Since the early 2000s, HorrorFest has been scaring the pants off of horror lovers in Southern Utah for over two decades. Now about to embark on its 22nd frightful year, the fest has certainly evolved since making its debut in 2002. What started as a showcase for legendary horror films of the past in a theatrical setting has swelled into a 4-day showcase of independent horror films–shorts and features–from all around the world.

Sure, we still throw films of the past into the mix–after all, it’s the old guards that paved the way for a current horror climate–but this is ultimately a springboard for contemporary horror storytellers from across the globe.

So…If you’ve crafted a film of the horror variety that you’re proud of, submit it! Additionally, HorrorFest International hosts a screenplay competition so you can send your short and feature scripts as well.

Our team of expert horror curating programmers will sift through all the terrifying goodness you can dish out in an effort to put together the ultimate lineup for this October’s spine-tingling festivities.

It should be noted that HorrorFest International is a 4-day in-person festival experience held at the historic Electric Theater in St. George, UT. This is a single-screen venue with a ton of character and our programming team is fiercely committed to putting together the most terrifying of lineups.

What’s more, St. George is the perfect location for HorrorFest International. Not only is this a lovely town with lovely people but it’s also surrounded by some of the most breathtaking scenic locales in the U.S., including the likes of Zion Canyon National Park. Trust us; When you come for a visit, you’ll want to shoot your next movie here.

In addition to a lineup comprised of horror-inspired greatness from all around the world, HorrorFest International will also offer up retrospective screenings, filmmaker Q&As, industry panels, networking opportunities, a live script read, live music, a costume competition, horror trivia, an opening night reception, a closing night awards ceremony, and plenty of heart-stopping surprises.

Of course, it all starts with you, the fearless storyteller! Our submission portal goes live on February 1st, 2024 so be sure to submit your horror-based shorts, features, and screenplays! No matter where you’re from and no matter how terrifying or edgy your film is, we want to see what you’ve got! Most importantly, we want you to scare the hell out of us because, at the end of the day, that’s what horror is all about!
Submit to HorrorFest International today!

The 2024 HorrorFest International Film Festival is brought to you by the Film and Media Alliance of Southern Utah (FMASU), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is designed to champion, inspire, and educate filmmaking talent as well as to preserve film history and the theatrical experience. This must-attend 4-day festival will take place at the historic Electric Theater in St. George, UT from October 16th through October 19th.

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Submitting your film is not a guarantee of selection. All the official selections and award winners will be listed on our website Trophies and/or certificates will be awarded to the best of the best in various categories. You do not need to submit your film more than once as we will place it in the category that we feel is best for programming.

Awards will be chosen by a jury select made up of knowledgeable film industry professionals and experts.

*HorrorFest International Categories & Awards are subject to change.

Past winners include, but categories change each year;

Scariest Film

Best Feature

Best Short

Best Creature Feature

Best Sci-fi/Horror

Best Horror/Comedy

Best Midnight Movie

Best Writing

Best Performance

Best International

Best Ghost Story

Best Direction

Best Production Design

Best Cinematography

Best Action/Horror

Please Note: If your film wins, you can collect the award at the Festival. If you can't attend, a shipping form will be provided, and filmmakers will cover discounted shipping costs.

By submitting your project, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to all of the following rules and terms. Please thoroughly read the following before submitting your film:


1. All film submissions must include a submission fee and a completed online FilmFreeway entry form. Submission waivers are NOT provided.

2. Feature films (45 minutes to 120 minutes) and short films (Under 45 minutes) are accepted provided they're of the Horror|Thriller|SciFi|Dark Drama|Dark Comedy genre varieties. Digital files only!

3. All non-English films must include English subtitles burned in.

4. WIP (Work in Progress) Submissions are accepted, but the filmmaker needs to note this to the HorrorFest programmers.

5. When final films are selected, filmmakers may be contacted for alternative film formats for programming purposes.

6. Films that have screened and or have received awards at other festivals can be submitted provided they adhere to all rules and regulations.

