety. Digital files only!

3. All films must either be in English or include English subtitles.

4. Once films are submitted, no alterations may be made unless given approval by HorrorFest programmers.

5. When final films are selected, filmmakers may be contacted for alternative film formats for programming purposes.

6. Films that have screened and or have received awards at other festivals can be submitted provided they adhere to all rules and regulations.

7. Only films that have been completed by October 2017 or newer will be accepted as part of the competition process.

8. Films with distribution may still be eligible for award consideration.

9. HorrorFest International reserves the right to accept, reject, or disqualify any submission at their discretion without a refund. That said, it should be noted that we will watch every film received in its entirety.

10. Not all films selected will necessarily be in competition but filmmakers will be notified either way.

11. HorrorFest International does not maintain ownership of any film submitted but does have the legal right to use images and as much as 30 seconds of footage for current and future festival promotional materials.

12. Film submission entry fees must be paid through the FilmFreeway portal as instructed.

13. Award winners will be revealed at the HorrorFest International at the awards ceremony at the end of the festival this October.

14. Filmmakers will be notified whether or not their film has been accepted to HorrorFest International no later than September 19th, 2022.

15. There is no 15th rule


The filmmaker releases HorrorFest International from any and all liability for damages or destruction of the entered film file. The filmmaker understands that the programmed material will be retained in a secure facility by the festival, and every effort will be taken to protect and control the viewing of this film. The festival assumes no liability whatsoever for theft, copyright violations or piracy of the entry.

The Filmmaker accepts and understands that the festival will do everything possible to present the film in the best possible manner but the festival is not responsible for any malfunctions during screenings. All entries are carefully pre-screened prior to the public showing to assure that the films are in working order. HorrorFest International assumes no responsibility for any technical difficulties in the presentation of a film at the actual event.

HorrorFest International reserves the complete right to make changes in the program dates and times and to possibly not screen a film, despite it being selected for the festival.

It is the sole responsibility of the filmmaker to obtain the legal use of any and all copyrighted material presented in a film before submitting to a festival. Again, HorrorFest International is not liable should a filmmaker fail to do so.


Promotional items and/or any programming materials will not be returned.

All shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the sender.



Now, what are you waiting for? Submit a movie! The cinematic terror that is HorrorFest International awaits you!

Overall Rating
  • Lucy Swope

    HorrorFest seems to be a festival that really cares about the horror community. I was impressed that festival director Jeff Sanders sought out some of my other work directed under a different name and supported that as well. Bummed I couldn't attend in person, but I will be submitting again in the future.

    May 2022
    Response from festival:

    Hi Lucy! Thanks for the kind words! Jeff is a true lover of the genre and he's always about deep diving, particularly when it comes to artists whose work he respects and loves! We hope you'll consider submitting to HorrorFest International in the future and we certainly hope you'll consider attending.

  • Jeff Roth

    Outside of the Kanab Film Fest, Horrorfest is probably my most favorite film festival. They fly in horror professionals and always have super scary movies...exactly what I'm looking for in October.

    January 2022
    Response from festival:

    Well, thank you, sir! And for what's it's worth, we love the Kanab Film Festival, too!

  • Elizabeth Stevens

    Wonderful festival. Highly recommended. We are honored that our screenplay, SCREAM NIGHT, was selected as a Finalist.

    January 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much for the kind words, Elizabeth! SCREAM NIGHT received high marks from our screenplay-reading team and we greatly look forward to seeing it leap from the page to the screen someday. When that happens, be sure to submit it our way!

  • Thank you so much for selecting my animated short film Monster Encounters to be part of HorrorFest International, I hope you enjoyed my film, it's been an absolute honour.

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    James! Our team greatly enjoyed Monster Encounters and so did our attendees! Perhaps someday, you'll submit another film and we can get you out here in person. Regardless, thanks for the kind words and thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  • I was honored to win a screenwriting award with my writing partner at this fest, and I was even more moved by the personal feedback and kind words the festival programmer sent with the news of our award. Thoughtful and supportive and deeply appreciated, this team shows real interest and care in their filmmakers. I’m so proud to have won an award from HorrorFest and I can’t wait to submit more and visit in person next year.

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    Jerry! A huge thank you to you and Trysta for sharing your talent with us! Jeff Sanders and his script reading team had nothing but praise for "The Virgin" and I know we're not alone when we say we're super excited to see this screenplay leap from the page to the screen. Thanks for the kind words and again, thanks for sharing your work with us.