7. Only films that have been completed by October 2021 or newer will be accepted as part of the competition process.

8. Films with distribution may still be eligible for award consideration.

9. HorrorFest International reserves the right to accept, reject, or disqualify any submission at its discretion without a refund. That said, it should be noted that we will watch every film received in its entirety.

10. Not all films selected will necessarily be nominated for awards but filmmakers will be notified either way.

11. HorrorFest International does not maintain ownership of any film submitted but does have the legal right to use images and as much as 30 seconds of footage for current and future festival promotional materials.

12. Film submission entry fees must be paid through the FilmFreeway portal as instructed. Again, we do NOT provide submission waivers.

13. Award winners will be revealed at the HorrorFest International at the awards ceremony at the end of the festival this October.

14. Submission does not guarantee entry into the festival. Filmmakers will be notified whether or not their film has been accepted to HorrorFest International no later than September 27th, 2024.

15. There is no 15th rule


The filmmaker releases HorrorFest International from any and all liability for damages or destruction of the entered film file. The filmmaker understands that the programmed material will be retained in a secure facility by the festival, and every effort will be taken to protect and control the viewing of this film. The festival assumes no liability whatsoever for theft, copyright violations, or piracy of the entry.

The Filmmaker accepts and understands that the festival will do everything possible to present the film in the best possible manner but the festival is not responsible for any malfunctions during screenings. All entries are carefully pre-screened prior to the public showing to assure that the films are in working order. HorrorFest International assumes no responsibility for any technical difficulties in the presentation of a film at the actual event.

HorrorFest International reserves the complete right to make changes in the program dates and times and to possibly not screen a film, despite it being selected for the festival.

It is the sole responsibility of the filmmaker to obtain the legal use of any and all copyrighted material presented in a film before submitting it to a festival. Again, HorrorFest International is not liable should a filmmaker fail to do so.


Promotional items and/or any programming materials will not be returned.

All shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the sender.



Now, what are you waiting for? Submit a movie! The cinematic terror that is HorrorFest International awaits you!

Overall Rating
  • Pirie Martin

    This was a great festival to be a part of, great communication, really well organized, as well as being very generous and accommodating to filmmakers. I wish I could have attended in person!

    January 2024
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much for the kind words, Pirie! You're quite the talent and we were ecstatic to have your film at the festival. We can't wait to see what's next from you. Beyond that, we hope we can get you out to a future HorrorFest International.

  • Eric Wood

    Have nothing but positive things to say about this festival. The team who runs it are some of the purest fans of horror and just want to showcase projects in a way that helps the artists. They are less concerned about self promotion. If you are considering, full send. While small it is full of wonderful people involved and is a great way to get your project out there.

    December 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for the kind words, Eric! It was a thrill to have you at our festival. Our whole goal is to champion talented folks like you. While our team eagerly awaits a feature length version of "The Cave," it should also be noted that we greatly look forward to all of your future projects. Thanks again!

  • Saumya Chandra

    We were very grateful that our Short - 'Giallo' was selected to be a part of this year's edition of the festival.
    Adam & his entire team are very well-managed and 'Horror Fest' gave our little project the perfect platform to be recognized and appreciated.
    Thank you very much for selecting us. Hope to bring more Horror your way in the coming years! :)

    November 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much for the kind words, Saumya! It goes without saying that we can't wait to see what your team does next. We certainly hope whatever it might be, that you send it our way. Thanks again!

  • Anders Elsrud Hultgreen

    I had a great pleasure of be selected to this year HorrorFest International in southern Utah.
    Unfortunately I was not able to go there in person. I wish I could go to Utah this year. It was great to be nominated to some awards.
    The dialogue with the festival was great and the festival did a great promotion of my film.

    November 2023
    Response from festival:

    Anders! Thank you so much for the kind words. Our team absolutely loved your team! We can't wait to see what you do next. And hopefully, if we screen one of your films in the future, you'll be able to make it out. Thanks again!

  • Red Planet Production

    It was an honor to participate in this fantastic festival and win two prizes!!! Thanks to all the amazing staff and audience of this great festival! Genre cinema lives thanks to events like these!

    November 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for the kind words! And thank you for sending such outstanding films our way. It goes without saying that we can't wait to see what's next!